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Affenpinscher Lifespan Dog

Affenpinscher lifespan - the race is German of origin and dates back to the 17th century. Name derived from German Gaffe (APE). Ancestor of the Griffon of Brussels and Schnauzer, dogs known since 1600 A.D., when they were larger between twelve to thirteen inches.

It brings colors of grey, brown, black and brown, gray and beige or red, affenpinscher lifespan. Paws and breasts have white shades. Bred to be a rat hunter, working to remove rodents from kitchens, barns and stables.

Features of Affenpinscher
Affenpinscher weighs between three to six kilos, 23 to 30 cm high in the garrote, affenpinscher lifespan. By soft and soft even on the head and shoulders that form the mane, with shorter long coat on the back and back.

One of the oldest breeds of small dogs, the Affenpinscher originated in Central Europe (Munich, Germany and France), where he earned the nickname "Little Demon with Mustache" affenpinscher lifespan.

During the 17th century, small terriers were kept around stables, farms or shops serving as skilled rat hunter. They're typical house mates!

Affenpinscher temperament
Affenpinscher has distinct appearance associated with terriers. Most of the time, you get along well with dogs and pets, affenpinscher lifespan. Active, adventurous, curious, stubborn, fun and playful. The race is confident, cheerful, affectionate with family members and also protective.

This loyal little dog likes to be with his family. It needs consistent training since some can be mischievous. You can be bored easily and therefore the training must be varied, affenpinscher lifespan.

Affenpinscher has territorial spirit, in main when it comes to toys and food, for this reason may not be recommended to houses with small children.

Although tranquil, it can become animated to the extreme, if attacked or threatened, shows no fear for any aggressor, affenpinscher lifespan. Suitable to the family who likes to show and has high sense of humor.

Affenpinscher mortality
A small sample with 21 dogs, made in the UK, demonstrates that the breed had average lifespan of 11.4 years, typical time of dog with pure race, but little smaller than most dogs of the same size, affenpinscher lifespan.

The common causes of death were: advanced age (24%), urologic (19%) and other "combinations" (14%). Some are prone to fractures, suffocation and respiratory problems in warm climates.

Prone to hip dysplasia, as is the case with small breeds of dogs, prone to collapse in the trachea. Risks to cataracts were also commented in the research, affenpinscher lifespan.

Drop by
Each hair in the dog's coat grows from a follicle. All axes have a growth cycle, then dying and being replaced by another. When the hair shaft dies and it falls off.

Period of time of the growth cycle varies by race, age and by the fact that the dog lives more periodically inside than outside the home. Frequent preparation reduces the amount of loose skin in the environment, affenpinscher lifespan. The Affenpinscher is energetic with the monkey's mischievous nature.

Ideal Dog breeds to family
Intelligence, appearance and attitude make a pet good for the house, but children should be taught in the right way to deal with the dog, affenpinscher lifespan. The small dimension makes it ideal for apartment. Active indoors, they also enjoy daily walks. The metallic coating must be brushed, combed twice a week and trimmed annually.

Ideal Company Dog
The Affenpinscher is compact and robust with medium bone. Active and agile enough to catch mice and mice, as if it were a cat. It has facial expression of monkeys, long eyebrows and beards, which gives him air of comic seriousness, affenpinscher lifespan. Rough coating. The type of use is used to protect against worm conditions.

BRUSSELS griffon: Predecessor of the Affenpinscher race
Breed of "toy dog", originating from the city of Brussels, Belgium. It can refer to three different races (Griffon, Bilge and Petit) affenpinscher lifespan. Identical in the pattern, except for the quantity and color of the hair.

Race is active. Known to have heart and joyful desire to snuggle or be with the master, affenpinscher lifespan. They exhibit a visible air of paramount importance. Griffon should not be shy or aggressive, however, may be sensitive in the emotional aspect. Attentive, curious and interested in the surroundings.

They tend to relate in a friendly way to strangers, affenpinscher lifespan. This, along with small size, can make it unfit as a family pet, especially when there are babies.

He has a fraternal tendency to house animals, including cats, ferrets and other dogs, affenpinscher lifespan. However, they may get into trouble because they have no concept of their own size relative to trying to dominate larger dogs than themselves.

In relative terms there are few inherited health problems. They may have birth defects. The typical life time is ten to fifteen years.

They don't have birth problems on their own. If there are complications necessary to bet on the cesarean section, affenpinscher lifespan. The size of the litter on average is one to three puppies. Size often determines the extent of these complications.

Litters of six are not unknown. When they are born, the Cubs weigh only a few grams, small enough to fit in the palm of an adult's hand, affenpinscher lifespan. They can develop heart problems from early age.

Main health risks
Danger of cleft palate: fatal issue for puppies is to have a cleft palate. The dog does not receive nutrients from the mother, affenpinscher lifespan. Depending on the size of the slit it is possible for the dog to survive. Once it becomes older the surgery can be done to close the orifice.

Lacerations: Common problem in the race. Because they have big eyes and short snout, the vision is unprotected from foreign bodies, affenpinscher lifespan. If the laceration is not treated it results in blindness.

Cataracts: Like most breeds, cataracts are common problems with advancing age. For breeders it represents disappointment when developed after the dog has already been created, affenpinscher lifespan. Glaucoma can also be a common problem due to the facial characteristics of the breeds and eye size.

Muzzle shortened the breed can cause respiratory problems in extreme heat, but in general they tolerate warm and cold weather, affenpinscher lifespan.

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