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Dogo - Canario, Dogue De Bordeaux, Sardinian Bulldog, Guatemalan Bulldog, Mallorcan Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, German Bulldog

How many types of bulldog are there?

The bulldog is a dog with a strong and wide body, round head, short hair and hanging lips.

Next we will tell you how many the types of bulldog that exist and their main characteristics are.

Types of bulldog dogs
Dogo dogs (name derived from the English "dog" which means "dog") can be divided into two groups:

Guardian (heavy)
Alanos (light)
In some cases they carry the word Mastiff in their name. In total, it can be said that there are around 20 bulldog specimens in the world. Let's see some below.

1.Dogo canario
The Presa Canario is a large dog originating from these Spanish Islands. The first appointments in relation to this animal date from the sixteenth century.

The objective of this dog has always been to protect cattle, although in some cases they were used as "butchers". Although it is robust and molosty, it is quite agile.

2 Dogue de Bordeaux
Of French origin, this dog belongs to giant-sized mastiffs. It is one of the types of Bulldog with more strength and power. His character is firm and determined, so he is used as a guardian.

It is an ancient breed that was used to hunt and fight in the sands. Its origins are believed to date back to the Celtic era.

3. Sardinian Bulldog
Also called Pastore Fonnese (having been born in the town of Fonni) he is an excellent keeper of farms and livestock. It was used by the Italian Navy during the campaigns to Libya (Africa) in 1912.

This specimen is hard-mantled, with a height at the withers of up to 60 cm. He has an expression in his eyes that can be somewhat intimidating.

4.Guatemalan Bulldog
It is a fairly “new” dog since it appears for the first time in the 90s. However, it emerged after the crossbreeding of the Boxer, Dalmatian and English Bull Terrier breeds in 1890.

It is bright white with some brown spots. The square head has slightly hung lips and the jaw has a scissor bite.

5. Mallorcan Bulldog
Ca de Bou in Catalan, this molasses is related to the Canarian bulldog and its origin dates back to the year 1229. Its function was to hold a cow until it was slaughtered. Then it was used in dogfights.

Fortunately today it is a watchdog and family. He is gentle, loving, and faithful to his master. It doesn't bark too much and it's quite balanced.

6.Dogo Argentino
It is one of the most developed breeds in Argentine territory. This specimen was created in 1920 by a doctor who was looking for an animal to hunt for cougars, foxes and wild boars. It was also used as a fighting dog.

It is white in color, a large head with a solid skull, erect ears and a weight that ranges from 45 to 55 kg (for a male adult). It works well as a team and serves as a rescue or military dog.

7.German Bulldog
It is better known as »Great Dane» but it also belongs to the group of the Bulldog. Large, it is called "The Apollo of the Dogs". It is somewhat awkward in its gait and movements.

He has a strong and muscular build and has become famous for the Scooby Doo character. He is friendly, gentle, gets along well with other dogs, shows no aggressiveness and can be trained without problems.

8.English Bulldog
Better known as the English Mastiff. Its origins date back to the 6th century B.C. (It is believed that the Phoenicians took him to Breton lands at that time).

He was used as a gladiator in the arenas, flock keeper, protector, and bodyguard. It almost became extinct after the Second World War, but thanks to the importation into Canada and the United States, the breed was saved.

Other types of Bulldog
Danish Bulldog
cane Corso
Tosa Inu
Spanish Alano
Brazilian row
As we have seen, in general, the bulldog is characterized by being a dog whose main characteristics are robustness, great weight and stubbornness. Strong and even historical, this dog certainly has a lot of appeal.

What are the dogs classified as bulldogs?

The breeds classified as Bulldogs are part of group 2 FCI Pinscher and Schnauzer Dogs - Molosoides - Swiss Mountain Dogs and Cattle Dogs. They are strong dogs, with short and wide bodies. With concave profile and round head. Thanks to their calm and familiar behavior they have begun to enter the homes. But they are generally used as much as guard dogs for big game. They are divided into two subgroups: guard bulldogs or heavy type, and Alanos or light type bulldog.

It is one of the most recognizable dogs in the dog world and almost anyone in the world would be able to recognize a boxer. And, despite his fierce appearance, we are facing a real babysitter. It is a dog predisposed to care for and play with your young children without causing more problems than an intense drool. The Boxer is above all an energetic, playful, sociable animal and very faithful to its owners, which distances it from the vision of a dog of prey that could indicate its physical appearance.

Due to its temperate character, despite being a tireless player, it is used as a therapy dog ​​on many occasions. So if you are looking for a bulldog for your family, this should be your first option. It is the perfect dog in many ways, as long as we are able to exhaust its unlimited energy.

