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Affenpinscher Puppy Dogs Small Size

Affenpinscher puppy - its small size and its scruffy, original and extravagant appearance, which some see similar to that of an ape, make the Affenpinscher a peculiar breed of dog. His playful and active character suggests even a few notes of nervousness.

What will catch your attention is that, despite their small size, they are courageous dogs, very intelligent and awake that is always going to show alerts, affenpinscher puppy, reasons that make them excellent guardians who with their barking will betray any stranger.

Characteristics of Affenpinscher Dogs
The Affenspinschers come from Germany, a country where its name means "Monkey Dog", given the similarity to which we have just mentioned, affenpinscher puppy. Some other of its denominations is Affine, Monkey Pinscher or Black Devil. It is a fairly old race of which we have to say that some specimens appear in certain paintings before the 16th century.

The smallest of the dogs of Pinschers and Schnauzers, which is also known as the "Monkey Terrier", presents the following features:

Height to cross: 24-28 cm
Weight: Approximately 2.9 to about 6 kg
Size: Breeds of dogs toys or dwarfs
Color: The favorite color is black although the marks and shades in gray and chestnuts are also supported along with some other, affenpinscher puppy.

Life expectancy: 12-14 years
Good for...: Companion Dog and Lookout dog. He loves to hunt rabbits and live in the family, playing non-stop
Character of an Affenpinscher – what are they like?
The Affenpinscher is an affectionate and affectionate dog that likes the closeness with its owner, affenpinscher puppy, so they are extraordinary pets of companies for the families. Loyal and amusing, their comic gestures are part of their charm, which usually captivates all those who live with it.

With regard to their barking, they are endowed with a particular timbre, which for nothing is serious and which tends to remember that of a puppy, affenpinscher puppy. Its natural appearance is quite disastrous, which gives it an appearance that some qualify as "penetrating intelligence."

Good lookout dog enjoys hunting rabbits, because of its resemblance to the Terriers, affenpinscher puppy. It has also earned its fame as a hunter of mice and other small animals, so for this purpose was usually kept in stables and businesses.

Although its size is not to allow him to be a dog of protection, as a watchdog is priceless because it performs perfectly his duties as a vigilante, affenpinscher puppy. His many qualities end up making him a lovable pet for those around him.

Their antics do not seem to end and there are those who qualify even gossips. Their owners love to see them walking on their hind legs and wiggling their eyebrows like Groucho Marx would, affenpinscher puppy.

It is contrasted that on one occasion, a specimen of this race did not yield to a colt that was enraged, attitude that other dogs of a much larger size is very possible that they would not have maintained, affenpinscher puppy.

In case all this was not enough, it is known that in Alaska one of these toddlers faced only one brown bear, affenpinscher puppy. So much did he call his bravery the attention of that gigantic animal, which ended up stepping back and leaving? A feat worthy of comment, no doubt.

Affenpinscher Races – What types are there?
As for the races of Affenpinscher that exist, the truth is that the differentiation comes from the hand of color, because the so-called "monkey Dog" can have the following shades:

Black Oxide
Black and fire. This variety has symmetrical spots
Light brown or dark
Red color may vary from reddish brownish to reddish-orange

How to feed Affenpinscher dogs?
Food is one of the variables that will depend on the health of your Affenpinscher puppy. As in the rest of the races, it is highly advisable to follow a correct guideline that will give you enough nutrients and energies.

For children and puppies
The dog of the dwarf race or toy, perfect pets of company, requires a series of special care that other larger races do not require, affenpinscher puppy. Ideally, after birth, they can feed on breast milk, like any puppy. If this is not possible we will have to choose milk for newborns.

Soon you will get your teeth, unequivocal sign that begins weaning, so from a time before we can go complementing their feeding with porridge, affenpinscher puppy.

Once this stage is over, it is essential that you choose a quality dry feed from those of the junior range of the specific ones for breed’s toys, who will take care of their fur and their immune system, as well as their dentures.

With regard to the latter, dogs of this size are very prone to accumulate dental plaque and to suffer bad breath, affenpinscher puppy.

The quantities of food will be specified by the manufacturer and the puppies are usually fed three times a day, affenpinscher puppy. The important thing is that the feed for puppies have fat, calcium and vitamins and those they provide the necessary energy for the development of motor and for everything that they must learn in this period.

For large and adult
Fulfilled the first year of age, the amount of daily food for an adult of this race goes from ¼ to ½ of the best quality dry Food cup for adult toys, divided into two meals.

If you want to make sure that your Affenpinscher doesn't have any extra weight, it will be as simple as doing a simple practical test, affenpinscher puppy. Put your hands on your pet's back, stretching your fingers down. You have to feel their ribs but not see them, any need to tighten hard. If not, you will need less food and more exercise time.

