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Dogue de Bordeaux - History, Temperament, Health Problems, Exercise, Characteristics, Vs Presa Canario

Dog Presa Canario vs Dogue De Bordeaux

Dog Presa Canario is originated from Spain but Dogue De Bordeaux is originated from France. Both Dog Presa Canario and Dogue De Bordeaux are having almost same height. Both Dog Presa Canario and Dogue De Bordeaux are having almost same weight. Both Dog Presa Canario and Dogue De Bordeaux have almost same life span. Both Dog Presa Canario and Dogue De Bordeaux have almost same litter size. Both Dog Presa Canario and Dogue De Bordeaux require Low maintenance.


Dog Presa Canario
This large dog, also known as the Canary Mastiff, is a rare Molasses-type dog hailing from the Canary Islands.

It does appear as if, according to records, that these dogs were also consumed at one time. The dog has also been used as a cattle dog as well as being used for dog fighting till the middle of the 1900s. Dog fighting was prohibited in the 1940s but it continued for a number of decades.

As people became interested in other dog breeds, the Presa nearly died out but some breeders revived the breed because of it having some good characteristics – territorial, brave, protective and intelligent. The FCI recognized the dog in 2011.

Dogue De Bordeaux
dogue de bordeauxThe Dogue de Bordeaux is an ancient French dog breed and his history goes so far back that it is difficult to have accurate records of his origin.

During the 1700s he was used as a guard dog, with theories suggesting that several Mastiff type breeds were the closest ancestors.

For centuries the Bordeaux Mastiff, also referred to as the Bordeaux Bulldog, came in two size varieties, with the larger version being the Dogue de Bordeaux. It is this large dog which made its appearance in the Hollywood movie ‘Turner & Hooch’, shooting him into more recognition and interest.


Dog Presa Canario
Dog presa canario puppy The Dog Presa Canario or Canary Dog is large and muscular. He stands at 58 to 66cm in height and weighs anything from 40 – 70kg. He has a deep bark.

The head is broad and the ears are normally cropped to give him a more aggressive appearance. With ear cropping being banned the ears are close fitting to the head and are floppy. This is one of those dogs where the rear of the dog is slightly higher than the shoulders.

The coat is short and there is no undercoating. It is available in all different shades of fawn and brindle. The breed standard requires the dog having a black mask.

Canine experts tell us that this large working dog has got such fearless guardian characteristics that they wouldn’t recommend this dog for first time dog owners. On the other hand however, there are dog owners who claim that with good socialization, this dog becomes docile and amicable around their human family.

He is a clever dog so training and socialization will be easy and it will be worth it. This is a dog noted for its strength, its strong personality and potential for aggression, so training and socialization will be most important.

Dogue De Bordeaux
dogue de bordeaux puppyThe Dogue de Bordeaux is a large molasses type dog with a large head, standing at 60 – 67cm and weighing anything between 54 and 65kg. His weight comes more from his muscular, powerful build rather than his height.

He is a powerful looking dog and his short coat is loose-fitting and is an attractive rich reddish brown color. There are wrinkles around the face with the nose being somewhat pinkish-orange as opposed to black.

The eyes are wide apart and are hazel. He has short to medium length floppy ears and where once the thick tail was docked, giving him a powerful, distinctive look, it is mostly left long today.

He is a confident, self-assured, territorial dog who will require training and socialization if he is to know his place in the home. He is a powerful mastiff-type dog, who without training can be stubborn, arrogant and somewhat aggressive towards strangers.

His looks and his territorial nature make him an excellent watchdog. He is no push-over and isn’t a good choice for the first time dog owner.

Without a strong, firm owner, he could prove difficult to handle. He is calm and laid back with children in the home and he can get along well with other pets if he has been brought up with them since puppy-hood.

Health Problems
Dog Presa Canario
Dog presa canario dogThe Dog Presa Canario can live to be between 8 and 12 years of age. Being a large breed the dog can be susceptible to hip dysplasia and other problems such as cancer and heart problems. It is highly unlikely that a well cared for dog will get any of these illnesses.

Bloat or Gastric Torsion:
It is far better to give your dog two smaller meals a day as opposed to one bigger meal as then he tends to wolf his food down. This can lead to bloat, where the stomach swells up and worse, it twists. This dangerous situation prevents fluid and air from escaping the stomach. Your dog is restless, he paces and salivates, wanting to vomit. Bloat can affect any dog at any age.

Kidney Disease:
Kidney disease can develop because of some other illness or it can develop on its own. It can even be caused by bad teeth when bacteria enters the bloodstream of the dog.

Dogue De Bordeaux
dogue de bordeaux dogThe Dogue De Bordeaux doesn’t have as long a lifespan as many other dogs, but with good care, can go to 7 – 10 years of age.

Because he is a brachycephalic breed – a short-nosed dog such as the Boxer, Pug and Bulldog – he may well have the same number of teeth as other dogs, but the teeth are crowded, putting dogs like this at higher risk of getting dental disease.

His teeth will need to be brushed 2 or 3 times a week to prevent plaque and tartar getting trapped.

