Caucasian Shepherd Dog Pups

Caucasian shepherd dog pups - caucasian Shepherd, also called Caucasian Mountain Dog, Ovtcharka Kavkazskaïa. This very large Berger is beautifully constructed. Its massive and robust figure has a very strong musculature and an equally strong bones. All in muscles and strength, his speed is not unlike that of the bear. Despite the impression of a great and beautiful dog, the Shepherd of the Caucasus has a great strength of character and his instinct is naturally inclined to protect his people, whether human or not.

According to the FCI nomenclature, it is the Group 2, Section 2.2 and it has the # 328.

The size of an adult dog is about between 62 and 69 cm (24-27 inches) as much in males than in females.
The weight is within 45 to 65 kg (99-143 pounds) for an adult male and equally for an adult female.
The dress can vary and various colors are possible. It can be in shades of reddish brown, white, straw, gray with various areas, brindle, red as pie decorated with spots, caucasian shepherd dog pups.
The right hair is coarse and is usually half long. There are still some specimens with short hair and some long hair but the most common are longhair. The undercoat is highly developed.
The head has a massive skull with a stop is not so marked. His head greatly resembles that of the bear.

Small dark eyes are oval in shape and are secured into their orbit.
Floppy ears are set high and are often cut short.
The wide nose is usually black.
The tail is set high. Generally ring-shaped, hook or sickle, it may sometimes be turned off.

Goalkeeper in the soul, it is incorruptible, distrustful and even aggressive towards strangers. His defense will always be flawless.

Balanced and strong, it is extremely quiet but still very responsive. It is exceptional courage and defense is lifestyle. It keeps, protects and defends his never recede. This is a canine knight who can become bite if provoked.

Like most Russian dog breeds, the history of the Caucasian Shepherd is rather unknown. Because of the closure between the countries at the time of the former Soviet Union and the difficulty of obtaining information even about the history and origin of the dogs, caucasian shepherd dog pups, the data is missing on several points of view. Even today, the Russians themselves do not have all the information related to that time.

Virtually unknown outside of its natural habitat and mainly raised by the Caucasian shepherds, race made his first international appearances to 1979, caucasian shepherd dog pups. Today more widespread and appreciated, the Caucasian Shepherd surely descended from ancient Tibetan Mastiffs as, for example, Central Asian shepherd.

This sheep herder is very popular in Russia, it goes without saying, but it is also appreciated in Hungary and Poland, and following the fall of the Berlin wall, then crossed several specimens in Germany, caucasian shepherd dog pups. He managed to exceed its original borders to become known about the European continent. Although it is not yet known, its popularity still increased compared to the beginning.

This very large and robust solid specimen is not affected by any specific pathology, caucasian shepherd dog pups. Her health is generally impeccable and is rarely ill. As it is a very large dog, longevity is less but it is still significant for such a large size.

Litters can sometimes be problematic for the race because 15-16 puppies are regularly brought in this big dog, caucasian shepherd dog pups. It is very difficult for the dog to monitor his herd and all recovered.

The life expectancy of that great Shepherd is about 10 years.

A good weekly brushing his beautiful fleece is nice and it preserves the beauty and health of her dress. The time allocated is too small, it is even easier to integrate with the schedule of the week.

This beautiful and very large specimen while hairy appearance of a huge dog is actually a powerful weapon if it is not well controlled and well educated with a firm and steady hand, caucasian shepherd dog pups.

The Caucasian Shepherd has a natural defensive. Despite it being very balanced and very quiet, it quickly becomes reactive in danger. Totally indifferent to strangers, it can even be dangerous if it is not well educated, caucasian shepherd dog pups. His early education must be firm and not aggressive. His friendly nature must be lifted and encouraged and the teacher must be knowledgeable and well prepared. Canine psychology must be present in his education and his natural aggression must never be encouraged.

This very large Berger is very attached to his family and it makes a wonderful companion as for large than for small and there will be no problems protecting against all odds.

It is almost unthinkable that he lives inside. Not only he needs space but it is not made for beginners. It may well adapt to different climates and does not suffer to live outdoors, caucasian shepherd dog pups. It is rustic, with exceptional endurance.

the patou
The Patou is a race, like many others, that has been modified by breeders to make it more pleasant, nice (thank you Belle et Sébastien) caucasian shepherd dog pups. They softened his behavior made it more beautiful, less boorish. Today, to find a real one, with its Aboriginal character is, I think, impossible mission in France.

I have one for 10 years, I have visited many farms in France, Switzerland and Germany, before finding it, caucasian shepherd dog pups. I did not want a teddy bear for the beautiful in exhibitions, I wanted a real, not to protect sheep but to keep me. I've always loved this race, yet Cécile Aubry achievements unknown to me ...

Finally, I had the chance to meet a breeder ... 2500 km east of France. Yes, to find real dogs of French origin, one must travel 2500 km: it is internationalization, caucasian shepherd dog pups. The father of this breeder already was, the grandfather as the great-father ... Never ditto their patous not have the legs in an exhibition. They maintain, monitor, protect herds or properties. They get what nature created them.

True patous are quiet dogs. They never attack. They defend. They know their territory, if an intruder enters, they will bark by going to him. If he flees, they do not will hunt. If it stays there, only then they will attack if they feel that the threat is real, caucasian shepherd dog pups. Their behavior varies whether it is a child or a dog, a squirrel or a bear. This is natural, there is no need for training.

Mine knows the recall, the command "Sit", that's all. And yet, when he wants. I can trust her name to my friends as to any stranger, it will move ever does it is called. He can not walk on a leash because it was never attached, not known to sleep at my request, is not known to the paw ... But defending, he knows it, without ever having been struck, caucasian shepherd dog pups. It's innate.