This dog loses a lot of hair during the mount so it is advisable a good brushing every day and a complete diet, affenpinscher puppy. The higher the quality of the food, the better the coat will be. Be aware that a diet that is poor in vitamin B can be supposed to dry out and fall out of your hair.

At the intestinal level are delicate so it is not disposable that often suffer problems of this nature, affenpinscher puppy. For this reason, it flees from those feeding stuffs that are composed primarily of cereals and flours.

For the elderly
From 7 years old the dog leaves behind his adult stage and becomes considered an elder. Although your attitude remains as vital as before, your body begins to need a nutritional supplement that favors, among other aspects, the health of your bones, affenpinscher puppy, so we have to fix the amount of calcium that contains your feed.

The normal thing is that it also tends to accumulate weight, so it will be favored by foods with low caloric intake, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and essential minerals, as well as vitamins A and D.


Health and hygiene: how to care for them?
The Affenpinscher is a dog easy to care to the extent that it presents no tendency to develop specific illnesses, affenpinscher puppy, so that with him its owners will be able to show a more relaxed attitude in this direction.

The aspects on which you have to pay special attention to keep it perfectly clean and healthy are the following:

Basic Care
This race, although restless and playful until satiety, does not need large doses of exercise. A good daily walk, pampering and home games will suffice and even if it's a small apartment, affenpinscher puppy, they'll be enough to keep you in shape.

Cheerful as few, these puppies are perfectly adapted to family life but they appreciate the daily walk, as it improves their ability to socialization and provide them with the mental stimulation they need, affenpinscher puppy. It is important to train them in obedience and something that will fascinate them is the fact that you teach those tricks, what will keep their minds active and go to thicken their repertoire of "just Monkey Business", never better said.


Hair care is a little complicated in these toddlers. It is not the best idea to cut your hair (only those who participate in the demonstration are usually stripped), but you should be careful to brush it often. A good idea is for a canine professional to take care of your hair (which needs to be shaped once every three months) and you will be in charge of your daily brushing, affenpinscher puppy.

How to bathe?

The bath in Affenpinscher dogs is an aspect to consider, as it should not be done in excess. Washing it once a month, whenever it is suitably vaccinated, may be the routine to adopt.

When bathing and as part of your own toilet, you have to check your ears, along with your teeth and fingernails, affenpinscher puppy. Hairs that grow downwards inside the ears should be removed, which will help keep your ears clean and safe from infections.

Of this race must be highlighted its special sensitivity to extreme temperatures, which may end up affecting also negatively to its fur.

It is essential to use a shampoo suitable for your hair, which you will be able to search in the establishments specialized in the canine care and never to use a shampoo for people. If you suffer any skin problems, use a specific one, affenpinscher puppy. Then make sure you dry it well, because the toys dogs are very prone to catch cold. In summer, it will suffice to remove excess moisture with a towel and let it air dry. In winter, however, you can resort to the help of a hairdryer, but without getting too close and without high temperature, it is not convenient to go to the street with wet hair.

Dental Hygiene

We have already mentioned that in the teeth of dog’s toys tends to accumulate plaque or tartar, which produces bad breath and other health problems, affenpinscher puppy. A correct dental brushing is the most advisable, but on many occasions the Affenpinscher do not tend to make it very easy, except those who have been accustomed to this hygiene routine since childhood.

An ideal solution can be that of having at home those cookies and bones that they like so much and with which we usually reward them, which serve at the same time to keep the bacterial plaque at bay, so they fulfill two functions at the same time, affenpinscher puppy.

Bless you
Avoid parasites

Like any breed of dog, Affenpinscher are permanently exposed to infections with external parasites, such as fleas and ticks, affenpinscher puppy, and internal ones, such as intestinal worms, both in the park, on a walk or even at home.

The arrival of spring is a factor that negatively affects it and it is at this time when we must protect these pets with pipettes or anti-parasitic collars.

Is another disease that keeps dog owners in suspense, affenpinscher puppy, so it is crucial to vaccinate or put a sand-fly mosquito repellent collar to avoid it?


Like the other races, the Affenpinscher must have a daily vaccination schedule. This involves a first dose that is administered around the 45 days of birth, a second reinforcement 15 or 20 days later and so again every 20 or 30 days, until reaching the 4 doses, affenpinscher puppy. Half a year later you will receive a new reinforcement, which will follow one more a year for the rest of your life.

Common health problems

The Affenpinscher is a robust animal that has no special predisposition for any specific disease, affenpinscher puppy,since having gone through an intense selection as a pet; its resistance has become one of its main characteristics.