Brachycephalic Syndrome is also something to watch out for with your Dogue de Bordeaux. It’s an upper respiratory disorder which can bring on difficulty with breathing because of the crowding of tissue and narrower airways.

Caring The Pet
Dog Presa Canario
Dog presa canario puppiesThis is a short haired dog, and he isn't a heavy shedder so beyond regular twice-a-week brushing he will simply need to have his eyes and ears checked for infections.

He will also need to have his nails clipped and to check his teeth over too. A sore, bad tooth at the back of your pet’s mouth can cause terrible pain but also play havoc with his general health.

Your Dog Presa Canario is a high-energy dog and he will need daily exercise. He will love a good walk but he will also need something more strenuous and demanding such as ball- and rope tug-of-war games.

Try and provide your large pet with a top quality commercially manufactured food – one that is packed with vitamins and minerals instead of colorants preservatives and toxic fillers.

Break the monotony of feeding him only kibble by mixing in some cooked chicken, brown rice, sweet potato, carrots and spinach. Dogs love consistency and simplicity and simple meals like this with some raw meat thrown in occasionally will keep him healthy and happy. Never leave him without a constant supply of fresh, cool water.

Dogue De Bordeaux
dogue de bordeaux puppiesHe isn’t the most active dog and he is inclined to snooze quite a bit throughout the day. It will nonetheless be a good idea to include him in your daily walks and allow him to take part in a ball game now and again.

The Dogue de Bordeaux needs to be fed a high-quality dog food in keeping with his large size and age.

This dog is known for drooling, and because of his wrinkled face, you’ll need to be watching the facial area that it is kept clean and dry to avoid skin infections. Check his ears at the same time to ensure they are free from dirt and wax.

The short coat does shed throughout the year, and you will need to be brushing him down twice a week to remove all those loose hairs.

Dog Presa Canario
Dog presa canario dogsContrary to what many people think, the Dog Presa Canario can be a calm, gentle dog when trained and socialized properly.

It is only when you bring an older, unknown dog into your midst that you would have to exercise caution with him as he can then be aggressive.

Dogs become dangerous and aggressive when they are brought up by aggressive, uncaring people. Humans are always to blame for the way a dog turns out. Provide this large dog with a loving, caring home, and he’ll show you what a remarkable pet he can be.

Dogue De Bordeaux
dogue de bordeaux dogsThe Dogue de Bordeaux isn’t a big, boisterous kind of dog but is rather calm and relaxed. As a watchdog however, he can surprise you and become quite active, showing agility for such a hulk.

He can adapt to life in the city or the country but even though he appears lazy, he will need moderate daily exercise.

He loves his human family and wants to be constantly with them. He is stubborn but will do well with training and socialization.

Calm and easy-going and with his easy-to-maintain short, soft coat, be prepared for some drooling and snoring from this loving, devoted large pet of yours.

Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a breed of dog of French origin; it is part of the great family of mastiffs. It is a dog of great strength and power, with a firm and determined character that make it a great watchdog.

It is one of the oldest French breeds, originating from the Eastern Mastiffs arrived in Europe with the barbarian hordes. In more recent times, other breeds have contributed to the definition of this: the Mastiff, the English Bulldog and the German Bulldog. The result that has been obtained is a dog of enormous strength and power at the expense of agility.

Formerly it was also used for hunting large animals and for fighting in the sands. Subsequently, once the great hunts and those kinds of circus shows were over, their popularity decreased significantly, limiting their use to guarding the properties.

Its general appearance gives an idea of ​​great strength and power. The head is bulky (brachycephalic), has a series of fairly marked folds, and is short and wide; the muzzle is short and powerful, and its teeth very strong (slightly prognata). It has an abundant lip with the lower jaw forward. The eyes are quite distant from each other, are oval and green, honey or dark in color.

The ears are pendulous, medium in size with a fairly high insertion. The neck is short, cylindrical and with a double chin. The back is straight and wide, gathered by a strong and deep chest, with a raised belly. The trunk has a broad, well-rounded chest; the limbs are very muscular. The tail, strong at the base and tapered, is pendulous. The coat is short, smooth and fine, tawny or mahogany in color. It is considered important that your gait be elastic and show your strength. They live between eight and twelve years.

Description of the breed

He is calm and balanced, very attached to his master and his family. He is affectionate, reserved with strangers and neutral with them when his master is there, to whom he shows his affection and fidelity. He is generally meek and patient with children, whom he loves and protects, but they should not be left alone with them. He hates loneliness and inaction.

In Spain, although the dogue de Bordeaux breed does not appear on the list of "potentially dangerous" dogs of the royal decree of 2002, some autonomous communities or even municipalities do include it in their specific regulations.


Its origin dates back to the time of the Celts, who used it to store treasures and for big game hunting. In the Middle Ages two classes of this dog were known: one the "butcher dog" and the other the "Turkish dog", trained to fight with bears, bulls and other dogs. Later it was used as a guardian of the house and castles. In Bordeaux, at the end of the 19th century, the breed was believed to have disappeared, and is currently developing again.

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