The day they are cushy. Their enemies in general are active at night. Nevertheless, they are always awake, wake up at the slightest noise or suspicious movement, caucasian shepherd dog pups. At night, by cons, you hear more, see them move.

This, I think, the best herds protective weapon in France. But it does not take that one to 1,000 animals! Especially if, as I have read in the mouth of Patrick Ailhaud, caucasian shepherd dog pups, sheep breeder in Esparron-la-Bâtie, ten "mastiffs as high as the hood of the C15" attack.

Comparison with other breeds of potection
I would say that the shepherd of Abruzzo or Maremma and Kuvasz are less powerful than the patou. The Pyrenean Mastiff is not fighting against animals smaller than him, especially dogs. Tibetan mastiff has also become too civilized, unless you go looking for one in Asia. The kangal or Anatolian shepherd is too unpredictable behavior, caucasian shepherd dog pups, not at all suitable for tourist areas, like the Central Asian shepherd. Sarplaninac the rest, which might also do the trick, although it is a bit more "rustic" (I always speak for entire dogs, no dogs bastardized by beauty contests to flatter human).

The shepherd of the Caucasus
I did not mention in the list above, because to release in France would be unconsciousness.
I have a young, the main difference that I notice compared to patou, except the size (Caucasians are significantly larger), caucasian shepherd dog pups, is that the Caucasian continues to chase the intruder, even if it leaks. There the race, until he realizes that the fugitive runs faster. Only then it stops. If he sees that catches up, nothing will prevent its destruction. He does not bite, it devours!

Mine knows recall and order "Sitting". But returned when he wants. If I call and he sees me, he looks at me with this expression: "Why do you want me to come see you, since you're okay, nothing attacks you, caucasian shepherd dog pups." And to put seated, he always asks assistance, a lightweight stroller on its back, otherwise he remains standing. The leash, knows a bit (yes, him, it is better to tie it sometimes), I feel like a weight training class whenever a door.

They are quiet dogs also, however, more tense than patous, but much more violent. Them they can attack, even if they know immediately identify an abuser of a child.

As my patou, mine comes from the East, where it is not clear that dogs of this breed can run around in front of their master ignoring conspecifics. Put mine in the middle of other male dogs, he will have an idea, destroy them. And all those I know have the same intention. Put it in the middle of females, this is a real obsession ... By cons, with his family, his pack, it is very nice, the same player. Humans, dogs of other breeds (as I have a Golden Retriever), horses, cats, rabbits ... He never would hurt them, at least not voluntarily, caucasian shepherd dog pups.

That's what I can say about my short experience with guard dogs. I can already hear some tell me I'm wrong here, that I know nothing there: maybe. I make a generality, a Kangal can be perfectly trained, caucasian shepherd dog pups, a Pyrenean mastiff may well attack a German shepherd ... But personally, I have never seen! I only talk about what I know.

My dogs are not trained? No, they are educated. They do not urinate inside, do not ask to eat at the table, do not go to places that are forbidden to them, caucasian shepherd dog pups. These are not circus dogs that are not breeds do to amuse the gallery.

I am not an extremist, but I am against this mania that have breeders soften some races to adapt to an environment that is not theirs, caucasian shepherd dog pups. After, it is surprising that some dogs go crazy, bite without reason and do not bite when they should ...

Then the patou, yes. The patou leading the flock, no. The patou keeps himself 500 scattered sheep on 10 hectares, either. And to those who ask me if I've seen my dogs in action: yes, their list of conquests is well stocked, where I live, there is a choice between stray dogs, wild cats, wolves and even bears, there is something to make fangs, caucasian shepherd dog pups.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Names

Caucasian shepherd dog names - sarplaninac. While Central Asia is more akin race with the Caucasus, the Sarplaninac is by far the most physically similar to the Caucasian race dog. In this case if there are cases where there are copies that is difficult to distinguish whether they are of one race or another unless you know them well.

We are facing a mountain moloso before a Yugoslav mastiff.

The breed has several names or denominations, as Ilirski Ovcar, Jugoslovenski Ovcarski, Pas-Sarplaninac, Sar Planina, Sar Planine, Sarplaninec, Charplanina, Charplaninatz. Many of his fans call him simply Sar.

The first time a Sarplaninac appeared in an exhibition was in 1926 in Ljubljana. The breed was recognized by the Yugoslav Federation Cinología in 1930 with the name of Illiriski Ovcar, translated into Spanish Pastor of Iliria.En 1934 is created in Nis (Serbia) Sarplaninac a military farm, caucasian shepherd dog names. In the First World War it was used to guard the borders of Yugoslavia. The breed was recognized on June 2, 1939 by the F.C.I at a meeting in Stockholm with Pastor Illyrian name and standard number 41. In 1955 the standard 41, 1939 is amended by distinguishing two types:

-type To: Kras Shepherd with a maximum height of 65cm.
-type B: Sar Planina shepherd with a minimum height of 65 cm and heavier.

In 1957 at the request of JKS (Jugoslovenski Kinoloski know, the official agency of the Yugoslav leader Cinología) the name of Shepherd of Illyria is modified and becoming known as Shepherd Dog Sarplanina, caucasian shepherd dog names.

In 1964 Professor Pavlovic defends the thesis that the Kras Sarplaninac type and type are not the same race at the 1969 JKS.En F.C.I number 41a recognizes a new standard by Professor Pavlovic.

