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Beauceron Breeders Texas Dog

Beauceron breeders texas - the shepherd of Beauce, the shepherd of Beauce, also known by Beauceron, is a very old race directly linked to the primitive dog of the peat bogs; one could not specify which were the pairings to get a dog of these characteristics, since it was He has been oriented in his breeding by French shepherds for many years.

The result is a rustic dog, strong; with a character that needs a balanced hand, not because it is a race of bad character, beauceron breeders texas, but because of its strength their size and the energy they have, that their behavior is essential.

It is a very versatile race, beauceron breeders texas, being able to be a simple companion dog, to give maximum performance in police tasks and all this happening to be a great dog for detection of explosives and drugs, a large grazing dog, a fantastic keeper, etc...

Therefore we can say that we find one of the most complete races that exist, we do not doubt that there may be superior dogs in one of the tasks before commented, but that can be very good in all of them, could be counted on the fingers of one hand... and  We'd have fingers left over, beauceron breeders texas.

An incredible characteristic of this race is its intelligence, that is why its training has to be very balanced in the forms, do not accept injustice in any way but do not require a complicated training, just educate it with a little severity and another bit of delicacy combined to 50 per cent we will get a fantastic dog, beauceron breeders texas,  if we are too strict, our beauceron not trust us, as if we are too permissive do not put rules, its management can be more laborious, that if  , once educated, we will check that the Beauceron is an incredible dog with an intelligence superior to most of the known races.

The Beauceron is a dog that likes by its appearance and in love with its character, affectionate, affable with the children and at the same time Guardian, beauceron breeders texas; it can be said that the person who has had a Beauceron, does not want any other race.

Evidently most of the specimens are in France that is the cradle of the race and although in Spain there are not too many breeders, beauceron breeders texas, the quality is increasing day by day and currently we can find some specimens that have absolutely nothing to envy The French and even France's own Spanish dogs are winning the French dogs.

The Beauceron has some physical characteristics that make it a very particular dog, as can be the tail in the form of jota or the presence of double pole in the hind legs, beauceron breeders texas.

We have decided on this great race and strongly recommend it, beauceron breeders texas, if one day you decide to have a Beauceron, we are sure that in a short time will say like us.

Consider yourself invited to come to know our specimens of Beauceron, we love to brag about them (beauceron breeders texas)!

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