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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Pups

Caucasian shepherd dog pups - caucasian Shepherd, also called Caucasian Mountain Dog, Ovtcharka Kavkazskaïa. This very large Berger is beautifully constructed. Its massive and robust figure has a very strong musculature and an equally strong bones. All in muscles and strength, his speed is not unlike that of the bear. Despite the impression of a great and beautiful dog, the Shepherd of the Caucasus has a great strength of character and his instinct is naturally inclined to protect his people, whether human or not. According to the FCI nomenclature, it is the Group 2, Section 2.2 and it has the # 328. The size of an adult dog is about between 62 and 69 cm (24-27 inches) as much in males than in females. The weight is within 45 to 65 kg (99-143 pounds) for an adult male and equally for an adult female. The dress can vary and various colors are possible. It can be in shades of reddish brown, white, straw, gray with various areas, brindle, red as pie decorate

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Names

Caucasian shepherd dog names - sarplaninac. While Central Asia is more akin race with the Caucasus, the Sarplaninac is by far the most physically similar to the Caucasian race dog. In this case if there are cases where there are copies that is difficult to distinguish whether they are of one race or another unless you know them well. We are facing a mountain moloso before a Yugoslav mastiff. The breed has several names or denominations, as Ilirski Ovcar, Jugoslovenski Ovcarski, Pas-Sarplaninac, Sar Planina, Sar Planine, Sarplaninec, Charplanina, Charplaninatz. Many of his fans call him simply Sar. The first time a Sarplaninac appeared in an exhibition was in 1926 in Ljubljana. The breed was recognized by the Yugoslav Federation Cinología in 1930 with the name of Illiriski Ovcar, translated into Spanish Pastor of Iliria.En 1934 is created in Nis (Serbia) Sarplaninac a military farm, caucasian shepherd dog names . In the First World War it was used to guard