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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Names

Caucasian shepherd dog names - sarplaninac. While Central Asia is more akin race with the Caucasus, the Sarplaninac is by far the most physically similar to the Caucasian race dog. In this case if there are cases where there are copies that is difficult to distinguish whether they are of one race or another unless you know them well.

We are facing a mountain moloso before a Yugoslav mastiff.

The breed has several names or denominations, as Ilirski Ovcar, Jugoslovenski Ovcarski, Pas-Sarplaninac, Sar Planina, Sar Planine, Sarplaninec, Charplanina, Charplaninatz. Many of his fans call him simply Sar.

The first time a Sarplaninac appeared in an exhibition was in 1926 in Ljubljana. The breed was recognized by the Yugoslav Federation Cinología in 1930 with the name of Illiriski Ovcar, translated into Spanish Pastor of Iliria.En 1934 is created in Nis (Serbia) Sarplaninac a military farm, caucasian shepherd dog names. In the First World War it was used to guard the borders of Yugoslavia. The breed was recognized on June 2, 1939 by the F.C.I at a meeting in Stockholm with Pastor Illyrian name and standard number 41. In 1955 the standard 41, 1939 is amended by distinguishing two types:

-type To: Kras Shepherd with a maximum height of 65cm.
-type B: Sar Planina shepherd with a minimum height of 65 cm and heavier.

In 1957 at the request of JKS (Jugoslovenski Kinoloski know, the official agency of the Yugoslav leader Cinología) the name of Shepherd of Illyria is modified and becoming known as Shepherd Dog Sarplanina, caucasian shepherd dog names.

In 1964 Professor Pavlovic defends the thesis that the Kras Sarplaninac type and type are not the same race at the 1969 JKS.En F.C.I number 41a recognizes a new standard by Professor Pavlovic.

On June 23, 1969, the Slovenes cynologists get the F.C.I recognize the Kraski Ovcar as race number 278.

Until 1950 Sarplaninac breeding is carried primarily by military hatcheries, caucasian shepherd dog names.
Between 1939 and 1969 as the pastor of Kras and Sarplaninac were considered a single race were crossed on many occasions.

Sarplaninac in an exhibition

Export is prohibited until 1970, so from this date begins to emerge from Yugoslavia coming to America between 1975 and 1977, caucasian shepherd dog names. Some exemplary arrived earlier to France from 1966.

The book of Yugoslav origin was closed between 1989 and 1994. The breed has four varieties: murdj, merdjan, Karabas and sari. Its area of ​​origin is the mountainous area that separates Serbia from Macedonia, especially Sar Planina mountain, caucasian shepherd dog names. Planina mountain means, and Sar is the name of the mountain, so Sarplaninac means the mountain of Sar. There are also representatives of the breed in the mountains of Korab, Bistra, Stogovo, and Karadzica, near towns like Restelica, Brod, Dragas, Musnikovo, Brezovica and Strpce.

Also in Macedonia there are a number of copies of the race especially in the Tetovo region. The race will come to extend through the mountains of Montenegro and Kosovo to Albania.

And after this roll, let's what interests us, the similarities and differences with the Caucasus. In general, a smaller Sarplaninac is both raised and weight and dog bones. Of course, everything depends on the issue, as there are more than 80cm Sarplaninac, but generally are smaller. The breed standard indicates a minimum of 62cm for males and 58cm for females. However, usually higher, the expert Mirkovic made two studies in 1990 to take the average height of the race taking the height at several copies, one he came 72.1cm and 66.3cm in males in females, and the another came out 69cm in males and in females 64.18cm. Mirkovic the same points as appropriate height between 66 and 73cm in males and between 61 and 68cm in females, caucasian shepherd dog names. The standard gives a weight for males between 35 and 45 kg and between 30 and 40kg for females, although most specimens clearly outweigh these weights.

But it is clear that the Mastiff Caucasus is larger in both height and weight and structure, comparing the legs is that the Caucasus has more bone general.

The indices are also different, 102-108cm 108-111cm for the Caucasus and for males Sarplaninac and 110-112 for females.

The head is also somewhat different, in the Caucasus the long, flat front and long but convex in the Sar. In the Caucasus, the ears are set high and are cut in Sar slightly lower implantation and are not cut them, caucasian shepherd dog names. Eyes small and oval Caucasus and medium size Sar. Short neck in the Caucasus and average length in the Sar. Rabo implanted high in the Caucasus and in the prolongation of the croup in the Sar. Finally, we could continue to have more differences, but the fact is that dogs are very similar physically.

And on the subject character. I've never tried a Sar, but I've seen several exhibitions, and I've talked to owners and breeders. Ateniéndome in principle and that I've seen, it seems a lot less suspicious than a dog Caucasus, certainly in the exhibits are left to play smoothly, caucasian shepherd dog names. All breeders of this breed commented me that is not as guardian and aggressive as the Caucasus and even in the excellent French book about "Le sarplaninac" race of Marija Jovanovic, is there any comment which places it at a lower level in fierceness and aggression the Caucasus.

It is known fanaticism of many people towards their race, when the same owners of race recognize their inferiority, because ...

Perhaps there are more character lines, or civil work. I do not know, but in France there are many breeders, I have spoken with several and nobody works or evidence .In all, his character seems that of a Caucasus "light" would be halfway between a Mostin or mountain and Caucasus, caucasian shepherd dog names, I think which it is somewhat above dogs as Mostin, Mountain and company but below a Caucasus.

Frame with a Sarplaninac and its owner.

