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Caucasian Shepherd Dog vs Pitbull

Caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull and actual capacity Caucasus as fighting dog, i do not want to be heavy, but I want to reiterate that these articles at all want to support and promote dogfighting, but to show unquestionable as is its importance in the history of the race. And knowing the use of our dog in the fighting, it is forced an article on the capacity of the Caucasus in these conflicts.

In theory the Caucasus for its combination of size, power bite and teeth, thick fur, combativeness and fierceness, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, some agility and physical stamina, it would be an invincible, dog best dog fighter in the world, but in practice, this does not so. And this is because failure in the mental aspect.

And we have to keep in mind that both the Caucasus and Central Asia are very combative dogs, but are not authentic fighting dogs, are not races created by man for this purpose as is the American Pit Bull Terrier and even Tisa. Mastiffs are originally used to protect flocks from predators, and his combativeness and strong tradition in the areas of origin, are used in fights. But nowhere are only fighting dogs. Some image of caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull :

The Caucasus gains in almost all occasions to other major races or giants like Neapolitans, Rottweiler’s, Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs, German Dog etc, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. and of course as I said in the article 2.31.5 rampaging breeds of medium or small size.

Against these large or giant breeds, the Charkas both Asia and Caucasus earn their greater ability and agility, physical stamina and more powerful bite, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. These fights are usually short-lived and usually between such large dogs, none goes badly damaged.

But what happens to the king of the fights, the Pit Bull? After viewing in numerous videos or Asia’s Caucasus fighting against Pit Bulls, I can say that Charkas earn only about 30% of cases. And it is more often than they earn usually against Pit very small Bulls with which there is a huge difference in weight or against Maillol’s Pits, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, without game or crossed with Bull Terrier or Am staff, but before a Pit game between 25 and 35kg often lose, we like almost all the dogs in the world.

How about as powerful as the Charkas dogs can often yield to a much smaller dog as the Pit? The issue is mental; usually they stop at a given time. The Pit Bull is a dog selected by man for the fight, a Pit Bull game will never stop until he kills his rival and will never give in or surrenders but is losing, not until the end, is a dog that it has been canceled survival instinct, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. The Caucasus or Asia are not, have not nullified the survival instinct, if they see you lose, surrender and leave him alone if they have won their rival, they will not kill you. If ever a Caucasus kills a small dog or medium, it is more accidental fear for their bestial power, not because Charka has sought the death of another dog.

The Charkas are used to brief clashes between them, with similar races or against the wolf, for them a dog like the Pit Bull fight to the death, is something strange. They are not used to so combative dogs and sometimes even though in this case the percentage is much smaller, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, can lose against other bloodhounds not as game as the Pit, but also very combative as the Bull Terrier or Am staff, this Finally there are also excellent frontlines in Russia.

Fights Caucasus or Asia against Pit Bulls often has the following outcome. During the first minutes Charka inflicts punishment bestial Pit, often are bulldozed, in fact some experts in fights, the Charkas are hits in the first few minutes for any race in the world. But after those in most occasions brief five minutes or even less, the Charka stops, he wants to stop fighting and Pit begins to dominate, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. In most cases Charka backs onto Pit refusing to fight and even sometimes flees and sometimes jumps the fence pit or enclosure for the fight to flee.

On many occasions, when the Pit begins to dominate and Charka going to fight, occasionally stir the Charka and desmostrando wins again if I wanted to win it, but he usually stop. In other races such as sometimes some Neapolitans, also they dominate the Pit for a few minutes but then stop, and it is clear that topic is mental but also physical exhaustion; a few minutes can neither with hair, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. In the case of Charkas, this is not so, have less endurance and stamina than a Pit but more than most molasses really do not stand for fatigue but because mentally they are not prepared dogs for such a long fight and limit.

They believe they have earned and see no reason to keep fighting. It's like a guy 2 meters hits him four blows one small and puny despite being wounded wants to keep fighting and the big man says, and I have earned no sense to continue, or says this Nano is very sketchy and I do not want fight to the death and would rather stop, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. Normally in these fights the Pit Bull goes badly damaged and the Caucasus emerges unscathed but loses because he refuses to fight. Some think that the Caucasus should be given as winner emerge unscathed and the Pit however damaged, but the rules are not, and the dog back, flees or backwards, it is given as a loser aqua so far has clearly won .

On these lines three photos of Ovtcharkas fighting

How many times you see this type of fighting, the result will look amazing. Often it looks to Charka sweeping the Pit, the Pit always under Charka with significant wounds and bleeding, sometimes in fights on snow, white floor is stained red by the punishment that subjects the Pit Charka. You see them and say stop this that the poor tubulin will kill. And yet, incredibly often to a few minutes, the Charka stops, going to fight and the Pit still want war, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. I repeat that Charkas for its large size and coat out almost never damaged in fights against the Pits, you see them out of the ring or pit and out as usual, with minor injuries; however you see the Pit out with wounds and scars but has won because he wants to keep fighting and not Charka.

However, sometimes, I figure by 30%, the Charka wins the fight, on those occasions in the first minutes Charka seriously damages the Pit and you have to stop the fight or the difference is so abysmal to be cut the embitter, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. Pit really is more likely the longer the fight, if the Pit holds the first five or at most ten minutes, the fight is yours, the Charka wins when it gets sentence in the first minutes. Anyway it's impossible for a matte Pit a Charka, and if it is possible on occasion that a kill or seriously injure Charka a Pit Bull as seen in Article 2.31.4 that tells the story of Gabo.

