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Dogo - Canario, Dogue De Bordeaux, Sardinian Bulldog, Guatemalan Bulldog, Mallorcan Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, German Bulldog

How many types of bulldog are there? The bulldog is a dog with a strong and wide body, round head, short hair and hanging lips. Next we will tell you how many the types of bulldog that exist and their main characteristics are. Types of bulldog dogs Dogo dogs (name derived from the English "dog" which means "dog") can be divided into two groups: Guardian (heavy) Alanos (light) In some cases they carry the word Mastiff in their name. In total, it can be said that there are around 20 bulldog specimens in the world. Let's see some below. 1.Dogo canario The Presa Canario is a large dog originating from these Spanish Islands. The first appointments in relation to this animal date from the sixteenth century. The objective of this dog has always been to protect cattle, although in some cases they were used as "butchers". Although it is robust and molosty, it is quite agile. 2 Dogue de Bordeaux Of French origin, this dog b

Dogue de Bordeaux - History, Temperament, Health Problems, Exercise, Characteristics, Vs Presa Canario

Dog Presa Canario vs Dogue De Bordeaux Dog Presa Canario is originated from Spain but Dogue De Bordeaux is originated from France. Both Dog Presa Canario and Dogue De Bordeaux are having almost same height. Both Dog Presa Canario and Dogue De Bordeaux are having almost same weight. Both Dog Presa Canario and Dogue De Bordeaux have almost same life span. Both Dog Presa Canario and Dogue De Bordeaux have almost same litter size. Both Dog Presa Canario and Dogue De Bordeaux require Low maintenance. History Dog Presa Canario This large dog, also known as the Canary Mastiff, is a rare Molasses-type dog hailing from the Canary Islands. It does appear as if, according to records, that these dogs were also consumed at one time. The dog has also been used as a cattle dog as well as being used for dog fighting till the middle of the 1900s. Dog fighting was prohibited in the 1940s but it continued for a number of decades. As people became interested in other dog breeds,

Boerboel - History, General Characteristics, Color, Fur, Temperament, Care, Education and Training

Boerboel Boerboel is a dog breed of bulldog type molasses originating in South Africa; it comes mainly from the cross between Bullmastiff, Great Dane and Bullenbeisser, the latter already extinct. Boerboel. It is a breed very suitable for guard, self-defense and heavy work. The first specimens date from the year 1600. The breed is fully standardized in Africa by associations such as HBSA, SABT and EBBASSA. Alternative names African Boerboel South African Mastiff South African Boerboel Burbul History This breed comes from South Africa, originally a Dutch colony before the Boer Wars, at which time it became a colony of the British Empire, where it emerged for the purpose of protecting the farm. The word "boer" in Dutch means "farmer" so "boerboel" means "farmer's dog". It is not known for sure which breeds originated but it is believed to come from dogs led by the Germans, French and English. General character

K9 - The most used races like K9

We have all heard of the famous K9, understanding them as police or military dogs. What many do not know is that the term, in Spanish or in a language other than English, is actually not correct. But let's look at the original concept. The term K9 or K-9 (there is no consensus on how to write it, whether hyphenated or unscripted,) is English. It is a homophone of ‘canine‘. According to some sources, the term originally appeared as 'K-9 Corps', which is a shortened form of the Army's War Dogs Program established during World War II. It was never an official term but, due to its homophonic connection, it became very popular with the military and civilian population. Basically it works like this: • 'Canine' is pronounced in English key-nayn (read kinain • 'K9' is pronounced exactly the same Therefore: K9 = Canine As with many words in English / American speaking countries an acronym is used, some Certain letters that sound like a longer term when p

Presa Canario - Characteristics, Size, Behavior, Main diseases, Basic care, Curiosities

Presa Canario The Presa Canario is a dog originating in the Canary Islands, especially known for being a large dog and a dangerous breed, since, as its name indicates, it has a bite that makes it prey and does not open easily. However, any dog, regardless of its characteristics, can be a family pet if it is properly educated as a puppy and if it is properly socialized. It has come to be considered as a natural symbol of the island of Gran Canaria by the Government of the Canary Islands for its importance, along with the cardon plant species. The ancestors of this breed are believed to have inhabited the island since its inception, especially the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. The first dogs of prey of the Canary Islands were major Eros, and date from the fourteenth century. The indigenous people of the islands had a close relationship with these dogs, since together with them they found protection, guard, and guide of the cattle. When the Canary Islands were conquered