That said, for those who want a dog guard truth, I recommend a Caucasus before a Sarplaninac. But for many people the Sar could be out for being a dog that gives you a certain level of care, not to be as visceral as a good Caucasus or row, or as cowardly as others, caucasian shepherd dog names. I think this average level of Sarplaninac, the guardian of Moscow or you might get across Caucasus with Mostines, it would be very well accepted by many families wanting a guard dog not as heavy as a true guard dog pata negra, but do more than useless protection tasks races many times listed on this website.

So again I hallucinate with the Spanish cinofilia. The Sarplaninac is a virtually unprecedented race in Spain, at least I do not know anyone who has a copy nor is there any hatchery, caucasian shepherd dog names. As often it happens in other countries are more savvy and of course their presence is abundant in its original area of ​​the former Yugoslavia and other countries of Eastern Europe. But not only there, his presence is abundant in France or Italy where many farms and also exist in the US. And I say the same as with Central Asia, the Caucasus are lower in guard dogs, but superior in many ways to our Spanish molosos and also to old glories as Bulmastiffs dog, Dogue de Bordeaux etc etc I already bored of naming.

It is also a dog that drools and his character and very visceral and very heavy and its unquestionable beauty, is a dog that could have out in our country, caucasian shepherd dog names. For now, I'll keep seeing brought by foreigners or I'll have to go to the former Yugoslavia Sarplaninac see good basketball and exhibitions.

caucasian shepherd


first name

European Caucasian Shepherd Caucasian Shepherd comes, namely that originated between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Even in ancient times, people have seen these very hairy, ferocious and powerful dogs, and gradually began to teach them to protect their herds, in those days, in those areas sheep farming was very common, caucasian shepherd dog names. These wild animals people began to use against wolves and to protect the sheep, another name for these dogs Wolfhound. She has powerful jaws, thick skin, large, strong bones. Agility, speed, combined with resistance allows them to victory Caucasian Shepherd with wolves.

Their hosts were the shepherds who lived a solitary life, were for days in the mountains. Therefore Caucasians did not take strangers, and accustomed to a single host. Pastors dedicated to education Caucasian shepherd, caucasian shepherd dog names. This is a very fair race, who does not like to part with their masters, and even if you left the

house for 20 minutes show very actively the joy of meeting the owner. Retain the power saving mode by moving long distances with their herds, who are always ready for a big fight with the wolves. Caucasians are in one place, and thus store energy. They do not like being in active motion, running, riot, caucasian shepherd dog names. But if there is someone else in the area, this charming creature who had slept peacefully can quickly attack the enemy with their powerful jaws and not admit to the protected object.

European Raising puppies
Educating Caucasian shepherd? He is very angry and complex, and different formation of the formation of other races, caucasian shepherd dog names. To cultivate a loving, faithful reliable guard, you will have to exert much effort. Cubs white - is extremely fluffy and cute child who constantly want stroke and caress. Breeders usually start asking the question of whether people who come to visit, to caress the puppies. Then it could be that the dog gets used to people and becomes a bad guard. Not to worry, as an adult, caucasian dog always keep your home, and you, and all will be treated with a grain of salt, except of hosts, and soon the wickedness of this race their toll.

8 months, when the puppy will grow, not left alone with people coming to visit you. After all, this chubby kid seems that the guest touched her leg bone, was near his glass, he did something wrong, ie, he sat on the sofa in her maestro, caucasian shepherd dog names.Y then race dog race Caucasian, he appeared to show his strength in a hurry easily by the guest. Perhaps it would not be at this point of the teeth, but it will damage the clothes guests.

When playing with a puppy, do not try to call him a grudge. So men who have taken to the house of the guard dog behave, try early childhood to make him a grudge, caucasian shepherd dog names. This is the wrong approach to education caucasian cause damage to your psyche. Because the protective instinct has always come, and at the right time nature takes its toll yet.

pet and play with a puppy, but at the right time to be strict, caucasian shepherd dog names. From early childhood, the Caucasian shepherd children to behave intentionally and may become owners of the house, but this can not be allowed, and if the dog is forbidden, must firmly maintain this position.

Caucasian useless training courses training. The perception of life is different from white dogs of other breeds race. Caucasian Shepherd should know commands such as "I," "Fu" .you can teach you the command "Give paw", "standing", "lie", "sit", but it is impossible to teach a Caucasian to work a distance in the can, can make German shepherd, caucasian shepherd dog names, but it is impossible to teach Caucasians. He just thinks differently. This breed weighs and ponders every action and telecommuting seems pointless.

From early childhood, do not eat dog with foreign hands and the floor. To protect yourself from doing so necessarily, caucasian shepherd dog names. The "FAS" easy to digest this dog, but in real life, as practice shows, equipment is not required to, and less danger that no art equipment.

Growing up, it tries to accommodate European strength. It usually begins in women during their first heat. Dogs in the first eight months of start breaking. And most importantly, any attempt to stop them, and he brutalized. And Pastor Caucasus should always see who's the boss. In books on dog breeding they write that puppies should not be punished beating. Maybe you can not, but this dog only understands force, caucasian shepherd dog names. It is a real animal fauna. As a rule, the Caucasian Shepherd may be limited to one attempt and then not make attempts to break their owners. When you give an adult dog to understand that he must obey you and all members of the family, then your dog will be a loyal, loving and faithful guard of the house.

In conclusion, I want to say a word about the Caucasian shepherd dog race, you have to love and respect this beautiful dog. This is a very intelligent, loving and loyal dog. Caucasian Shepherd all well aware, safe guarding the house and their favorite hosts, easy to adapt to any situation, Caucasian shepherd dog names.

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