On June 23, 1969, the Slovenes cynologists get the F.C.I recognize the Kraski Ovcar as race number 278.

Until 1950 Sarplaninac breeding is carried primarily by military hatcheries, caucasian shepherd dog names.
Between 1939 and 1969 as the pastor of Kras and Sarplaninac were considered a single race were crossed on many occasions.

Sarplaninac in an exhibition

Export is prohibited until 1970, so from this date begins to emerge from Yugoslavia coming to America between 1975 and 1977, caucasian shepherd dog names. Some exemplary arrived earlier to France from 1966.

The book of Yugoslav origin was closed between 1989 and 1994. The breed has four varieties: murdj, merdjan, Karabas and sari. Its area of ​​origin is the mountainous area that separates Serbia from Macedonia, especially Sar Planina mountain, caucasian shepherd dog names. Planina mountain means, and Sar is the name of the mountain, so Sarplaninac means the mountain of Sar. There are also representatives of the breed in the mountains of Korab, Bistra, Stogovo, and Karadzica, near towns like Restelica, Brod, Dragas, Musnikovo, Brezovica and Strpce.

Also in Macedonia there are a number of copies of the race especially in the Tetovo region. The race will come to extend through the mountains of Montenegro and Kosovo to Albania.

And after this roll, let's what interests us, the similarities and differences with the Caucasus. In general, a smaller Sarplaninac is both raised and weight and dog bones. Of course, everything depends on the issue, as there are more than 80cm Sarplaninac, but generally are smaller. The breed standard indicates a minimum of 62cm for males and 58cm for females. However, usually higher, the expert Mirkovic made two studies in 1990 to take the average height of the race taking the height at several copies, one he came 72.1cm and 66.3cm in males in females, and the another came out 69cm in males and in females 64.18cm. Mirkovic the same points as appropriate height between 66 and 73cm in males and between 61 and 68cm in females, caucasian shepherd dog names. The standard gives a weight for males between 35 and 45 kg and between 30 and 40kg for females, although most specimens clearly outweigh these weights.

But it is clear that the Mastiff Caucasus is larger in both height and weight and structure, comparing the legs is that the Caucasus has more bone general.

The indices are also different, 102-108cm 108-111cm for the Caucasus and for males Sarplaninac and 110-112 for females.

The head is also somewhat different, in the Caucasus the long, flat front and long but convex in the Sar. In the Caucasus, the ears are set high and are cut in Sar slightly lower implantation and are not cut them, caucasian shepherd dog names. Eyes small and oval Caucasus and medium size Sar. Short neck in the Caucasus and average length in the Sar. Rabo implanted high in the Caucasus and in the prolongation of the croup in the Sar. Finally, we could continue to have more differences, but the fact is that dogs are very similar physically.

And on the subject character. I've never tried a Sar, but I've seen several exhibitions, and I've talked to owners and breeders. Ateniéndome in principle and that I've seen, it seems a lot less suspicious than a dog Caucasus, certainly in the exhibits are left to play smoothly, caucasian shepherd dog names. All breeders of this breed commented me that is not as guardian and aggressive as the Caucasus and even in the excellent French book about "Le sarplaninac" race of Marija Jovanovic, is there any comment which places it at a lower level in fierceness and aggression the Caucasus.

It is known fanaticism of many people towards their race, when the same owners of race recognize their inferiority, because ...

Perhaps there are more character lines, or civil work. I do not know, but in France there are many breeders, I have spoken with several and nobody works or evidence .In all, his character seems that of a Caucasus "light" would be halfway between a Mostin or mountain and Caucasus, caucasian shepherd dog names, I think which it is somewhat above dogs as Mostin, Mountain and company but below a Caucasus.

Frame with a Sarplaninac and its owner.

That said, for those who want a dog guard truth, I recommend a Caucasus before a Sarplaninac. But for many people the Sar could be out for being a dog that gives you a certain level of care, not to be as visceral as a good Caucasus or row, or as cowardly as others, caucasian shepherd dog names. I think this average level of Sarplaninac, the guardian of Moscow or you might get across Caucasus with Mostines, it would be very well accepted by many families wanting a guard dog not as heavy as a true guard dog pata negra, but do more than useless protection tasks races many times listed on this website.

So again I hallucinate with the Spanish cinofilia. The Sarplaninac is a virtually unprecedented race in Spain, at least I do not know anyone who has a copy nor is there any hatchery, caucasian shepherd dog names. As often it happens in other countries are more savvy and of course their presence is abundant in its original area of ​​the former Yugoslavia and other countries of Eastern Europe. But not only there, his presence is abundant in France or Italy where many farms and also exist in the US. And I say the same as with Central Asia, the Caucasus are lower in guard dogs, but superior in many ways to our Spanish molosos and also to old glories as Bulmastiffs dog, Dogue de Bordeaux etc etc I already bored of naming.

It is also a dog that drools and his character and very visceral and very heavy and its unquestionable beauty, is a dog that could have out in our country, caucasian shepherd dog names. For now, I'll keep seeing brought by foreigners or I'll have to go to the former Yugoslavia Sarplaninac see good basketball and exhibitions.

caucasian shepherd


first name

European Caucasian Shepherd Caucasian Shepherd comes, namely that originated between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Even in ancient times, people have seen these very hairy, ferocious and powerful dogs, and gradually began to teach them to protect their herds, in those days, in those areas sheep farming was very common, caucasian shepherd dog names. These wild animals people began to use against wolves and to protect the sheep, another name for these dogs Wolfhound. She has powerful jaws, thick skin, large, strong bones. Agility, speed, combined with resistance allows them to victory Caucasian Shepherd with wolves.

