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Decker Rat Terrier

Decker rat terrier - the rat terrier in the 1920s and 1930s was very popular in the United States. It was used for the extermination of rodents that later grew, and not only on farms. Today is a dog Husky pet has not forgotten his old job. It is an energetic dog that meets erect ears and skin with white spots or substrate and prints of other colors, even trichrome accepted in the same dog. It is a live dog that can be medium or small, up to 5 pounds, but always the same lively and cheerful response.

They say that the very small size derives from crosses with Chihuahua. A hairless version of the rat-terrier appeared in the 1970s as well. The rat terrier is less aggressive than Jack Russell and most of the family dogs. There are so excitable to the whims and changes in the lives of their owners nor too fussy in terms of their sleep and meals. Dogs are quieter and more versatile, decker rat terrier. They trained very easily and it is very companion. Finally, it is a dog that lives many years, it has been discovered that its average life is of 18 to 23 years.

It's the rat's dog. The Rat Terrier is a strong little dog that has been honored many times for its usefulness in rat extermination, and as a family dog. He has many variations on the image, through time and these dwarf puppies with the activity of exterminating the rats, maintained generations known as Feists decker rat terrier. However, many organizations had kept records of rat terriers and so the breed was renewed and took shape, shape and properties. Today rat terrier found in many colors, but always on a white background, all the colors of the skin.

The Rat Terrier or Rat Terrier, an active breed

The first time I was introduced to a dog of this breed, its curious name left me thinking, because I definitely did not see a strong resemblance between this little dog and a rodent, decker rat terrier

Later I learned that his name Rat Terrier is due to one of his first occupations that is to look for and catch rats, and he does it as a game, decker rat terrier. It is believed this breed Rat Terrier or Rat Terrier was developed from crossing breeds such as the English White Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Smooth Fox Terrier, and Whippet.

Initially bred for speed, this agility was started to be used to hunt down squirrels, and other small animals, decker rat terrier. These skills make them excellent farm dogs; The Rat Terrier has good general health, strength and intelligence.

The Rat Terrier, or Rat Terrier, an active breed

Personality of a Rat Terrier

There are many wonderful qualities that this dog possesses ample, decker rat terrier
. This Terrier is brave, always alert and active. For this reason, most homeowners have to include an amount of mental stimulation and exercise on their list of daily activity dogs.

A personality trait that is surprising is that he knows how to be calm and enjoys periods of idling.

They are good family dogs, and get along well with children.

The Rat Terriers are quite perceptive to small changes, and the changes they can detect in their surroundings, the moods of the owner, or an out of the ordinary events, decker rat terrier.

Their intelligence makes them easier to train than many other dog breeds. Although the Terrier's classic personality traits are in his veins, they can be trained to be good guard dogs. B

They need to be socialized from their childhood. The ideal is to expose the dog to different types of people and places during the first three months of life.

They are excellent swimmers and love to splash around in the water, so u can be sure that bath time will not be a problem.

Rat Terrier Care

These dogs need at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day, including playing time.

A rat terriers love to dig, and will surely bury things in the lawn or garden.

Like all other dogs, they need regular baths and toilets.

Characteristics of the dogs Rat Terrier

The American Rat Terrier Club (RTCA) is specific to the standard rat terrier breed. The RTCA recognizes two different sizes: standard and miniature. A mMiniature rat terrier is between 10 and 13 inches tall, while standard Rat Terrier that is between 13 and 19 inches tall. Rat Terrier can weigh between 10 and 25 pounds. Its layers are short, naturally soft and thick, decker rat terrier
. Dogs may have two-tone layers of white with black or white with light brown tones. They can also have layers of three colors of white with black oxide and fire colors. Rat Terrier can also come in shades of chocolate, lemon, red, orange or blue.

Living with Rat Terrier
Rat Terriers are obedient and loyal to their owners. Due to its small size, it does not take up much space in your home, decker rat terrier. Dogs are clean and well behaved. They need exercise and fresh air, and three or more walks a week can help dogs consume energy. Rat Terriers enjoy the presence of people, so if you live in the city and want to own a dog, a rat terrier is a possible option. Rat Terrier, also often play with children and young people. Historically, dogs have been used for corner squirrels, bugs hunting and freeing up a space of mice and rats. Today, Rat Terrier continue to make hunting companions useful.

Puppy Rat Terrier drinks his mother's milk during the first six weeks of life. Breeders can start introducing small amounts of solid foods during the third or fourth week. A puppy should start eating exclusively puppy food about seven to eight weeks after birth. Veterinarians can recommend high quality food for the puppy to eat, decker rat terrier.

When a rat terrier is four months old, it should be switched to an adult dog diet. A veterinarian or diet specialist can advise which type of food service fits best for a particular dog. Dogs that are fed with good quality dry food do not need vegetable or meat supplements, decker rat terrier. Make sure your dog always has access to drinking water.

Rat Terriers are basically healthy dogs and their average life ranges from 12 to 18 years. Dogs can survive in different climates, ranging from extreme cold to hot environments. They can also be indoor or outdoor pets. When you get the rat terrier from a reputed breeder, be sure to get all the animal's medical records. You should also get a health guarantee, which indicates that you can return to a puppy that has serious health problems, decker rat terrier
. Adult rat terriers should have annual visits to the vet.

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