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Rat Terrier Jack Russell Mix

Rat terrier jack russell mix - the cross between a Border Collie and a Jack Russell terrier. Border Collie Shepherding The result of crossing a Border Collie and a Jack Russell terrier is named Border Jack. The animated appearance of this race and personality is inherited from their parents. If you are considering adding a Border Jack to your family you should first study its origins and characteristics.

Characteristics. The Border Jack is smaller than the Border Collie and larger than the Jack Russell Terrier. It looks more like the Jack Russell terrier but often has longer and harder coat. Although it has a sturdy body it is extremely nimble, making it an ideal companion for playing Frisbee. He is known for his sporting skills and loves to participate in sports competitions where he has to jump fences, slide between hoops and run at a great speed, rat terrier jack russell mix. He needs a lot of exercise and may not be well suited to living in a closed space like an apartment. Combining the Collie with the intelligence of the terrier and his need for activity does not allow him to be the ideal breed for new owners of other dogs as it requires a lot of time and training skills than some other breeds.

Border Collie. The Border Collie was bred to work and is according to the American Kennel Club the best sheepdog on the planet, which controls a herd with lace and eye contact, rat terrier jack russell mix. You can even charge yourself if you can not get out the door quickly enough. This dog is not happy if he is not doing some activity and will need something more than a return to the block to exercise.

Jack Russell Terrier. The Jack Russell Terrier breed was developed in the 19th century by an English Reverend named Jack Russell. It is a mix of many breeds of terrier with a little Dog Sausage. While the Border Collie is a shepherd, the Jack Russell terrier is a hunter whose main job in the past was capturing rats. Just like the Border Collie is very active and your hunting instincts can make you dig in your yard, rat terrier jack russell mix. This little temperamental dog is cheerful, vivacious, and you will probably find that he thinks he is a large dog within a small body. It is very trainable and often appears on television and film. Eddy in the series "Frazier" is an example of a Jack Russell terrier with a career in the media.

Border Jack and Flyball. One of the most significant skills a Border Jack has is flyball. This is a type of relay race of dogs in which a team of four race dogs jump, retrieve a ball and return. When the first dog finishes the race, the next dog takes over and so on. According to "Planet Dog", the team always includes a small but very fast dog, rat terrier jack russell mix. The Border Collie represents almost 50 percent of the best flyball dogs and the Jack Russell terrier 10 percent, so it is not surprising that breeders cross these two breeds to create the perfect dog for flyball. Investigate local flyball tournaments as a way to exercise your Border Jack.

Mix Chihuahua with Terrier

For your birthday, do you want a chihuahua terrier, but you are having difficulty managing your hyper energy or want to buy the dog but do not know anything about it? If you wish to master the ability to handle this breed, read the following article, rat terrier jack russell mix.

Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs in the world, and can easily be carried in their pockets. They are named "Chihuahua", the place in Mexico. They are elegant, alert, fast in movement and animated. Terriers, however, have their origin in Great Britain and Ireland, rat terrier jack russell mix. They are strong and are accustomed to hunting rabbits, foxes, etc. Some people want a dog that is alert and a good watchdog, as well as a good companion and an apartment dog. So they mixed chihuahua and dog terrier and got chihuahua terrier representing the best qualities of both dogs.

Mixed race

These dogs represent the best of both breeds: the terrier and the chihuahua. They are strong, bold and cheerful as terriers, and intelligent, sociable and cheerful as the Chihuahuas, rat terrier jack russell mix. These dogs are carefree and the bond they share with their masters is very strong. They are also very good watch dogs, as they are very attentive, especially at night.


The mix is ​​a cross breed of terriers and chihuahuas. They are living, intelligent and very loyal domestic animals. These dogs are one of the healthiest breeds on earth today and live a half-life of 15-17 years. The main disadvantage is that they have very fragile bones. Therefore, do not expose them to physical activities that can break bones. In general, all races mixed with Chihuahua are susceptible to cold and spill their hair during the summer. These dogs tend to be more reserved with strangers, but are more aggressive with other dogs, rat terrier jack russell mix. Therefore, it is necessary to teach your dog to socialize. From a very early age, get her to socialize with other humans and animals (not just dogs). If you do not do this, then you develop an aggressive nature when you become an adult. Once they learn to socialize, they can be very friendly, even with other animals.


These dogs are alert and curious. At the slightest noise, they're going to go take a look. They are loyal to their masters, and they also give them protection. They are often closely linked to a family member. They distrust strangers and other dogs, especially the larger ones, rat terrier jack russell mix. They can communicate very well with dogs of their size. Their small size makes it difficult for them to communicate with larger dogs. You will notice that there are several similarities in the temperament and behavior of the chihuahua dog and the terrier.

Puppies for sale

Like the adults, the puppies are also very animated. At birth, they should be given special attention because they not only have brittle bones, but also have something called the fontanelle, which is an open gap in the upper part of your skull. The breach closes the moment the puppies reach adulthood. But until then you have to be very careful when handling them as they are prone to head injuries. From a very early age, teach puppies how to use the bathroom, rat terrier jack russell mix. At first it will be very difficult, but once you get it, you will not face any problems. You also need to have these puppies away from small children as they are afraid of children. The uncoordinated behavior of your child, or the tendency to throw things and fall scares the dog. Therefore, they tend to stay away from them.