Their hosts were the shepherds who lived a solitary life, were for days in the mountains. Therefore Caucasians did not take strangers, and accustomed to a single host. Pastors dedicated to education Caucasian shepherd, caucasian shepherd dog names. This is a very fair race, who does not like to part with their masters, and even if you left the

house for 20 minutes show very actively the joy of meeting the owner. Retain the power saving mode by moving long distances with their herds, who are always ready for a big fight with the wolves. Caucasians are in one place, and thus store energy. They do not like being in active motion, running, riot, caucasian shepherd dog names. But if there is someone else in the area, this charming creature who had slept peacefully can quickly attack the enemy with their powerful jaws and not admit to the protected object.

European Raising puppies
Educating Caucasian shepherd? He is very angry and complex, and different formation of the formation of other races, caucasian shepherd dog names. To cultivate a loving, faithful reliable guard, you will have to exert much effort. Cubs white - is extremely fluffy and cute child who constantly want stroke and caress. Breeders usually start asking the question of whether people who come to visit, to caress the puppies. Then it could be that the dog gets used to people and becomes a bad guard. Not to worry, as an adult, caucasian dog always keep your home, and you, and all will be treated with a grain of salt, except of hosts, and soon the wickedness of this race their toll.

8 months, when the puppy will grow, not left alone with people coming to visit you. After all, this chubby kid seems that the guest touched her leg bone, was near his glass, he did something wrong, ie, he sat on the sofa in her maestro, caucasian shepherd dog names.Y then race dog race Caucasian, he appeared to show his strength in a hurry easily by the guest. Perhaps it would not be at this point of the teeth, but it will damage the clothes guests.

When playing with a puppy, do not try to call him a grudge. So men who have taken to the house of the guard dog behave, try early childhood to make him a grudge, caucasian shepherd dog names. This is the wrong approach to education caucasian cause damage to your psyche. Because the protective instinct has always come, and at the right time nature takes its toll yet.

pet and play with a puppy, but at the right time to be strict, caucasian shepherd dog names. From early childhood, the Caucasian shepherd children to behave intentionally and may become owners of the house, but this can not be allowed, and if the dog is forbidden, must firmly maintain this position.

Caucasian useless training courses training. The perception of life is different from white dogs of other breeds race. Caucasian Shepherd should know commands such as "I," "Fu" .you can teach you the command "Give paw", "standing", "lie", "sit", but it is impossible to teach a Caucasian to work a distance in the can, can make German shepherd, caucasian shepherd dog names, but it is impossible to teach Caucasians. He just thinks differently. This breed weighs and ponders every action and telecommuting seems pointless.

From early childhood, do not eat dog with foreign hands and the floor. To protect yourself from doing so necessarily, caucasian shepherd dog names. The "FAS" easy to digest this dog, but in real life, as practice shows, equipment is not required to, and less danger that no art equipment.

Growing up, it tries to accommodate European strength. It usually begins in women during their first heat. Dogs in the first eight months of start breaking. And most importantly, any attempt to stop them, and he brutalized. And Pastor Caucasus should always see who's the boss. In books on dog breeding they write that puppies should not be punished beating. Maybe you can not, but this dog only understands force, caucasian shepherd dog names. It is a real animal fauna. As a rule, the Caucasian Shepherd may be limited to one attempt and then not make attempts to break their owners. When you give an adult dog to understand that he must obey you and all members of the family, then your dog will be a loyal, loving and faithful guard of the house.

In conclusion, I want to say a word about the Caucasian shepherd dog race, you have to love and respect this beautiful dog. This is a very intelligent, loving and loyal dog. Caucasian Shepherd all well aware, safe guarding the house and their favorite hosts, easy to adapt to any situation, Caucasian shepherd dog names.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog vs Pitbull

Caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull and actual capacity Caucasus as fighting dog, i do not want to be heavy, but I want to reiterate that these articles at all want to support and promote dogfighting, but to show unquestionable as is its importance in the history of the race. And knowing the use of our dog in the fighting, it is forced an article on the capacity of the Caucasus in these conflicts.

In theory the Caucasus for its combination of size, power bite and teeth, thick fur, combativeness and fierceness, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, some agility and physical stamina, it would be an invincible, dog best dog fighter in the world, but in practice, this does not so. And this is because failure in the mental aspect.

And we have to keep in mind that both the Caucasus and Central Asia are very combative dogs, but are not authentic fighting dogs, are not races created by man for this purpose as is the American Pit Bull Terrier and even Tisa. Mastiffs are originally used to protect flocks from predators, and his combativeness and strong tradition in the areas of origin, are used in fights. But nowhere are only fighting dogs. Some image of caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull :

The Caucasus gains in almost all occasions to other major races or giants like Neapolitans, Rottweiler’s, Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs, German Dog etc, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. and of course as I said in the article 2.31.5 rampaging breeds of medium or small size.

Against these large or giant breeds, the Charkas both Asia and Caucasus earn their greater ability and agility, physical stamina and more powerful bite, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. These fights are usually short-lived and usually between such large dogs, none goes badly damaged.

But what happens to the king of the fights, the Pit Bull? After viewing in numerous videos or Asia’s Caucasus fighting against Pit Bulls, I can say that Charkas earn only about 30% of cases. And it is more often than they earn usually against Pit very small Bulls with which there is a huge difference in weight or against Maillol’s Pits, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, without game or crossed with Bull Terrier or Am staff, but before a Pit game between 25 and 35kg often lose, we like almost all the dogs in the world.

