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Alaskan Husky Size and Weight

Alaskan husky size - It is characterized by an abundant and thick layer of hair that covers a strong and muscular body.

His presence, always with his head upright, endows him with a certain imposing aspect that gives the impression of being a very serious dog. However, this appearance is not at odds with an affable and playful character with its owners, alaskan husky size.

There is a natural range of size between 60-70 cm in the cross and weight 35-45 kg for males-although some specimens reach over 50 kg-, and 55-60 cm and 30-35 kg for females. It has been said that its standard ideal height would be 63.5 cm, alaskan husky size.

It has two layers of hair: an external, thick and rough, and an inner of oily and shaggy touch. It is longer in the area of the neck and shoulders, on the spine and the tail, alaskan husky size. Its predominant color is grey, although the standard is admitted from white to reddish sand.

Their ears are triangular, always erect, and medium-sized, alaskan husky size. The eyes are vivid, alert, medium-sized and almond-shaped.

It is a burly dog that, with the mantle of hair that characterizes it, can give the impression of being a "shielded" between the dogs. Unlike other races, when you wet your hair does not give the appearance of shrinking its size, alaskan husky size.

its hair that looks, and is, a cold-proof coat of polar, its size not exaggerated and the active disposition make this breed of dogs one of the most attractive, alaskan husky size. Those with blue eyes, with their gaze as cold and sharp as the Nordic glaciers themselves, need no introduction.

However, the Siberian husky is much more than a pretty dog. This is one of the favorite breeds to pull the sleds in Siberia and Alaska. He is so fit for his work that as soon as he puts his wrangler on a puppy for the first time, he starts pulling the sled. The Siberian husky was one of the breeds of dogs that participated in Alaska in 1925 in the Great Race of mercy to Nome. The usefulness of this dog is not limited to sleighs, alaskan husky size. This dog lives in temperatures that the human being does not resist without protection, quality by which in the Second World War the Siberian husky was employed by the United States Army in search and rescue operations in the Arctic regions.

In our luck it is counted to have had one of these dogs. A black and white dog with blue eyes that with only one glance stole the heart of every person who admired her, alaskan husky size. Those few who did not conquer with the spell of his eyes, as our veterinarian who was not fooled when he saw her for the first time, fell in the same way when in his attempts to bark howled like a wolf.

This breed is natural from northeastern Siberia, Russia, being some of these dogs taken to Alaska where, according to some authors, stabilized the current race, alaskan husky size. It is estimated that the Chukchi Culture was responsible for the origin of the Siberian husky. This is one of the races in the group of Spitz Dogs.

Varieties and other races:
The usefulness of this breed of dogs is very real and necessary. Sleds are very interesting as a sport but in real life the livelihood of many people depend on them and the magnificent dogs that make them move. In Alaska we are continually trying to improve some quality in dogs, in all dogs, not only in Siberian husky, alaskan husky size. This is achieved by selection and crosses, giving rise to varieties. Some breeders have come to create lineages that can be considered varieties of the breed, types of dogs and even other races of their own. At the moment we are not going to go into those varieties, but they have existed and exist.

The Klee Kai of Alaska, or Alaskan Klee Kai, appears to be a miniature Siberian husky. As we understand, he does have Siberian husky, but he also has blood of other breeds and types of dogs. The most used description presents it as a breed of its own created by reducing in size the Alaskan husky or Alaskan husky, alaskan husky size. The Alaskan Husky is considered a type of dog that also has a lot of Siberian husky. For those interested in seeing the Klee Kai of Alaska, photos of this race in: Google. And photos of the Alaskan Husky in: Google.

The biggest problem with the Siberian husky is that it takes a lot of exercise. It's a breed of dogs that love to walk and run. On one of our trips to Alaska we visited an amateur sled racing who had an excellent breeding of these dogs; Almost thirty of them, alaskan husky size. This gentleman confirmed to us that the Siberian husky itself is a walker dog. Every time he was released one, he would come to recover when from somewhere they called him, in certain cases at a good distance that they had found him. The Lord told us that it is not that they are not faithful; the problem is that they are walking, and they walk so much that when they remember that they have to go home, they are already lost. Then they start to walk in the opposite direction, or at least trying to find the house, ending up more lost. As we read from other breeds of dogs, this is also the case with other dogs that walk or run for long distances, as is the case in some hounds and dogs of pack.

So if you leave them in the yard you have to have them tied or in kennels with closed roof. That was our problem with the dog we had. Although the fence was about a meter and a half high, the dog climbed up the fence and went away, alaskan husky size. Because not only are they walkers, they also manage to be excellent climbers, and they like to make holes in the ground.

Another problem is the hair they are always releasing. A weekly brushing, or more often, helps greatly, alaskan husky size. Two times a year he changes his hair. During this time it is more appropriate to brush every day. If the hair annoys you, try another race because this has no solution.

This is a cold weather dog. If you live in a tropical place, be sure you have plenty of shade and plenty of water to drink, alaskan husky size. In warmer places maybe this breed is not appropriate unless you have it inside the house in air conditioning.

We have heard that they are not faithful, well there we have to put on the part of the Husky, alaskan husky size. It will not prove to be as faithful as a Doberman or German shepherd, but it is a dog that shows affection to its owners and other pet dogs. Really, this dog does better if it stays in the company of other dogs of its size, preferable of its race. Nor is the keeper who is the Doberman or German Shepherd, but we assure you that in winter, in Siberia or Alaska, pull a much better sled than a Doberman can do, a German shepherd and the vast majority of other breeds of dogs. Actually this is the favorite dog for fast racing with lightweight sleds, and in that sport there is no place for favoritism.

Congenital diseases:
This breed is very healthy; however, certain precautions should be taken if you decide to acquire a Siberian husky puppy, alaskan husky size. No responsible breeder will be offended; on the contrary, will take it as appropriate and desired interest, if you ask for the following parental evidence. Actually, the professional breeder must have the proper certificates of these tests.

• Eye Examination: Cataracts, retinal atrophy, crystalline corneal opacity, glaucoma. In the United States, the certificate of Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF).
• Dysplasia of the elbows, four to seven months, and hip dysplasia (hip dysplasia) after two years of age. In the United States OFA certification.
It is highly recommended that you consult your veterinarian before you close the purchase deal and then maintain your medical visits accordingly, alaskan husky size.

Other names:
We have heard the Siberian husky be called "Husky" in the United States, alaskan husky size. In other countries they also call it "Siberian" and "Siberian Dog". In English it is known for "Siberian Husky", and it has been called "Arctic Husky", "Chukchi Sled Dog", "Siberian Chukchi", "Chukchi" and "Chichi".

Canine Federations:
Relationship of canine federations that recognize this breed, alaskan husky size. Useful references to estimate the popularity of this breed, the effort made by keeping it defined, get advice before acquiring a purebred puppy, and see the Siberian Husky compete.

• American Kennel Club: AKC (United States). Recognized race in 1930. Assigned to the Working Group.
• United Kennel Club: UKC (United States). In the "Northern Breed Group" (Group of Nordic races).
• The Kennel Club: KC (Great Britain). In the Working Group.
• Federation International: FCI (Belgium). Group 5. Section 1. In the Nordic sled dogs, alaskan husky size.

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