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Affenpinscher Mix Small Dog

Affenpinscher mix - the Affenpinscher is a small dog, with hard hair and appearance, qualified as very active, comical and mischievous. His reputation as a hunter of mice and other vermin is excellent; He was kept for many years in the stables and shops for the purpose of controlling these undesirable animals. Its size does not allow it to be a dog of protection, but this does not prevent him being a magnificent guard to warn, or to give the alarm, when an unknown person or animal, it approaches more than considered prudent to the house or member of the family. These qualities, besides being very loyal and attached to his master, make this puppy an adorable pet companion, which is currently the usefulness of the breed.

Fearless to madness is the Affenpinscher. There are anecdotes, well documented, that describe their value. In one of them one of these dogs did not yield to an enraged colt. Which, perhaps, neither a Great Dane would have thought of doing, affenpinscher mix. The feats of Affenpinscher go even further. In Alaska, one of these puppies, by itself, confronted a grizzly bear, the real big ones. So much was the courage and persistence of the tiny colossus that the bear had to opt to step back, and eventually leave. Even several Doberman, acting together, would be playing life in such action.

This breed of dogs is not seen very often. However, according to the registrations of the federations, in the United States and the United Kingdom, there is a slight increase in popularity in the last three decades, affenpinscher mix.

Although the data of the origin of the Affenpinscher are not precise, it is credited to Germany to be where it was created and stabilized the race. Since the 17th century he was already a popular dog in Europe, affenpinscher mix. Some articles mention that in the next two centuries it happened to be of a dog dedicated to the workings of the field, where his instinct of buzzard was highly valued, to a pet of company. In this process the size was reduced. In the twentieth century it was diminished even more.

In his native land this race was the long hair version of the miniature Pinscher. It was in 1896 when they were considered two different races, retaining the name of Affenpinscher the one we presented here, affenpinscher mix. The race of the Affenpinscher, like many others in Europe, was very close to disappear in the Second World War. After the war, blood was added to the Griffon of Brussels, which reduced the length of the snout, although this change may have occurred earlier in mixes with Oriental dogs, giving the most flattened face that has the race today.

Al Affenpinscher is considered an extraordinary mascot and a great companion dog. He is very loyal and affectionate with his master. It is a good dog with children and other pets once accustomed to their presence. Although some are a bit fussy; they don't like to get wet and if they have to go outside when they are wet they get to do just monkey business, affenpinscher mix. It is a curious dog and always is finding out everything, which makes it very entertaining, but occasionally that curiosity causes problems. This puppy is a little daring and there are times, not always, it causes dogs that can eat it from a bite.

The Affenpinscher is not bored. When they have nothing more to do, it starts to invent as young puppies do, affenpinscher mix. As a hunter, it is preferable that shoes and other items of such size are not within reach. You never know what your next occurrence is, which, sometimes, are not entirely pleasant.

Very important to be taken to obedience classes from an early age and then socialized with other dogs and people; this can be met with rides to places frequented by other dogs or continue taking it to obedience classes, affenpinscher mix. The purpose is not so much for the dog to learn how to entertain and reassure. When the temperature is nice, neither too cold nor too hot, is taking it to walk every day very healthy, both for the physical and for the temperament.

Care and maintenance
The aesthetic maintenance of the Affenpinscher is little compared to other breeds of dogs, but it should not be neglected, hygiene is health:

• Can brush it daily if desired; two to three times per week is enough to remove the loose hairs and knots. Be careful to brush his face. Refer to the dog hairdresser to brush wear and how to proceed.

• Visits to the dog hairdresser should be every six to eight weeks to bathe it if necessary; help the nails; cut off the tips of the hair and give the desired appearance; check your eyes, ears, teeth and general appearance, affenpinscher mix. The dog hairdresser can guide you in the maintenance you can do. These visits are also good because if the dog hairdresser with his experience in the detailed management of the dog sees something out of the ordinary you can suggest whether you should take the dog to the vet.

• The ears, eyes and teeth, in all breeds of dogs including the Affenpinscher, are essential for the health of the dog, not to neglect them, affenpinscher mix. Ask for advice to canine and veterinary Barber in a practical treatment that you can make between visits.

• A visit to the vet is essential to the dog, as soon as get preferably before the end of the purchase contract, affenpinscher mix. If later required treatment or if he is still a puppy, continue visits until directed by the veterinarian. Once all marched already well, should be visited veterinary not less than once a year, but the dog apparently to be completely healthy. Don't forget to have the number of phone, Email, or other data as contact in the event of an emergency.