Types of Chihuahua and Terrier Mix

1. Mixed Chihuahua with Boston Terrier (Bo-Bo Chi or Chi-)

Features: This blend weighs about 10-15 lbs when well developed. They have bigger ears than the Chihuahuas. They have or have no queue.

Temperament: Not as talkative as the other blends. Nonetheless, he barks to warn of any strange presence in his house. This breed feels uncomfortable under extreme weather conditions (too hot or too cold), rat terrier jack russell mix. The weeping eyes of the Chihuahua breed have been adopted. It is generally healthy, except that it is prone to constipation, which can be prevented with soft feed for the dog.

2. Mixed Chihuahua and Maltese Terrier (Malchi)

Features - It's a Chihuahua mix that carries positive features from both sides and combines them into a cute package. The ripe Malchi is about 5-12 pounds and 12-14 inches, rat terrier jack russell mix. The appearance depends on whether the genetic traits are taken from the Chihuahua or Maltese terrier.

Temperament - They are super cheerful and extremely affectionate. Although a bit difficult to train them, they are totally committed to their masters. Depending on the mix (if they have chihuahua traits), they may be prone to diseases, rat terrier jack russell mix.

Chihuahua Mix Puppies

Chihuahua puppies are some of the most sought after in the dog breeding industry. Go through this article to get a basic knowledge about some Chihuahua hybrid puppies.

The Chihuahua is a popular dog, well known for its small size, appearance, elegance and nature intellecta. As its name reveals, chihuahua mix puppies are created by crossing an adult chihuahua dog with another breed of dog, rat terrier jack russell mix. This crossing phenomenon is very popular among dog breeders. After all, it is with the help of breeding that you have the choice of different types of dogs with adorable features and qualities.

Types of Mix Chihuahua Puppies

Chihuahua Mixed Breeds have been created with the aim of imparting the desired attributes of the chihuahua dog and the other breed, which has been used in the breeding program. According to the particular type of dog used for breeding, you will find a lot of chihuahua mix puppies, each of which has characteristics of both lineages, rat terrier jack russell mix. For your information, some of the adorable chihuahua mix puppies are described below.

Mix of Chihuahua - Pomeranian
Developed by crossing a Chihuahua dog with a Pomeranian dog, this breed is cute looking, a short puppy with an intelligent mind, rat terrier jack russell mix. According to the international canine record, this mixed breed is called Pomchi, while the common names are Chiranian and Chi-Pom.

Mix of Rat Terrier - Chihuahua
The mixture of rat terrier - chihuahua is known by the name Rat-Cha. It is obtained after crossing these dogs for many generations. Therefore, the mixture of non-purebred terrier rat. The temperament of the dog and its activity depends on how you teach this puppy, rat terrier jack russell mix. According to dog owners, the Rat-Cha manifest less health problems, compared to their pure-bred parents.

Jack Russell Terrier Mix - Chihuahua
In developing this breed, dog breeders have used Jack Russell Terriers and Chihuahuas as parents. It is known as Jack Chi, which is smaller than the purebred Russell Terrier, but much larger than a typical Chihuahua dog, rat terrier jack russell mix. The mix of Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua has a short fur and combined characteristics of the parent dogs. In general, it has a lower resistance level, compared to the purebred Russell Terrier.

Yorkie Mix - Chihuahua
A cross between a chihuahua and a Yorkshire terrier, this breed of dog is known by different names: Yorkie, Yorkie Chi-Chia and Yorkie, rat terrier jack russell mix. Since the parents of these dogs are of small breeds, mixed puppies are also small in size. Keeping a puppy yorkie - chihuahua mix at home, some care needs to be taken for grooming, feeding and training. You can find this puppy in almost all breeding centers of dogs.

Pug Mix - Chihuahua
A cross of a Chihuahua dog and a Pug dog is known as Pughuahua, this breed is recognized as a Chug Mix by the International Canine Registry, rat terrier jack russell mix. Similar to both parents in the physical aspect, Chug is much sought after by buyers. While buying this cute breed, be sure to purchase it from a genuine dog breeder in your nearby area.

Shih Tzu Mix - Chihuahua
A cross between the Shih-Tzu breed and a Chihuahua result in mixed Chihuahua puppies - Shih Tzu. Commonly known as Shichi Shi or Chi, this dog is small in size and may have long or short hair. The long-haired one looks beautiful and looks like a different version of Chihuahua, rat terrier jack russell mix. Being a mixed breed recently introduced, this Chihuahua puppy does not have many dog ​​breeders.

All Chihuahua puppies are adorable and charming. But, that does not mean that you should select a puppy for its appearance. If you really want to own a Chihuahua puppy mix, gather information on the available mixed breeds and compare the behavior of the dog. This way, you will have an easier time in buying a puppy with a good temperament and desired traits, rat terrier jack russell mix.

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