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Airedale Terrier Breeders Dog

Airedale terrier breeders - the breed dog Airedale Terrier is a muscular and active animal that does not stand out for having a large or elongated body.

The dog breeds Airedale Terrier Express liveliness, speeds in the act and is absolutely attentive to the slightest movement. This quality is underlined by Airedale Terrier breeders for those who are linked to the hunt.

The possession of ostensibly expressive eyes, the bearing of ears and the straight tail in combination give significance to his sociable, loyal, courageous and intelligent character, airedale terrier breeders.

It is low the to show aggressive, on the other hand, the dog breed Airedale Terrier is a species completely awake and fearless.

The main characteristic of the Airedale Terrier is the eminent fidelity, dedication and meekness towards those who enjoy their company, airedale terrier breeders. It is for this same quality recently described, which is highly recommended by kennels of Airedale Terrier for families where there are children, since it is totally affectionate and playful. However, it is an admirable dog guardian and distrustful to third strangers to the Family circle.

The Airedale Terrier has an exquisite and balanced combination of fidelity, companionship and game comrade, as well as protector and guardian of theirs.

Historical data: Formerly used by man for the purpose of hunting otters and badgers. This is because the Airedale Terrier when distinguished by its fine smell could register the underground abode without difficulty, airedale terrier breeders. This activity was facilitated by its rapid and spontaneous reflexes. This skill and intelligent development reveal it as a valuable hunting dog.

We breed Airedales Terrier since 1968; our breeding feet are mainly integrated by the line "Bengal" imported from England, airedale terrier breeders. During all these decades we have bred Airedale Terrier successfully. This breed is an example of nobility and strength, so we recommend with closed eyes to live with people.

It is a simply beautiful dog, has a perfect balance between sweetness and elegance, airedale terrier breeders. Its bearing is so English that it does not deny its origin. He has a cheerful extreme temperament, with great verve. Great presence, decisive and safe. On the other hand, it is completely warm, his eyes denote a special tenderness that overflows when he sees his master, more reason if he is a child. A look is enough to show the deep admiration and the great respect that it feels towards the being that cares for it. They would give without thinking their life.

In the world, the Airedale is one of the favorite races by the police, along with the German shepherd. It is excellent keeper, but at the same time it is classified like "dog Nana" airedale terrier breeders. It has a very balanced and focused character. It is a dog that still in attack alert allows known people, including children, to touch it without risk of being bitten. This is one of the tests that they handle in very specialized trainings, like the so-called "Schutzhund". Not every race is able to satisfactorily cover these tests in which mental, instinctive and physical capacity must be adequately integrated. It is said that "the Airedale is the last to join a fight, but the first to finish", is a smart dog with character that does not seek trouble, airedale terrier breeders.

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