How about as powerful as the Charkas dogs can often yield to a much smaller dog as the Pit? The issue is mental; usually they stop at a given time. The Pit Bull is a dog selected by man for the fight, a Pit Bull game will never stop until he kills his rival and will never give in or surrenders but is losing, not until the end, is a dog that it has been canceled survival instinct, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. The Caucasus or Asia are not, have not nullified the survival instinct, if they see you lose, surrender and leave him alone if they have won their rival, they will not kill you. If ever a Caucasus kills a small dog or medium, it is more accidental fear for their bestial power, not because Charka has sought the death of another dog.

The Charkas are used to brief clashes between them, with similar races or against the wolf, for them a dog like the Pit Bull fight to the death, is something strange. They are not used to so combative dogs and sometimes even though in this case the percentage is much smaller, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, can lose against other bloodhounds not as game as the Pit, but also very combative as the Bull Terrier or Am staff, this Finally there are also excellent frontlines in Russia.

Fights Caucasus or Asia against Pit Bulls often has the following outcome. During the first minutes Charka inflicts punishment bestial Pit, often are bulldozed, in fact some experts in fights, the Charkas are hits in the first few minutes for any race in the world. But after those in most occasions brief five minutes or even less, the Charka stops, he wants to stop fighting and Pit begins to dominate, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. In most cases Charka backs onto Pit refusing to fight and even sometimes flees and sometimes jumps the fence pit or enclosure for the fight to flee.

On many occasions, when the Pit begins to dominate and Charka going to fight, occasionally stir the Charka and desmostrando wins again if I wanted to win it, but he usually stop. In other races such as sometimes some Neapolitans, also they dominate the Pit for a few minutes but then stop, and it is clear that topic is mental but also physical exhaustion; a few minutes can neither with hair, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. In the case of Charkas, this is not so, have less endurance and stamina than a Pit but more than most molasses really do not stand for fatigue but because mentally they are not prepared dogs for such a long fight and limit.

They believe they have earned and see no reason to keep fighting. It's like a guy 2 meters hits him four blows one small and puny despite being wounded wants to keep fighting and the big man says, and I have earned no sense to continue, or says this Nano is very sketchy and I do not want fight to the death and would rather stop, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. Normally in these fights the Pit Bull goes badly damaged and the Caucasus emerges unscathed but loses because he refuses to fight. Some think that the Caucasus should be given as winner emerge unscathed and the Pit however damaged, but the rules are not, and the dog back, flees or backwards, it is given as a loser aqua so far has clearly won .

On these lines three photos of Ovtcharkas fighting

How many times you see this type of fighting, the result will look amazing. Often it looks to Charka sweeping the Pit, the Pit always under Charka with significant wounds and bleeding, sometimes in fights on snow, white floor is stained red by the punishment that subjects the Pit Charka. You see them and say stop this that the poor tubulin will kill. And yet, incredibly often to a few minutes, the Charka stops, going to fight and the Pit still want war, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. I repeat that Charkas for its large size and coat out almost never damaged in fights against the Pits, you see them out of the ring or pit and out as usual, with minor injuries; however you see the Pit out with wounds and scars but has won because he wants to keep fighting and not Charka.

However, sometimes, I figure by 30%, the Charka wins the fight, on those occasions in the first minutes Charka seriously damages the Pit and you have to stop the fight or the difference is so abysmal to be cut the embitter, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. Pit really is more likely the longer the fight, if the Pit holds the first five or at most ten minutes, the fight is yours, the Charka wins when it gets sentence in the first minutes. Anyway it's impossible for a matte Pit a Charka, and if it is possible on occasion that a kill or seriously injure Charka a Pit Bull as seen in Article 2.31.4 that tells the story of Gabo.

Charka the possibilities are greater in a fight in the open field or freestyle or are without rules. By contrast the possibilities Pit Bull are much higher when the fight takes place in an enclosed or Pit enclosure and under the strict rules of fighting Pit Bulls, calls Cajun rules, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, which are undoubtedly created for Pit Bulls and favor them.

The truth is that comparing the fights of the 80s with late 90s or this century, we see that the Charkas ever win in a greater number of occasions Pit Bulls. This is because the frontlines of Charkas are getting used to fight the Pits. Their fighting styles are very different, the Pit is a dog that very commonly goes for the legs and chest, while Charkas attack above, they go for head and neck, and usually in fights against Pit Bulls or dogs smaller, are placed on top of them and once prey head from side to side and buffeted wave, causing great damage, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. The Charkas was not used to fight like dogs as Pateros Pits. But I say they are learning to hide leg and a dog fight not for or lease at any time as the Pit Bull, and every time you see them win more often.

 We must also say that although as I said the Charkas are usually stop in such fights, sometimes isolated individuals out with a different mentality, and those that do not stop if they usually beat almost any Pit Bull. Anyway I must say that a Pit Bull game of 30-35ks is invincible to any other dog in the world, have good bite, insensitive to pain, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, have the best technique of fight, never give up and their physical stamina is almost unlimited, really often you beat other dogs because of their greater physical strength.

Some fans Caucasus say that the Caucasus to be very territorial, not fight just outside its territory, that place of combat is not a Pit or a place that is not their own, that which fight to the death and would destroy the Pit is in its territory, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. The truth is I do not know, but it could be, it is clear that a more Caucasus will fight to death in their territory in a place that neither going nor coming.

Comment also increasingly seen in fights crosses Caucasus or Asia with Pit Bull or Am staff. Salem dogs or semicustom short hair usually give great results in fights, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. As with all Ban dogs, good specimens come in first generation and mediocre in later.