As we have indicated, it is a race easy to care and without great health problems, in fact boast a very good physical state, but, like any other race, is especially prone to suffer a number of diseases, as they can be:

Pathologies in the eyes
Respiratory distress
Knee problems and fractures
Its short snout makes breathing harder after intense exercise or in those places with warm weather, affenpinscher puppy. It is advisable to avoid problems related to heat strokes in this way.

Similarly, it is prudent to submit them to a veterinary review of puppies to see if they have the Fontanels open, as some specimens pass.


Walks and games to educate and teach an Affenpinscher
The Affenpinscher is ideal for people who like moderate physical exercise, as these toddlers require a daily walk to preserve their health, affenpinscher puppy.

On the promenade you must be careful because his courageous and active character, along with his great courage is likely to lead him to confront other dogs, even those much larger than them, and even with humans, affenpinscher puppy. Let's give you some clues so you can get a dog not only healthy, but also happy.

How to walk an Affenpinscher?
Due to the courageous character of the Affenpinscher, it is especially necessary that your pet will listen to you, affenpinscher puppy, so the training from puppy is essential so you can go out with him without fear of altercations. Teaching you basic rules of socialization is ideal.

How to train an Affenpinscher?
The first thing you have to do to train this type of pet at home is to know what their character is and understand their mind that is not at all complicated, affenpinscher puppy. They are herd animals; they will need a family and the company they can provide.

Its origin is Hunter, which indicates great tenacity, energy in abundance and instinct of persecution. But perhaps the most important thing you can not overlook is that they have a hierarchical mindset, a result of the fact that in the herd there is a leader, to which others follow, affenpinscher puppy. This is important because nothing has to do that you give all your love, you play with him and you take care of what is within your possibilities, to forget the discipline, because in that case you will be doing a disservice to your faithful friend.

However, as is natural, there are ways and means of imposing discipline, the best being the positive training or the reward for their good behavior, affenpinscher puppy. You will observe that as you go making him see what is right for him to repeat and reward him for it, the bad habits end up vanishing.

As stubborn as it may be, keep it steady, no need to shout. It will be enough for you to show yourself adamant and more stubborn than him, affenpinscher puppy. A well-trained dog, who is subjected to sufficient exercise to be calm, will make it much easier to live together.

Which toys are best for this breed?
Restless playful, even more puppies, these parasites are tremendously grateful to any type of toys. In controlled areas, you will love to play with them to the ball and also end up surrendered.

Another great option is the intelligence games with your favorite prizes. It will not know who entertains who because their gestures and their thanks will make you of laughter. If you have time, you can be playing for hours because few activities satisfy them more than that.

The next best option for them is the search games that allow them to develop their hunter instincts and those who will not want to stop.

The Affenpinscher as a companion dog
This excellent dog company that at home is shown alive and curious; usually get along quite well with the rest of the pets, especially if it has grown with them.

It is important a proper socialization from small, so that not become too jealous, affenpinscher puppy, we recommend that puppy relations with all people and animals you can, because this fact will be decisive to have a better character and be More balanced and independent.

Affectionate and friendly enjoys a lot with the company of his, going from here to there, seeking tireless new ways of entertaining, affenpinscher puppy. However, it is not a race that is too advisable for the coexistence with young children, with whom it does not take too well.

The strong guard instinct they keep will alert their masters to the presence of strangers. They need to be treated firmly so as not to consider themselves leaders of the herd that for them represents the family, affenpinscher puppy. If not, it is very likely that this pet will become jealous, barking and capricious.

Although he loves a garden in which to play, this dog adapts very well to live in homes of all sizes, even in apartments, although the environments too warm do not do any good to his hair.

Although the game partly meets your daily exercise needs, you will also need a good ride, as walking on it is a primary instinct, affenpinscher puppy. It is important to avoid getting used to jumping too much because their legs are very delicate and could end up resent.

Those who live with them confirm the need to correct their tendency to bark when they are still puppies, then it will be much more difficult.

What to do with him when we go on a trip?
It is essential that you accustom your dog to accompany you in all situations, behaving properly, which includes commuting by car, affenpinscher puppy. Yes, use not only to take it to the vet, but also for other purposes, so that does not necessarily associate your vehicle with the consultation, which probably is not to your liking.

If you are able to face the trips with sufficient tranquility, you will have to hold it with the seat belt, as the law requires and with a harness, so that it is not damaged by a tug of the neck that causes a slowdown, affenpinscher puppy. In case it shows too much nervousness you can choose to take it in a carrier according to its size.

Finally, your Affenpinscher will thank you for carrying a portable trough and feeder that you can lay hands on if necessary, affenpinscher puppy.

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