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Terrier dog breeds
Terrier is the generic name for a group of dog breeds that share a common origin, but have such diverse physical characteristics that in some cases it is difficult to think that they are related. Terrier dogs are usually small to medium-sized, and generally have a restless and determined character. Most of these breeds originated in Great Britain, but there are terriers from different parts of the world.

The word "terrier" (in French) derives from the Latin "terra", which means "land". These dogs were named in conjunction with that term because they were primarily used to hunt burrowing animals underground. While all breeds in this group carry the word "terrier" in their name, not all breeds that carry this term belong to group 3 of the FCI, intended to group terrier-type dog breeds. For example, the Russian black terrier corresponds to the group of pinscher and schnauzer dogs (group 2).

On the other hand, not all dogs that hunt underground are called terriers. For example, dachshunds (commonly known as dachshunds) are also burrowing hunting dogs. Keep reading this article from Animal Expert and find out what are the terrier dog breeds.

Terrier uses
The primary use in the past for these dogs was to hunt for burrowing animals such as foxes, rabbits, rats, badgers, and groundhogs. In the 1800s, terrier dogs were also used for a cruel and health-risky practice: competitions in which a dog had to kill rats. A dog was simply released into a pit in which there were rats, and the winner was the terrier that killed more rats in less time.

Years later, terriers were included in the cruel and bloody practice of dog fighting. The organizers of these fights were looking for more agile dogs than the molossians they used, and for this they decided to cross between those dogs and some terriers. In this way, they guaranteed greater agility without losing the combative and brave character of their fighting dogs. The result of those crossings gave the ancestors of the current pit bull and the other terriers of the "bull" type.

Terriers are currently used primarily as companion dogs, although in some places they are still used as small game dogs in burrows. However, exposure blood lines tend to have slightly different characteristics than working lines, being ineffective for these purposes. Generally, the exposure lines are slightly larger and more robust, making it difficult for them to enter and maneuver into burrows.

Terriers are also occasionally used as guard and defense dogs, but most breeds in this group are not large enough to be protective dogs. The exception to this rule is the Airedale Terrier, whose height at the withers is around 60 centimeters and can be a fierce and combative defender.

Types of terrier dogs
Depending on the source you are looking for or the reference canine society used, different classifications can be found for terrier dogs. However, according to the classification of the International Cynological Federation (FCI), terriers are classified into four main types: large and medium-sized, small, "bull" and companion.

However, there are also other dog breeds that carry the term "terrier" in their names, but that due to their physical characteristics do not fit well in the third group of the FCI classification and, therefore, are included in other groups.

Thus, considering all the breeds recognized by the FCI that carry the word "terrier" in their name, five types of terrier dogs are recognized:

Large and medium-sized terrier dogs
Small-sized terrier dogs
Bull type terrier dogs
Companion terrier dogs
Other terrier dogs
Large and medium-sized terrier dog breeds
They are large or medium, but never very large. In fact, the largest of this type of terrier dog breed, and of all, is the airedale, which reaches a maximum size of 61 centimeters at the withers.

Dogs of this type have the potential to be used as small game dogs and utility dogs. The airedale terrier adapts very well to different methods of dog training and is large enough to fulfill the functions of protection, guard, guide dog, assistance dog, search and rescue dog and others.

Terrier dog breeds of this type are as follows:

Airedale terrier
Bedlington terrier
Border terrier
Smooth fox terrier
Wire haired fox terrier (Wire fox terrier)
Irish glen of Imaal terrier
Irish soft coated wheaten terrier
Kerry blue terrier
Lakeland terrier
Manchester terrier
Parson Russell Terrier
Brazilian Terrier (Terrier brasileiro)
German hunter terrier (Deutscher jagdterrier)
Irish terrier (Irish terrier)
Welsh terrier (Welsh terrier)

Small size erros terrier breeds
They are small terriers originally used for vermin hunting. Although they are small dogs, they are not lap or companion dogs, but resistant and very active animals that need a lot of exercise.