Great dane
Strong and tough, with its wide nose and drooping medium-sized ears, the Great Dane, or German Bulldog, is a very recognizable giant dog. With his immense body, his movements become rough and clumsy, nothing is further from reality: we are dealing with a truly intelligent dog. Its size is an added problem to make it a family dog, since it needs space to run and be comfortable, but for its docility and goodness, if you have that space, you will not regret this breed.

Rottweiler that Royal Canin RT is made for
The Rottweiler is another one of those dogs as physically recognizable as they are unknown in character. Used in surveillance and security work, it can be dangerous if it is educated for those purposes. But with a good socialization and a training aimed at home we will have a loving dog and absolutely faithful and calm. At the end of the day, its origin is in the markets and accompanying livestock.

It is a potentially dangerous dog that can become aggressive if it is not properly educated and that can lead it to attack. But with a firm and coherent education you will have a homey and sweet dog, since you will be able to get from it its most positive parts. In any case, you will have to inform yourself of the requirements in your municipality for potentially dangerous dogs in case it is on the lists.

Argentine Dogo
With a good education, you will have a great partner
The Dogo or Argentine Mastiff is a strong, athletic and loyal dog. It also has great value for hunting and protector towards its human family. This leads him to be distant with strangers and, what is worse, he has a strong instinct for prey and will not release it easily. Although we sometimes find him at home, he usually carries out military and police duties. Like other dogs in this group, it is considered potentially dangerous so it cannot be acquired by anyone. Also, it is not a good choice for novice owners.

Brazilian Row
Her affable dog appearance does not correspond to her character
The Brazilian Fila is a huge, strong and robust dog, with a rough, tough and protective character. That is, we are not facing a dog for a home -with few exceptions-. It is a working dog, used in guard and defense tasks in which its body and natural aggressiveness become an advantage. It is a potentially dangerous dog and is not suitable for anyone since its strong character will make it become leader of the pack.

Shar Pei
a calm gaze of the dog Shar Pei
The Shar Pei is another very recognizable dog, although the name of the breed is not always known. The sheets of its skin are the most characteristic feature of this animal. It is a faithful, loyal, fun and playful dog breed, in addition to being intelligent, they are stubborn dogs. Very happy they are able to live in an apartment, although they do require a lot of care. Especially because of his skin.

In addition to the skin of the Shar Pei, known by the name of horse coat (or horse skin), which can cause infections in the skin folds, these dogs are also prone to fevers. Therefore, it is very important that if you are going to get a dog of the breed, you do it in an expert. The proliferation of these dogs in recent years has caused some to be really sick.

This Danish giant can become a good family dog
A really rare breed and, at the same time, wonderful. There is just under a thousand Broholmer in the world, despite being big-hearted and easygoing and easygoing. Traditionally used as a sheepdog, it is a great family dog, which is affectionate with the smallest of the home and, despite its gigantic size, does not require more than a time of exercise and, perhaps, space to spend part of its energy and put his tremendous body.

Mallorcan Bulldog
The Mallorcan bulldog was used to defend against pirates and corsairs

The Ca de bou or Dogo Mallorquín is native to the Balearic Islands and was used for fighting bulls until these were banned. Despite its fierce appearance, we are facing a calm and balanced race. They are robust and muscular dogs, but very affectionate and protective. Their medium size and temperate temperament make them good both in rural areas and in flats. Unfortunately, there are also very few specimens as they are a breed typical of the islands.

Dogo Canario
It is also known as Presa Canario
Considered considered a national symbol of the Island of Gran Canarias, the Dogo or Presa canario is a robust, medium-sized dog with a noble and faithful character. But it is not a valid breed for any family. First of all because of its strong prey instinct; secondly, he will try to be the alpha male and that means that you have to impose rules on him. In addition, it is a dog considered potentially dangerous and is listed as such in Spanish law. Remember that if you feel attacked, you will attack.

Dogue de Bordeaux
The Dogue de Bordeaux became famous because of a Tom Hanks film and, as in these cases, the breed spread throughout the planet leaving its traditional activity to enter homes. This would not be a problem if it were not for the dogue de Bordeaux being a great watchdog, but it is not easy to keep at home. It is very difficult to define your personality since it can vary from distant to outgoing. Luckily, at home he will be faithful, loving and protective who will always want to be with the family.

cane Corso
Originally from Italy, the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is a strong, robust dog with an imposing complexion, used mainly as a watchdog. Always alert, is brave, fearless, tenacious and balanced. At home and with children, he will be affectionate, faithful and protective. Despite this, it is not a suitable dog for homes and is mainly used as a defense, police or guard animal.