• Of course, rabies shots and other vaccines and records required in where you live should be kept always in force.

Positive qualities
Some qualities of the Affenpinscher can be considered positive when compared to this dog with other breeds of dogs:

• Very loyal and affectionate with its master. It is part of the family.
• It is a very adaptable small dog. Ideal for the home or apartment.
• Loose little hair.
• Fast learner.
• Excellent watchdog and very brave.
• Do not require much exercise. With respect to the physical.
• Do not is a delicate dog.
• If their needs are met, pose no major problems if you have to travel. In fact, said that love this dog travel and trips that take him from the daily routine.

Negative qualities
Some qualities of the Affenpinscher can be considered negative when compared to this dog with other breeds of dogs:

• It is recommended be brushed two or three times a week. Perhaps every day in summer if it begins to release hair, affenpinscher mix.

• Do not warm climate. Excessive heat can cause health problems.

• Can be very alborotoso when it is excited.

• Some dogs of this breed is a bit stubborn, you have to have patience and much persistence.

• If there is no entertainment, it is likely that the dog believes it; which includes barking and biting things from the House, affenpinscher mix.

• Need to define who is charge in the House, tactfully, without abuse, but firm. As some Pinscher miniature, some Affenpinscher are complex to be extremely large dogs and tendencies to want to be the Alpha Dog of the Pack; and when they do so the possibility to become dictators, affenpinscher mix. This can cause in its behavior with the other members of the House, people and pets, barks les, growls and even bite.

• Like the males mark their territory. The House will smell very bad if this becomes a habit. We must train them young to remedy this instinct.

Congenital diseases
This breed is very healthy; however, certain precautions should be taken if you decide to purchase an Affenpinscher puppy. Any responsible breeder will offend, instead take it as interest proper and desired, if you ask for the following tests of parents, affenpinscher mix. Actually, the professional breeder must have appropriate testing certificates.

• Not suffering from Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA) or the veterinary certification of dislocation of the patella (locating patella’s), in the United States.
• Examination of the eyes, in the United States certified Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF).
Dysplasia of the hip (hip dysplasia) • after two years of age, in the United States OFA certification.
• Legg-Calve-Perches disease, in the United States OFA certification, affenpinscher mix.
Other diseases as:
• Patent ducts - Patent ducts (PDA).

The appearance and behavior resemble a monkey gives the name to this breed of dog. Affenpinscher is a German name, which means "Monkey Pinscher". In English it is also called "Affenpinscher", abbreviated to "Affine" sometimes, and in some cases "Monkey Pinscher" and several names with the term "Monkey" which translates to "cute"; where "mono" refers to a primate, not a funny, affenpinscher mix, although it actually applies. Another version of the name gives more importance to the typical antics of the behavior and they call it "Black Devil" which means "Black devil". In France he is called "Diablo tin moustache", which translates to "Mustached little devil".

Relationship of canine federations which recognize this breed or specialize in it. Useful references to estimate the popularity of the Affenpinscher, the effort to keep the defined race, where to get advice before purchasing a puppy of pure blood, watch this race compete and other data, affenpinscher mix.

 • American Kennel Club: AKC (United States). In the "Toy" group. Recognized the breed in 1936.
 • United Kennel Club: UKC (United States). Assigned to company races.
 • The Kennel Club: KC (United Kingdom). Assigned the Affenpinscher to the "Toy" group.
 • Federation International: FCI (Belgium). Group 2 section 1 in the "Pinscher" affenpinscher mix.

The Affenpinscher specialized clubs:
 • Affenpinscher Club of America. The Affenpinscher in United States national Club.

In some countries to the Affenpinscher is cut two-thirds of its total length tail. In other places, such as the United States, cut one to two inches (2.5 to 5 cm.) long. The standards of this breed of dogs usually also allow their natural long tail. When it is long it is slightly curved, affenpinscher mix. The Affenpinscher maintains high tail.

The height of the Affenpinscher to the cross, or to the back shoulder, prefers 9½ and 11½ inch (24 to 29 cm.); some federations specify it between 25 to 30 cm. Of those people who the Affenpinscher is considered a terrier, is one of the smaller terriers, affenpinscher mix. Of those who consider him to be a Schnauzer, is the smallest.

The weight of the Affenpinscher is 3 to 4 Kg (6½-9 pounds); some federations specified 4-6 kg. (9 to 13 pounds).

An estimated the dogs of this breed a longevity of fourteen to fifteen years, affenpinscher mix. Some Affenpinscher have seventeen are documented.

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