Terrier dog breeds of this type are:

Cairn terrier
Dandie dinmont terrier
Jack russell terrier
Norfolk terrier
Norwich terrier
Scottish terrier
Sealyham terrier
Skye terrier
Australian terrier (Australian terrier)
Czech terrier (Ceský teriér)
Japanese terrier (Nihon teria)
West highland white terrier

Bull type terrier dog breeds
They are molosoides and their origin had to do with cattle and fighting dogs. Although their appearance is easily intimidating, they are not usually good guard or defense dogs, since they tend to be sociable, playful and very affectionate dogs.

Companion terrier dog breeds
They are the smallest of all terrier dogs and, although they meet the characteristics to belong to this group, they are no longer used for hunting burrowing animals. Their main role today is that of pets. They are excellent for families with grown children who know how to properly respect animals. Due to their small size, these breeds are not suitable for families with very young children.

The dog breeds that belong to this type of terrier are:

Australian silky terrier
English toy terrier black and tan (English toy terrier)
Yorkshire terrier

Other breeds of terrier dogs
These are dog breeds that carry the name terrier but that, due to their characteristics, do not correspond to the terrier group, but to other groups in the FCI classification. In total we distinguish three breeds, two of them considered as companion dogs and the rest as a pinscher and schnauzer type dog.

Tibetan terrier (companion dog)
Boston terrier (companion dog)
Russian black terrier or Tchiorny terrier (pinscher and schnauzer type dog)

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terrier dog breeds

While these content-sized specimens were created for hunting rats and small mammals, they have become popular pets for their temperament and ease of learning.

Most terrier dog breeds originate from the British Isles and their name, which comes from Latin, means ‘land’. These are medium to small animals, with rough and coarse hair, and with a restless and energetic character. In this article we will tell you about some of them.

How many breeds of terrier dogs are there?
Created to hunt rats and vermin, British terriers gave birth to Americans, with a more combative character. Today there are almost 40 breeds of terrier dogs worldwide. Among them we highlight:

1. Jack Russell terrier
This breed originating from the United Kingdom is characterized by being always alert, and by being tenacious and independent. Despite its small size, it is a working dog and has a lot of strength and endurance.

The Jack Russell terrier - photo that opens this article - has most of the body covered in white fur with spots in brown, black or tan in different areas. The ears are ‘drooping’, and it has a short tail that is always erect. The coat is thick and waterproof, as in most of its group.

2. Bull terrier
It is one of the most particular terrier dog breeds, due to its appearance: its head is triangular, as are its eyes. The bull terrier is famous for appearing in books, movies, and advertisements, and while he has the same offspring as the pit bull, they are two different breeds.

Its body is strong and muscular, the coat is short and white with some spots on the head, and the ears are pointed. As for his temperament, he is considered balanced, obedient, somewhat stubborn, gentle, intelligent, brave, active and attached to his owner.

3. Yorkshire terrier
This breed arose after the ‘combination’ of Scottish and English terriers during the Industrial Revolution. Its name derives from the cities of York and Lancashire. Its small size and long two-colored hair - brown, gray or black, mainly - are its outstanding characteristics.

Its value and toughness are inversely proportional to its height. The yorkshire terrier is a very active dog, loves to be the center of attention at home and tends to bark a lot. To prevent it from becoming a problem, you will need puppy training.

4. West Highland white terrier
This is another of the ‘little ones’ of the terrier dog breeds, which was created in the Scottish Highlands (hence its name), and is characterized by a completely white and udo woolly ’coat. In its early days, the 'Westie' was used to hunt birds, rabbits, and hares.

The West Highland white terrier is friendly, energetic, brave, balanced, and sociable. It needs moderate and constant exercise and, if we add to that its size (no more than 10 kilos), we can understand why it is one of the favorites to live in the city.

5. Boston Terrier
The last of the terrier dog breeds on this list is one of those created in the United States, which of course descends from the British. It is a pet chosen around the world due to its small size (weighs a maximum of 12 kilos).

As for its appearance, the Boston terrier has a flattened muzzle, large pointed ears, a compact body and a short tail like its limbs, which are strong. By having short fur and "glued" to the skin, it does not lose too much ... Its maintenance is very simple!

This dog responds very well if trained as a puppy and will be friendly if socialized at an early age. It has a happy character and gets along well with children.

Terriers are among the most famous dogs in the world. With their similar characteristics, both British and Americans are chosen for their temperament, size, and ease of training.

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