And what about the fighting between Central Asia and the Caucasus? The truth is that the fighting between Caucasian Charka (called abbreviated CO mode) and Central Asian Charka or (CAO for short), a winning percentage heparin similar to each side. In principle Asia has more tradition as a fighting dog, and can sometimes be more skillful fighting and have more game, and instead the Caucasus is usually a more powerful dog, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. When the truth, it all depends on the individuals in question, and there are victories for both sides.

 The fighting style is almost equal, they tend to go for the neck and head and have a habit of standing up against each other until one pulls the other. These fights are usually quite short, about five minutes or less except on occasion to be ten or fifteen minutes exceptionally twenty minutes, but not at last as long as the Pits, which can last one hour and even sometimes two hours or more, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. We also have to bear in mind that in many cases are not dogs or pure Asia’s Caucasus, are often Coo’s Cu’s crosses or other crosses with Anatolian Turks Mastiffs, the fighters really do not care that dogs are purebred or not, what matters is that they work.

Anyway the most widely used especially in the North Caucasus dogs are Volkodavs North Caucasus in general crosses Caucasus and Asia’s short hair that often are completely or partially amputated tail.

In general, Charkas including them both CO and CAO are among the ten best races in the world of combat, in my opinion between the fourth and seventh approximately. I seem lower on average in these conflicts Pit Bulls, Toss, some Ban dogs and Bully Kutras. I look rather than Nepos or other Mastiffs, Rots, Rows or course Bullmastiffs or medium breeds such as Doberman or German shepherd, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. With other races of prey and fighting as American Bulldog, Press Canaries or Dog Argentina thing would be more equal and everything would depend on the issue in question. And in this as in all generalizations are generally wrong and everything would depend on the issue, because in this classification put before the Charkas that the Bull Terrier and sometimes Terrier Bull beat the Charkas or backward, I have set before the Tisa that the Charkas and I have seen two fights Asia vs. Tisa and has won two of Asia, despite which I see more fighting dog to Tisa.

Well, this is the comprehensive article on the actual combat capability of the Charkas. More than one I criticize this subsection or other article 2.31 I have a very clear conscience, nor fight dogs nor am I in this web promoting fights, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, I'm just stating something very clear in the history of this race, in its past, its present and future. The fights indisputably part of the history of the race.

But the world is full of false and hypocritical. Many much interested to this article and would love to see my videos, some even run, but to the gallery and public opinion criticize me to look like good guys.

How much hypocrisy in this world when many when he learned he had gone to Russia and had many videos of combat, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, the first thing I ask is for them and acting on them from the Caucasus and other races. I think that many are doing what is morbid.

This site is a place to try races and essentially the Caucasus, is not the place to position or give opinions about the fights. Fights Charkas to have nothing to do with the professionals Pit Bulls, anyway, despite being much more lights and finish undamaged dogs or little damaged, possibly still make them a crumbly and overly violent spectacle, but ladies and gentlemen readers of this site will ask you more or less than fox hunting, more or less than bullfights, more or less than boar hunting with dogs knife, more or less than boxing, more or less the vale Tudor? What do you think about caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull ?

Well, hey, I do not know, in these practices, sports or traditions tend to die foxes, wild boars, bulls and even people; Charkas in these fights never die even go seriously injured, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. They want to tell you, I am writing this article at three o'clock in the night and I do not really want to think, I will answer them after the publicity.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Attack, Character, Education and Training

Caucasian shepherd dog attack, character, education and training. The first thing we have to bear in mind that we are facing a very strong physically and very dominant dog, although very attached to the owner much less independent than other mountain breeds.

The first recommendation would be to acquire the puppy dog, between 45 days and three months would be ideal. Slow to mature and could also buy a young dog, a year or year and a half, but according to this exemplary and would not recommend it to everyone. Buying an adult Caucasus especially if is a male character, only recommend it to people very brigade in dogs. They are dominant dogs and unless you have a lot of experience with dogs, you'll be difficult to make and also the always remember his first owner. Some image of caucasian shepherd dog attack :

But buying puppy dog ​​should not have any problem as long as guidelines, which nobody panic, finally after all is not a tiger or lion, is simply a dog followed.

From the outset, you have to command and dominate over the puppy, the must quickly realize that the leader of the family clan is you and not the owner has to be the highest authority within its hierarchy.

 Therefore there are situations to be tackled from the outset, as never allow the puppy growls when you approach you or put your hand on your food, caucasian shepherd dog attack. This is common for puppies do many but not all Caucasus and is very common among dominant dogs of various breeds. Not to retire grace and never afford. To do this, or given a slap, or better it still catches the neck and he sifts which is what they normally do females with cubs or her grave face up in submissive posture and squeezes in throat . These things have to be done puppy and not for later, with a puppy you'll be able to very easily and quickly learn the lesson, if you wait a few months will already be a large and powerful animal and will be very difficult to achieve this, caucasian shepherd dog attack. But it was clear that we must get your own food can touch or catch your plate and the dog or rechristen. The truth is that this should be done with all the people living in the house, and it is perfectly possible to achieve, but the Caucasus normally only accepts a person as the highest authority of his pack or clan. Therefore, avoid risky situations as a child disturb the dog when it is eating, but with a little patience also could get the dog did not make any bad gesture in this situation.

If you want to put the puppy in the kennel and do not also have to catch collar hard and firm voice and get him unceremoniously. I repeat that these things have to be done puppy, because if not used to it and a year dog teeth you out wanting to get him into the kennel, you'll hardly be able to make and you will have a very serious problem.

