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Airedale Terrier Puppies Dog

Airedale terrier puppies - airedale Terrier for sale. These dogs from the Airedale Terriers breed recommend to those of the customers who like the move, because they will complement very well with this gorgeous breed. They're dogs that are very pretibial for the family; they're gentle and loving with children.     

Group: Terriers

Lifetime: 10-13 years;

Country of Origin: Great Britain;

Weight: 18-23 kg in males; 18 – 20 kg in females;

Height: 57 – 61 cm in males; 54 – 57 in females;

Color: Black or grey saddle tan; Sometimes they can have red or white spots;

Living area: Airedale Terrier feels best in a house with a fenced yard, airedale terrier puppies. The owner of this dog must be a very active man because the dogs in this race can become destructive if they do not have enough exercise.

Historian: Known as the "King of the Terriers", the dogs of the Airedale Terrier race were bred as a race to be used for all purposes of a dog, airedale terrier puppies. Thus, it is not a race only for the hunt of water parasites, but also for games in the Highlands, as well as to be a guard dog without fear, loyal companion of the family and trusted friend.

This breed is a relatively recent one being developed in the mid-19th century in England, South Yorkshire County, airedale terrier puppies. Most likely the dogs of the Airedale Terrier race were born from the crossing of the Northern Terrier with Tan and Otter hound (Peacock wrangler of otters); specially designed for bigger games.

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Another name for the breed Airedale Terrier is the Waterside terrier, but also the Bingley terrier; both names are common at some point in the area where it was created. It is a British race recognized for its intelligence and loyalty, airedale terrier puppies. Their level of energy can be very high in some cases, and their level of socialization varies with each individual. With regard to his understanding with children, he is very well reconciled with the elders being indicated to those aged over 12 years.

Other animals must be socialized, but are not understood with cats or other smaller animals; and with dogs, they tend to be territorial, but they'll be befriended if socialization is effective, airedale terrier puppies.  The social requirements of the Airedale Terrier breed are quite high; because it is a strong, good confidant and decisive dog that if it has the necessary experiences it will be an exceptional dog. Can become an opportunistic dog in a family who does not know how to behave with him; Joyful lover, devoted and protective of the family of adoption and intelligence until independence.

General: A pleasant race, Airedale Terrier is protector, courageous and full of affection to the master, airedale terrier puppies. Ask in turn the same affection and attention that he offers. As dogs from a noisy race and prone to scandal, they must be trained for obedience at an early age to avoid or eliminate dominance problems and ensure the dog's good manners.

The dog of the Airedale Terrier breed is a fearless, well-trained one who can easily intimidate strangers. If we are to compare it to a real or fictitious character, then we must resort to the character James Bond, thanks to the combination of classical Constitution and gross confidence in his own forces to overcome any obstacle in his path. Due to their independent and territorial nature Airedale Terrier can be an exceptional guard dog, full of energy and an excellent hunting dog, airedale terrier puppies. Another trait of their character that turns them into good watchdogs is their suspicion to strangers.

Character: Not a dog recommended to average families because of their energetic nature, full of inner fire, protective and yet sweet. Dogs of the Airedale Terrier race can be very stubborn sometimes and therefore should be treated with great firmness, and obedience training is indicated to begin at an early age, airedale terrier puppies. The biggest breed in the terrier group, Airedale Terrier will do everything you can learn to do. They are great companions because they love, with the attitude of clowns to indulge you, happy and sociable, with a true joy for life, especially attached to children.

Airedale Terrier is a very loyal dog and can be a real joy to the master though sometimes it can cause problems. Thus, a suitable training is a necessity, airedale terrier puppies. The master of such a dog must be an experienced one because the intelligent and playful nature of the dog will lead him to become master. This dog loves to run smaller animals, but it can get along very well with other dogs.