Neapolitan mastiff
This strong giant was used in the Roman Empire to fight alongside gladiators. This data already indicates that the Neapolitan Mastiff is a dog prepared for guarding, surveillance and defense activities. Despite his calm and balanced temperament, he is very dominant and will not accept sharing space with other animals. Also, with a bad education and socialization it can become very aggressive. This Neapolitan Mastiff will need space and is not recommended for cities, especially if it can feel threatened. It is a potentially dangerous dog.

Tosa Inu
The Tosa Inu is the largest of the Japanese dogs and was designed to win dogfights. This means that, although his character is calm, quiet and obedient, he is not suitable for all people. You will need a person with you who is capable of physically and mentally dominating this mass of bones and is not recommended for homes although well socialized, and if you are mentally healthy you should be good with children, kind and loving with your family. Currently, he works as a guard, surveillance and personal defense.

Fila de San Miguel
The Cão de Fila de São Miguel is a powerful working dog
The Cão de Fila de São Miguel (or cattle dog of the Azores) is a breed of cattle dog originating in the Azores. It is an excellent watchdog that has remained unknown and without leaving the Portuguese islands for a long time. Unfortunately, it seems that the training the dog has been given has brought out its most aggressive instincts and there is still no way to assess its character and temperament at home. It is extremely territorial and is always alert.

English bulldog
The English Bulldog is another very recognizable breed. Medium in size, this robust and heavy dog ​​has an air of dandy that gives him a regal bearing. It is a "fireplace, sofa and blanket" dog but if you take it for a walk, it will not complain. He doesn't do it for nothing. He is as stubborn as he is loving and familiar and has infinite patience with the little ones in the house. In short: an almost perfect companion dog. The only but is brachycephaly, which will make you suffocate and choke to the minimum exercise (in addition to deep snoring during your dream hours), otherwise, and knowing that your health will require a lot of care, it is a perfect companion.

The Mastiff or English Mastiff could be defined briefly with a simple "mass of muscles", but that would be an understatement. From its appearance, we might think that we are facing a dangerous dog. Nothing could be further from reality! The most powerful muscle of this giant is its heart. It is a noble and docile dog, which will adapt to living in the country or in the city. Of course, if you have children you will have a serious problem: either you shower daily or your mastiff will ensure that they are clean and slimy: he enjoys being with the little ones in the house, but he drools like few races.

The Bullmastiff was bred by English rangers who needed strong, brave, and faithful dogs capable of protecting them on their walks through the woods. The result was an impressive size dog that imposes with its mere presence. They are strong and very fast but just as familiar and very good with children. In fact, it is a perfect dog for active families, as it is charged with energy. Luckily they are very calm and rarely bark.

Uruguayan maroon
The Uruguayan Cimarrón is an incredibly athletic and muscular breed that seems as physically capable as it really is. Traditionally used as a guard dog, it is increasingly common in homes since with a good education it lacks aggressiveness, although it is very protective of its family and suspicion of strangers.

Bulldogs Characteristics
Although they are very diverse dogs, they maintain common features such as their portentous physique. Not all dogs keep the same temperamental peculiarities, so we will find some potentially dangerous dogs and others very kind and familiar.

These are dogs originally developed for guard and protection tasks, and even war. That makes them powerful in the physical and it has a lot of energy. With few exceptions, they will need daily exercise to avoid falling overweight. Plus, that excess energy can make them destructive. Although some adapt to a floor, you should think about their space to exercise and remember that they are not small.

Loyal and familiar
They are very loyal and familiar dogs, which makes them try to please their owners and, for the most part, they are really affectionate. A Great Dane, for example, can think of itself as a lap dog and, as you will understand, it is not! Luckily, most of them have extreme patience and will do anything to please their owners. That makes them perfect dog-nannies for some breeds such as boxers, rottweilers or bullmastiffs.

They were raised for a very clear job: to protect their owners. That spirit has become innate in them, so all races show a state of permanent alert when they are with their families. Some of them also have an aggressive instinct that must be corrected from puppies and most are not suitable for weak or inexperienced owners. Together with this character, there are others such as courage, courage and loyalty, which if properly carried will be really positive for both the family and the dog itself.

Potentially dangerous
Some of the breeds are included in the potentially dangerous dog lists due to their fierceness, prey instinct and aggressiveness. While it is true that some races such as the Rottweiler have shown that with a good education they are far from the dangerous paradigm, others like the Tosa Inu or the Fila de San Miguel are really aggressive and will not be in the hands of any owner.

In all cases, puppy socialization is very necessary, but with these breeds it is absolutely essential and, unfortunately, not even that will prevent your dog from having the most developed instincts from attacking strangers. Luckily, the number of dogs that reach that extreme is very low.

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