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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Pups

Caucasian shepherd dog pups - caucasian Shepherd, also called Caucasian Mountain Dog, Ovtcharka Kavkazskaïa. This very large Berger is beautifully constructed. Its massive and robust figure has a very strong musculature and an equally strong bones. All in muscles and strength, his speed is not unlike that of the bear. Despite the impression of a great and beautiful dog, the Shepherd of the Caucasus has a great strength of character and his instinct is naturally inclined to protect his people, whether human or not.

According to the FCI nomenclature, it is the Group 2, Section 2.2 and it has the # 328.

The size of an adult dog is about between 62 and 69 cm (24-27 inches) as much in males than in females.
The weight is within 45 to 65 kg (99-143 pounds) for an adult male and equally for an adult female.
The dress can vary and various colors are possible. It can be in shades of reddish brown, white, straw, gray with various areas, brindle, red as pie decorated with spots, caucasian shepherd dog pups.
The right hair is coarse and is usually half long. There are still some specimens with short hair and some long hair but the most common are longhair. The undercoat is highly developed.
The head has a massive skull with a stop is not so marked. His head greatly resembles that of the bear.

Small dark eyes are oval in shape and are secured into their orbit.
Floppy ears are set high and are often cut short.
The wide nose is usually black.
The tail is set high. Generally ring-shaped, hook or sickle, it may sometimes be turned off.

Goalkeeper in the soul, it is incorruptible, distrustful and even aggressive towards strangers. His defense will always be flawless.

Balanced and strong, it is extremely quiet but still very responsive. It is exceptional courage and defense is lifestyle. It keeps, protects and defends his never recede. This is a canine knight who can become bite if provoked.

Like most Russian dog breeds, the history of the Caucasian Shepherd is rather unknown. Because of the closure between the countries at the time of the former Soviet Union and the difficulty of obtaining information even about the history and origin of the dogs, caucasian shepherd dog pups, the data is missing on several points of view. Even today, the Russians themselves do not have all the information related to that time.

Virtually unknown outside of its natural habitat and mainly raised by the Caucasian shepherds, race made his first international appearances to 1979, caucasian shepherd dog pups. Today more widespread and appreciated, the Caucasian Shepherd surely descended from ancient Tibetan Mastiffs as, for example, Central Asian shepherd.

This sheep herder is very popular in Russia, it goes without saying, but it is also appreciated in Hungary and Poland, and following the fall of the Berlin wall, then crossed several specimens in Germany, caucasian shepherd dog pups. He managed to exceed its original borders to become known about the European continent. Although it is not yet known, its popularity still increased compared to the beginning.

This very large and robust solid specimen is not affected by any specific pathology, caucasian shepherd dog pups. Her health is generally impeccable and is rarely ill. As it is a very large dog, longevity is less but it is still significant for such a large size.

Litters can sometimes be problematic for the race because 15-16 puppies are regularly brought in this big dog, caucasian shepherd dog pups. It is very difficult for the dog to monitor his herd and all recovered.

The life expectancy of that great Shepherd is about 10 years.

A good weekly brushing his beautiful fleece is nice and it preserves the beauty and health of her dress. The time allocated is too small, it is even easier to integrate with the schedule of the week.

This beautiful and very large specimen while hairy appearance of a huge dog is actually a powerful weapon if it is not well controlled and well educated with a firm and steady hand, caucasian shepherd dog pups.

The Caucasian Shepherd has a natural defensive. Despite it being very balanced and very quiet, it quickly becomes reactive in danger. Totally indifferent to strangers, it can even be dangerous if it is not well educated, caucasian shepherd dog pups. His early education must be firm and not aggressive. His friendly nature must be lifted and encouraged and the teacher must be knowledgeable and well prepared. Canine psychology must be present in his education and his natural aggression must never be encouraged.

This very large Berger is very attached to his family and it makes a wonderful companion as for large than for small and there will be no problems protecting against all odds.

It is almost unthinkable that he lives inside. Not only he needs space but it is not made for beginners. It may well adapt to different climates and does not suffer to live outdoors, caucasian shepherd dog pups. It is rustic, with exceptional endurance.

the patou
The Patou is a race, like many others, that has been modified by breeders to make it more pleasant, nice (thank you Belle et Sébastien) caucasian shepherd dog pups. They softened his behavior made it more beautiful, less boorish. Today, to find a real one, with its Aboriginal character is, I think, impossible mission in France.

I have one for 10 years, I have visited many farms in France, Switzerland and Germany, before finding it, caucasian shepherd dog pups. I did not want a teddy bear for the beautiful in exhibitions, I wanted a real, not to protect sheep but to keep me. I've always loved this race, yet Cécile Aubry achievements unknown to me ...

