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Rat Terrier Beagle Mix

Rat terrier beagle mix - information About a Chihuahua and Beagle Mix, if you cross a beagle and a Chihuahua, you will end up with cubs of mixed breeds whose size and appearance are between the two pure breeds. Chances are you'll end up with a dog bigger than Chi and smaller than a beagle, but you could end up with a dog the size of either parent. This canine combination is sometimes referred to as "Beagle."

Size and appearance
The standard beagle breed of American Kennel Club does not allow dogs over 15 inches tall, while the standard AKC Chihuahua does not allow dogs to exceed 6 pounds when grown in total - so that the Cheagle ends between these two weight extremes . The combination of the two breeds means that a dog can mature at about 12 pounds, perhaps standing 12 inches tall. The Cheagle could have the diskette ears of the beagle father or the ears of Chi Beagles are dogs with short, tricolor hair, while Chis can be with short or long hairs and any color or combination of colors, rat terrier beagle mix. That means coloring a Cheagle is difficult to predict, as is the length of the layer if the Chi includes long hair.

Cheagle temperament
The beagle and Chihuahua sport very different temperaments. While a beagle makes a good family pet, Chi is usually a one-person canine, rat terrier beagle mix. There really does not say what kind of temper a Cheagle could possess. Even if he befriends the beagle side of the family physically, he could have Chi's more exalted temperament. It might also look like Chi but they do have the typical happy and lucky beagle spirit.

Plummer Terrier

RACE HISTORY: The neat and attractive Plummer Terrier was created by crossing Fell Terriers with Jack Russell Terriers and an American Beagle, rat terrier beagle mix. Bulls blood and Jack Russell terrier were later added.

This brave race, not yet formally recognized but its conformation is already fixed, rat terrier beagle mix. It is an aggressive and compact breed, which has its own breed club and a breeding plan of 10 years that will eventually lead to the request for recognition by the Kennel Club of Great Britain.

The Plummer Terrier is an expert on vermin control. His admirers and supporters claim that some members of this breed hold records of killing rats. Breeder Brian Plummer limits all breeding to the control of three members of the club, rat terrier beagle mix. In this way he hopes to maintain the conformation, color and spirit of the breed. It is a small dog, vivacious, self-confident, even arrogant, with the energy and enthusiasm typical of terriers.


The length of the shoulders to the tail is the same as the height.

The ears are widely separated and fold symmetrically to form folds.

The neck is strong and muscular.

The coat is smooth and tight, without protective hair.

The elbows are tight at the sides of the body.


Country of origin: Great Britain.

Origins: 1980s.

First function: to catch rats.

It works current: company, hunt rats.

Life expectancy: 13-15 years.

Weight: 5.5-7 kg.

Height: 29-34 cm.

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier is an American hunting terrier that is a small medium-sized terrier. Under the shorter leg configuration, more muscular, and heavier bone density than his American rat Terrier cousin, rat terrier beagle mix. There is much diversity in the history of the breed Teddy Roosevelt Terrier and shares a common early history with the American Rat Terrier, Fox Paulistinha and Tenterfield Terrier. It is said that the Rat Terrier background is derived from terriers or other dogs that were brought in by other working class immigrants and early English.

Since the breed was a farm dog, hunt and utility there was little or no planned breeding other than breeding dogs with pleasing traits to each other in order to produce the work ethic that desired in the dog. It is assumed that the Feist (dog), Bull Terrier, Smooth Fox Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Whippet, Italian Greyhound, rat terrier beagle mix, White English Terrier Dog, now extinct Rotating Rooster and Legged Terrier all share the ancestry of the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier. These first delatarated Terriers were most likely bred for crusaders bred Beagle or Beagle dogs (to increase venting ability) and other dogs. Maximizing the influences of these diverse breeds offers the modern Teddy Roosevelt Terrier with a keen sense of consciousness and prey instinct, a keen sense of smell and a very high intellect.

Although they tend to be reserved with strangers who are devout companion dogs with a strong desire to please and be close to their owners side at all times, rat terrier beagle mix. The current UKC standard requires a Roosevelt Teddy Terrier to range in height from 8 to 15 inches, with its weight proportionally to its height. It is not uncommon to see Teddy Roosevelt Terriers weigh up to 25 pounds or as little as 8-10 pounds.

History of the breed Early American history shows that the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier, as the Rat Terrier, is often referred to as Feist or simply terrier mixes. In the case of the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier, "feist paws bench". Being the breed was mostly a farm dog and hunting was common to see and hear of crossing rat terriers with other breeds. One of these The side was with the Beagle and it is quite possible that this cross that reinforced the bench leg since the Legged Beagle Bench was a common hunting companion, rat terrier beagle mix. The separation of the long-legged phenotype of short-legged phenotype in most cases did not occur and it was very common to see parent-born strains of one or both phenotypes presenting a variety of leg and body length however, all Were still considered and labeled only as Rat Terriers. It was not until the 1990s that an effort to separate the types began in earnest, but blending the two types in some cases still exists today.

When the types were separated by the Rat Terrier Club of America the short-legged variety was named in honor of Theodore Roosevelt, though he never owned rat terriers nor was instrumental in the development of the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier. The most attributed dog to be one of the bases of the rat terriers was a mixed breed feist dog raised black and fire owned by the Roosevelt. In one of his letters to his sons President Roosevelt writes, rat terrier beagle mix, "There is a very shrewd little dog named Skip, who belongs to John Goff's pack, who has taken me in. I think I'm going to take him to Archie's house.

He likes to ride on Dr. Lambert's horse, or mine, and although he is not as big as Jack, he eagerly participates in the fight with each bear and lynx. "Often mistaken for the Skip feist black and fire, The Roosevelt also had a dog named Scamp. Scamp is the only dog ​​mentioned in the Roosevelt letters as always hunting while the rat in the White House, rat terrier beagle mix, "Scamp is really an extraordinary ratter and kills a large number of rats in the White House, in the cellars and in the Ground floor and between the machinery.

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