The Airedale Terrier race was created to provide dogs with work, and in the past it was also used as a dog-cop. These characteristics of the Labor dog have not disappeared from the character of the dog of the Airedale race and will rejoice very much if it has a "work", a concern that requires its agility, airedale terrier puppies, obedience; so he'll do all sorts of tricks to entertain the kids.

Fur and body: Dogs of the Airedale Terrier breed have a double fur that does not molting, one being more samosa on the surface and a soft one on the inside. The brushing requirements of this breed include uprooting with the hand of dead hairs; and trimming the hair between the cushions of the legs is necessary, airedale terrier puppies. The fur hair must be wire, curled, coarse and placed right beside the body. Gently wavy hair is accepted with a distinctive beard around the snout.

The head is well balanced with a slight apparent difference between the length of the skull and the snout. The skull is long and flat, not too wide between the ears and slightly narrowed to the eye. The scalp must not be wrinkled, the hardly visible stop and the level of cheeks unnoticed, lacking in fullness, airedale terrier puppies. The ears must have a form of V, worn rather in one side of the head and not trained to the eyes, small but in a harmonious proportion to the size of the dog. The upper level of the ear must be above the skull level. The eyes must be imprisoned in color, small, not prominent, radiating intelligence, kindness-characteristics of the Terriers. The lips must be tight; Black nose but not too small.

Teeth must be strong and white, without fading or defects. The neck must be of moderate length and thickness, gradually opening towards the shoulders. His skin is tight on his body and not to hang. Shoulders are long and well connected to the body of the Airedale Terrier breed, with flat and large bones. The chest is deep and not excessively wide. The back of the dog must be short, strong and straight, airedale terrier puppies. A strong and durable constitution made by the coasts of been tied to solid and elastic wrists, but not sensitive. The tail placed on the back, worn free without being curved on the back. The front legs must be perfectly straight, with a muscle to match. Knees perpendicular to the body and with the possibility of moving in any direction.

Training: Dogs in this race can be with a very strong and sometimes stubborn will. But with a little variety in the exercises they can do very well in sporting events. It is a very active dog with a lot of energy and requires firmness from an experienced trainer and master, airedale terrier puppies. They're smart, and they can easily learn a lot of tricks.

The training methods are related to the desired behavior and family activities. Increased to work independently and to have an increased level of energy for any kind of activities, its ability to react promptly to the master's desires or commands causes him to be an easy-to-train dog, but not with methods that rely on Repetition, airedale terrier puppies. They are easily motivated by rewards and diversification of exercises.

Activity: The best environment for dogs in the Airedale Terrier breed is a medium-sized yard available. Being an active breed loves to swim, run, play with other dogs or with humans and that is why it requires extensive exercises, airedale terrier puppies. They are not recommended for a living in the apartment because they are very energetic and in an internal environment can become real tyrants for the Masters not being sufficiently trained and subjected to exercise to consume their energy.

With its cheerful, loving and playful nature it fits and adapts perfectly to a family with more pets, members, especially with children. However, it is not an indicated breed where you have small children, airedale terrier puppies.

Caring and brushing: Airedale Terrier dog fur requires great attention; Manual uprooting of dead hairs and regular visits to the restrooms to keep the appearance arranged and elegant, airedale terrier puppies. These wonderful dogs excel at Obedience training and are relatively easy to be used to living in the house. It requires much daily exercise and many evidence of affection to develop properly.

To care for and the proper brush a dog of the Airedale Terrier breed you will need to use three to four times a week a hard brush with needles so as to remove the dead hair and irritations. You will also have to rip with your hand the hair that molting’s from their fur at least twice a month. As an exercise, it will need a stable series of exercises at least once a day, airedale terrier puppies. Or to secure a yard with a solid fence to keep him happy and healthy. Regular chin washing is necessary to keep it free and not to get tangled or glue.

Health problems: In the case of Airedale Terrier breed dogs are concerns about hip dysplasia, eye problems and skin infections, airedale terrier puppies. With careful and constant care these dogs can have a long life of up to 14 years.

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