The Caucasus is a generally dominant dog and during growth will try. Sometimes some of their games are like every puppy in the world for fun, but in other attempts to establish dominance over you, caucasian shepherd dog attack. I repeat that at all times you must give the puppy understand that it is beneath you in the hierarchical ladder, the leader of the extended family, of his herd; it's you and not him.

Living with a Caucasus presents no problem following some basic rules, truly I tell you, are not tigers, are dogs

It is certainly easy to live with Caucasus, if during this period of growth and self-assertion dog hard, he is clear that you're in charge, there will be no problem because it will also help her tremendously loving character with his, his attachment to owner and family and only slightly independent, caucasian shepherd dog attack.

When you do something wrong, break something or do their needs outside of your site, you have to rebuke him when he does, no later since not relate the fact with punishment and this would not be for nothing. Sometimes if you have to give them a slap or blow to the muzzle and order they dry and hard voice, but nothing must be given beatings or anything, caucasian shepherd dog attack. That besides being against animal abuse, you could make insecure and fearful animals to humans. It is also a very sensitive and proud dog, and feels hurt and humiliated if assaulting. So a blow to the nose or cheek and some cry if it will take some time, but there is nothing seriously attacks him. Try to be with sweet and affectionate dog but both firm.

In living with the children of the house does not have to be any problem following the recommendations I make in Article 2.16. If it is appropriate to give a basic obedience, it can be done from about 4 months, at least the dog meets the command "sit", "cast" and above to go to the call, caucasian shepherd dog attack. In any education manual and dog training, you can find the rules to teach this basic obedience. The Caucasus learn without problem, it seems a smart dog and more active and lively than others molasses mountain.

It is a moderately active dog, not so vague and lymphatic other molasses. For his guard instinct will run immediately where people hear noises or approaching their territory, caucasian shepherd dog attack. I say that is much more active than others molasses, he loves to run and play, sometimes seem eternal and giant puppies.

To walk him some, especially young and puppies, are very impulsive and throw much and must be stopped for a while a necklace of punishment to get them used to walk without pulling, but passes the typical situation that is the dog that walks the master and not the other way around, caucasian shepherd dog attack.

With Caucasians adults and characterful, take precautions to take them, caucasian shepherd dog attack. They are very reactive and any sudden movement or fuss of a passerby can be taken by the dog as a dog aggression logically repel. It is therefore appropriate to bring these dogs muzzled in areas where many people spend.

Also some specimens are so marked territoriality, they believed that the usual way ride is your territory and attack which crosses this path they consider their own. These dogs usually take them to an exhibition or a street or unusual way, and behave perfectly, but its strong territoriality, considered his usual walk way and attack the passer as if he were a stranger entering his farm, and it is that for, that path is an extension on his farm, caucasian shepherd dog attack. Therefore caution such as territorial dogs, never carry loose, always bound and well-controlled and muzzled.

But back to the education of the puppies. It is quite easy to teach to do his business during walks or in the right place, they are quite clean dogs. Some very distrustful puppies are often reluctant to do their needs outside the garden during their ride and make it to return to this, normally this will correct themselves as they mature and have more security and confidence, caucasian shepherd dog attack.  Want to take much the dog exhibitions, from puppy will be taught to sit and walk and jog on these.

 Puppy also have to teach the puppy to get into the car carrying case or have it in the compartment of the trailer, later it will cost much get him if the dog does not want.

Some are quite barkers. The Caucasus is not a dog barking for no reason, but have so developed guard instinct to bark and growl hear any suspicious noises or if someone approaches their territory.

And on training for guard and defense. First you have to have patience; they are dogs that are slow to mature and cannot wait for three months to keep the house, caucasian shepherd dog attack. Territoriality and distrust appear highly variable ages, there Caucasus than two months are already very distrustful and others who have a year are already some moles and are not discouraged and is affable and sociable with everyone. Those dogs that take longer to get character must have patience, often later work better than others early bird, this happens in many cases but not always. The fact is that in two years, a Caucasus must be territorial and distrustful, if at this age it is not, then if we have to worry because that dog and possibly never will be and will be an invalid for the guard dog.

The Caucasus is a dog by nature suspicious of strangers. That in my opinion has to be nurtured, but without reaching excesses. It is not appropriate to be excessively by strangers, but we must not isolate them from the world as it could go very distrustful dogs but too insecure, caucasian shepherd dog attack. The Caucasus has to see other people and dogs must be socialized naturally and realize that other people and dogs in the world. However, to encourage their instinct is better lock him up when there are visits since puppy.

It is convenient to accustom people who will see with some frequency as family home or attending veterinarian. Experience shows however that although let the puppy be fondled from puppyhood, the end takes the distrust because it carries, caucasian shepherd dog attack. A On so for novelty, puppy let people touch you enough, of puppies are beautiful balls, wonderful teddy bears and sometimes hard to not let people touch. Distrust took quite a while but eventually sprout inside him as he came out, and after 13 months began to be aggressive and suspicious of strangers and now is a dog with a remarkable distrust.

What I mean is that they are recommended to follow some guidelines as fiddling or let the dog by strangers or isolate excess, but often sends genetics and things follow their natural, caucasian shepherd dog attack.  Channel many people recommend occasionally leave the dog tied to a chain for a few hours on their territory to win territoriality.

