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Affenpinscher Temperament, Health and Care

Affenpinscher temperament - the Affenpinscher is a small dog of scruffy appearance, with hard and long hair and a flattened and unique snout that gives it an extravagant and original appearance.  We know in this sheet of Pet Darling which is his main characteristics, as is his personality and some curiosities about them.

History of the Affenpinscher race
The affenpinscher comes from Germany, and in fact affenpinscher means in German "Monkey Dog", because of the similarity of the faces of these puppies with small apes, affenpinscher temperament. They are a fairly old breed, and there are paintings of the dioceses century in which these dogs appear. In ancient times its function, in addition to Dog Company, was that of thieving dogs, which kept the farms and barns free of infestations of rats and mice.

It is believed that the small dogs of hard hair appearing in the oils of Durer and Van Eyck are old versions of the Affenpinscher. Other famous painters of later epoch like Renoir in the nineteenth century have also portrayed affenpinschers in his paintings, which show that these puppies have been much appreciated and loved for centuries, affenpinscher temperament.

It is not known for certain that dogs intervened in his lineage, and it is speculated that it can bear blood of old German terriers, Pinscher dogs and Schnauzer, affenpinscher temperament. There is the theory that in turn, the affenpinscher was used to create the miniature Schnauzer, and was also used in the lines of the Griffon of Brussels.

Behavior of the Affenpinscher
The character of the Affenpinscher is active, playful, and can be rather nervous. They are brave and very awakened and intelligent puppies, who are always alert, so despite their size they are good watchdogs who will warn with their barking of the presence of strangers and noises. Their barks have a particular bell, nothing serious, reminiscent of a puppy, affenpinscher temperament. If they have the opportunity, they can get to hunt small rodents, since they still retain part of their old hunting instincts. So it is not recommended to have hamsters at home if you have an affine, because they could hunt them (remember that this is in their DNA).

The Affenpinchser are affectionate and affectionate dogs, who are very attached to its owner, and are an excellent dog company and family dog, affenpinscher temperament. They are very loyal and funny dogs, and always manage to make their owners laugh with their comic attitude and their occurrences.

Features of the Affenpinscher
The Affenpinscher is toy dogs, whose stockings are according to the Sandra of the FCI:

Weight of the male and female affenpinscher 4-6 kilos
Height male and female 25-30 cm.
Color of pure black affenpinscher with inside layer also black

They have a small, compact body with a square frame, affenpinscher temperament. It looks for males to have male appearance, and female females. Its head is rounded, with a pronounced forehead and the stop clearly defined.

Its snout is short and straight, (it should not climb upwards like the Griffon), with a totally black nose with wide open holes, affenpinscher temperament. Lips are seen, and they are also black altogether. The eyes of the affenpinscher are round, dark, and the hair around it grows in circular swirl, so that they can be seen perfectly. Their ears are high insertion, V-shaped and fall slightly forward. His eyes and his peculiar snout is what give them his famous and sympathetic expression reminiscent of a small monkey.

The hair the Affenpinscher is another one of his signs of identity. It is black, although there may be some gray hairs on the snout, especially in the senior dogs, affenpinscher temperament. His body hair is dense, hard-textured. And in the face has typical uneven locks of scruffy appearance arising from the area of his eyebrows and forehead. It also has a dense beard that covers its snout.

You can meet many other puppies similar to this in our complete list of dog breeds, with images.

Affenpinscher Care
It is not really difficult to take care of an affenpinscher dog. To start you don't need a lot of space, and you can live without problems in an apartment, affenpinscher temperament. Of course, it is a bed for him alone and put on the ground, in a quiet and little busy place. This way, when you need it, you'll know where you can retire to relax and feel protected.

Nor is it a race that requires a lot of exercise, but that does not mean that they can live without leaving the house or your garden. Like all dogs, even if they are toy-sized, they need several daily rides on the outside, and at least one of them should be about 30 minutes, affenpinscher temperament. This way, when you are at home, you will be relaxed and calm.

It is evident that her hair is special, as it is long and hard, with a "wire-like" appearance, affenpinscher temperament. To keep it in good condition it is important that you brush it twice a week, and wash it at least once every two months. To brush your hair, it is best to use a wide-barbed comb, and pay special attention if you have formed some knots. In that case, you may have to cut them with the help of a few small scissors.

They also require haircuts, at least once every 3 months. You can go to a professional canine grooming, or do it yourself, always at hand with scissors, affenpinscher temperament. Take special care when trimming your fringe, clearing from your eyes the hairs that may impede your vision.

Health of the Affenpinscher
In general they are quite healthy dogs, but some specimens have a tendency to these diseases:

Patella dislocation
Hip dysplasia
Cataracts, which in severe cases may reach blindness
Other eye diseases that may affect you include glaucoma and corneal ulcers
Heart disease
Dental problems

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