Finally, I had the chance to meet a breeder ... 2500 km east of France. Yes, to find real dogs of French origin, one must travel 2500 km: it is internationalization, caucasian shepherd dog pups. The father of this breeder already was, the grandfather as the great-father ... Never ditto their patous not have the legs in an exhibition. They maintain, monitor, protect herds or properties. They get what nature created them.

True patous are quiet dogs. They never attack. They defend. They know their territory, if an intruder enters, they will bark by going to him. If he flees, they do not will hunt. If it stays there, only then they will attack if they feel that the threat is real, caucasian shepherd dog pups. Their behavior varies whether it is a child or a dog, a squirrel or a bear. This is natural, there is no need for training.

Mine knows the recall, the command "Sit", that's all. And yet, when he wants. I can trust her name to my friends as to any stranger, it will move ever does it is called. He can not walk on a leash because it was never attached, not known to sleep at my request, is not known to the paw ... But defending, he knows it, without ever having been struck, caucasian shepherd dog pups. It's innate.

The day they are cushy. Their enemies in general are active at night. Nevertheless, they are always awake, wake up at the slightest noise or suspicious movement, caucasian shepherd dog pups. At night, by cons, you hear more, see them move.

This, I think, the best herds protective weapon in France. But it does not take that one to 1,000 animals! Especially if, as I have read in the mouth of Patrick Ailhaud, caucasian shepherd dog pups, sheep breeder in Esparron-la-Bâtie, ten "mastiffs as high as the hood of the C15" attack.

Comparison with other breeds of potection
I would say that the shepherd of Abruzzo or Maremma and Kuvasz are less powerful than the patou. The Pyrenean Mastiff is not fighting against animals smaller than him, especially dogs. Tibetan mastiff has also become too civilized, unless you go looking for one in Asia. The kangal or Anatolian shepherd is too unpredictable behavior, caucasian shepherd dog pups, not at all suitable for tourist areas, like the Central Asian shepherd. Sarplaninac the rest, which might also do the trick, although it is a bit more "rustic" (I always speak for entire dogs, no dogs bastardized by beauty contests to flatter human).

The shepherd of the Caucasus
I did not mention in the list above, because to release in France would be unconsciousness.
I have a young, the main difference that I notice compared to patou, except the size (Caucasians are significantly larger), caucasian shepherd dog pups, is that the Caucasian continues to chase the intruder, even if it leaks. There the race, until he realizes that the fugitive runs faster. Only then it stops. If he sees that catches up, nothing will prevent its destruction. He does not bite, it devours!

Mine knows recall and order "Sitting". But returned when he wants. If I call and he sees me, he looks at me with this expression: "Why do you want me to come see you, since you're okay, nothing attacks you, caucasian shepherd dog pups." And to put seated, he always asks assistance, a lightweight stroller on its back, otherwise he remains standing. The leash, knows a bit (yes, him, it is better to tie it sometimes), I feel like a weight training class whenever a door.

They are quiet dogs also, however, more tense than patous, but much more violent. Them they can attack, even if they know immediately identify an abuser of a child.

As my patou, mine comes from the East, where it is not clear that dogs of this breed can run around in front of their master ignoring conspecifics. Put mine in the middle of other male dogs, he will have an idea, destroy them. And all those I know have the same intention. Put it in the middle of females, this is a real obsession ... By cons, with his family, his pack, it is very nice, the same player. Humans, dogs of other breeds (as I have a Golden Retriever), horses, cats, rabbits ... He never would hurt them, at least not voluntarily, caucasian shepherd dog pups.

That's what I can say about my short experience with guard dogs. I can already hear some tell me I'm wrong here, that I know nothing there: maybe. I make a generality, a Kangal can be perfectly trained, caucasian shepherd dog pups, a Pyrenean mastiff may well attack a German shepherd ... But personally, I have never seen! I only talk about what I know.

My dogs are not trained? No, they are educated. They do not urinate inside, do not ask to eat at the table, do not go to places that are forbidden to them, caucasian shepherd dog pups. These are not circus dogs that are not breeds do to amuse the gallery.

I am not an extremist, but I am against this mania that have breeders soften some races to adapt to an environment that is not theirs, caucasian shepherd dog pups. After, it is surprising that some dogs go crazy, bite without reason and do not bite when they should ...

Then the patou, yes. The patou leading the flock, no. The patou keeps himself 500 scattered sheep on 10 hectares, either. And to those who ask me if I've seen my dogs in action: yes, their list of conquests is well stocked, where I live, there is a choice between stray dogs, wild cats, wolves and even bears, there is something to make fangs, caucasian shepherd dog pups.

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