What if we must stress again, like all molasses take long to mature and that we cannot ask for results very quickly. We must go step by step and have patience; a good Caucasus at the end will work. Why is counterproductive work it or give evidence or defense guard prematurely. Besides a bad experience he could ballasting them forever. Why are not occur when the dog is eight or nine months tell a guy between a suit or a sleeve to test the dog because the dog will not work yet and a bad experience can destroy the character of the dog, caucasian shepherd dog attack . As far after six months you can say to someone who causes behind the fence to see how they respond to these provocations. Besides the dog it grows behind the fence and those little tests can strengthen their territoriality and distrust. If the dog responds well, encourage him to feel supported by the love and see that it is doing well.

Yes it goes well give chorizos from Snapper puppies or puppy to catch prey. From a year or year and a half according to the copy, you can begin testing them if desired, first giving chorizos and then sleeves, preferably soft for young first and then harder dogs. Anyway, this is a free choice of the owner of a Caucasus; some do not consider it appropriate to give never bite a sleeve or suit, caucasian shepherd dog attack. Typically tie the dog to a rope or chain and the trainer will bite the sleeve, this is also a good workout as defense dog, the first few times it is good that the dog is accompanied and supported by his master will encourage you if it comes to bite and it is essential to let the dog always comes out as the winner to go taking confidence.

When testing a Caucasus, always keep in mind that this is a moose mountain, not to a dog RCI We cannot assess or test a Caucasus as a Milionis, are completely different dogs, there are things a Milionis a Caucasus cannot do and vice versa, there are unobtainable things for a Milionis that if you can make a Caucasus, caucasian shepherd dog attack.

It varies according to the copy, but until two years would not make them a real test stores in which a helper from the suit in the territory of a Caucasus to see his reaction. The truth is still a good adult Caucasus without any training I must attack and bite in this situation, even when the truth as I say in Article 2.12, many will not do, caucasian shepherd dog attack. Advice for this purpose, use high mordant suits, a suit or R.C.I training it is insufficient for the powerful bite and teeth of a Caucasus. Anyway, and even he is saying that a good Caucasus must pass this test without any prior training, advise before giving her ever bite sleeve or suit the dog tied to a chain and supported by its owner, and will attack and bite more security and confidence.

On so 4 months, if a properly educate the Caucasus will not give any problems, far from it all will be satisfactions

Nor is it good for a dog used too much to bite suit, because they are much used to it and sometimes if you enter an individual without suit dislodged and not bite him, this usually happens with many dogs of all breeds too used to suit, sleeve and then you have to use suits or deconditioning of kevlar sleeves.

If your dog bites but does not do well with open mouth, not fixed bite or loose or recoils from a moderate punishment, is best placed in the hands of a professional trainer that will make your dog improves all these points, but the fact is that Caucasus for many owners this will not be necessary as it will be enough to deter them with behind the fence and attack the intruder who enters its territory without permission, caucasian shepherd dog attack.

Of course and as I said in other articles rejections situations like food or poisoned baits, etc. attack several extras needed training, caucasian shepherd dog attack. The Caucasus is a very distrustful dog, but much to tell them, believe me that if strangers will take a good steak is going to eat.

I personally think that if you say that a dog is saved, it must try, because mouth all owners say their dogs saved. Adult must test whether the dog in question is worth or not. This is also true for the Caucasus, although I do not like them much. They carry innately guardian, for his great territoriality and distrust, caucasian shepherd dog attack. When you have two years I like to try to see if it really worth it or not and how much I might like to give a few sessions to set good bite and little else. I do not think that much more needed unless we need a total guard dog for very dangerous or high-risk areas for which advise train it more widely.

As for living with other dogs. The coexistence of a male Caucasian with another of this race or any dominant or combative race is virtually impossible and that even if they brought them together from puppyhood, sooner or soon will be unleashed hostilities. In my case, On so and Graf was well along when the latter was a puppy, but when served ten months began to challenge On so and after two small hooked, separated them forever. In the case of two males, two zones must enable kennels and never get them out at once, caucasian shepherd dog attack. If the other male is a small, feisty little or dominant race, normally there will be problems because the other dog admitted without discussion discussions Caucasus.

Let a male Caucasian you can usually have one poodle or Chihuahua and respect as he does not touch the nose, but it is impossible to live with another male Caucasian or with Asia, Pit Bull, Napolitano or even males but not as combative medium or large breeds such as German shepherd, most in, great Dane or St. Bernard. In the case of females, coexistence between Caucasian female or female dominant races is more feasible but also difficult, caucasian shepherd dog attack. Obviously you cannot race with a female fight like Pit Bull or Tisa, but sometimes if I've seen live female Caucasian female Caucasus and other large or dominant races. Some engaged by leadership or dominance food will have, but cohabitation is not as impossible as in the case of males, especially if the pups together from gilts and yell or punish them at the slightest attempt at confrontation.

In my case this has not been possible, Tutsis came home with year and a half and when he arrived Mesachie was almost three years. The I tried together at first to see if he could to get along and to bring them together, but after two small skirmishes decided to separate because he saw that sooner or later would come the brawl, caucasian shepherd dog attack. Three weeks ago, Tutsi got into the kennel Mesachie and had a serious fight clearly won by the Caucasia that cost me tackle. I mean this, that even the coexistence of females of these races can be difficult if not pup from puppies and atamans the slightest confrontation.

This is my comprehensive article on my experiences and advice on education and training Caucasus. Each has his methods, and many will agree and many others not so much. I speak from my experience with my Caucasus and those of friends or acquaintances. The Caucasus is a dog that has its peculiarities; he cannot be educated and trained as a German shepherd or a Golden Retriever. But following minimum guidelines, coexistence with is perfect and not going to give any problem. Far from it is dogs that can give many satisfactions to a family, which acquires Caucasus rarely, regret their decision and engages the race. What do you think about caucasian shepherd dog attack ?