Charka the possibilities are greater in a fight in the open field or freestyle or are without rules. By contrast the possibilities Pit Bull are much higher when the fight takes place in an enclosed or Pit enclosure and under the strict rules of fighting Pit Bulls, calls Cajun rules, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, which are undoubtedly created for Pit Bulls and favor them.

The truth is that comparing the fights of the 80s with late 90s or this century, we see that the Charkas ever win in a greater number of occasions Pit Bulls. This is because the frontlines of Charkas are getting used to fight the Pits. Their fighting styles are very different, the Pit is a dog that very commonly goes for the legs and chest, while Charkas attack above, they go for head and neck, and usually in fights against Pit Bulls or dogs smaller, are placed on top of them and once prey head from side to side and buffeted wave, causing great damage, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. The Charkas was not used to fight like dogs as Pateros Pits. But I say they are learning to hide leg and a dog fight not for or lease at any time as the Pit Bull, and every time you see them win more often.

 We must also say that although as I said the Charkas are usually stop in such fights, sometimes isolated individuals out with a different mentality, and those that do not stop if they usually beat almost any Pit Bull. Anyway I must say that a Pit Bull game of 30-35ks is invincible to any other dog in the world, have good bite, insensitive to pain, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, have the best technique of fight, never give up and their physical stamina is almost unlimited, really often you beat other dogs because of their greater physical strength.

Some fans Caucasus say that the Caucasus to be very territorial, not fight just outside its territory, that place of combat is not a Pit or a place that is not their own, that which fight to the death and would destroy the Pit is in its territory, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. The truth is I do not know, but it could be, it is clear that a more Caucasus will fight to death in their territory in a place that neither going nor coming.

Comment also increasingly seen in fights crosses Caucasus or Asia with Pit Bull or Am staff. Salem dogs or semicustom short hair usually give great results in fights, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. As with all Ban dogs, good specimens come in first generation and mediocre in later.

And what about the fighting between Central Asia and the Caucasus? The truth is that the fighting between Caucasian Charka (called abbreviated CO mode) and Central Asian Charka or (CAO for short), a winning percentage heparin similar to each side. In principle Asia has more tradition as a fighting dog, and can sometimes be more skillful fighting and have more game, and instead the Caucasus is usually a more powerful dog, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. When the truth, it all depends on the individuals in question, and there are victories for both sides.

 The fighting style is almost equal, they tend to go for the neck and head and have a habit of standing up against each other until one pulls the other. These fights are usually quite short, about five minutes or less except on occasion to be ten or fifteen minutes exceptionally twenty minutes, but not at last as long as the Pits, which can last one hour and even sometimes two hours or more, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. We also have to bear in mind that in many cases are not dogs or pure Asia’s Caucasus, are often Coo’s Cu’s crosses or other crosses with Anatolian Turks Mastiffs, the fighters really do not care that dogs are purebred or not, what matters is that they work.

Anyway the most widely used especially in the North Caucasus dogs are Volkodavs North Caucasus in general crosses Caucasus and Asia’s short hair that often are completely or partially amputated tail.

In general, Charkas including them both CO and CAO are among the ten best races in the world of combat, in my opinion between the fourth and seventh approximately. I seem lower on average in these conflicts Pit Bulls, Toss, some Ban dogs and Bully Kutras. I look rather than Nepos or other Mastiffs, Rots, Rows or course Bullmastiffs or medium breeds such as Doberman or German shepherd, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. With other races of prey and fighting as American Bulldog, Press Canaries or Dog Argentina thing would be more equal and everything would depend on the issue in question. And in this as in all generalizations are generally wrong and everything would depend on the issue, because in this classification put before the Charkas that the Bull Terrier and sometimes Terrier Bull beat the Charkas or backward, I have set before the Tisa that the Charkas and I have seen two fights Asia vs. Tisa and has won two of Asia, despite which I see more fighting dog to Tisa.

Well, this is the comprehensive article on the actual combat capability of the Charkas. More than one I criticize this subsection or other article 2.31 I have a very clear conscience, nor fight dogs nor am I in this web promoting fights, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, I'm just stating something very clear in the history of this race, in its past, its present and future. The fights indisputably part of the history of the race.

But the world is full of false and hypocritical. Many much interested to this article and would love to see my videos, some even run, but to the gallery and public opinion criticize me to look like good guys.

How much hypocrisy in this world when many when he learned he had gone to Russia and had many videos of combat, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull, the first thing I ask is for them and acting on them from the Caucasus and other races. I think that many are doing what is morbid.

This site is a place to try races and essentially the Caucasus, is not the place to position or give opinions about the fights. Fights Charkas to have nothing to do with the professionals Pit Bulls, anyway, despite being much more lights and finish undamaged dogs or little damaged, possibly still make them a crumbly and overly violent spectacle, but ladies and gentlemen readers of this site will ask you more or less than fox hunting, more or less than bullfights, more or less than boar hunting with dogs knife, more or less than boxing, more or less the vale Tudor? What do you think about caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull ?

Well, hey, I do not know, in these practices, sports or traditions tend to die foxes, wild boars, bulls and even people; Charkas in these fights never die even go seriously injured, caucasian shepherd dog vs pitbull. They want to tell you, I am writing this article at three o'clock in the night and I do not really want to think, I will answer them after the publicity.

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