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Beauceron Characteristics and Temperament

Beauceron characteristics - although the official name of the breed is pastor of Beauce, or Beauceron, it is also popularly known as "Bas Rouge", i.e. "Red Sox", by the color fire of the end of their legs. It is a breed of sheepdog very popular in France, although its presence is growing in many other countries because of its undeniable aptitudes. A fantastic mascot and pet, versatile, elegant, noble and faithful. At we explain everything about the Beauceron or Pastor of Beauce.

Features of the Beauceron

This race was developed in the plains of the central area of France, between the valleys of the Loire and the Seine. In its origin was a large and strong shepherd dog, trained to drive flocks at great distances, beauceron characteristics, but has been adapting to modern times to become an extraordinary dog company versatile, loyal, noble and elegant.

Beauceron Features

Nowadays it is easy to find beaucerone doing different work of social relevance, from the guard and defense to the Blind Guide, and the assistance of people with a disability. Its popularity has not stopped growing and it has long since ceased to be a stranger beyond its traditional borders, beauceron characteristics. We will know in detail its physical characteristics and character.

Physical characteristics

General appearance: It is a big dog, solid, powerful and muscular, but elegant, beauceron characteristics. Solid, powerful, rustic, it is a well-formed and muscular dog, without giving appearance of heaviness.

Beauceron appearance and size: Very large

Height at the Cross: 65-70 cm (male) and 61-68 cm (female).

Weight: 30-38 kg (male) and 25-30 kg (female).

Body: It is a dog with rectangular structure, solid and harmonious, and a height to the cross of about 67 cm in males and about 64 cm in females, beauceron characteristics. The head is long, almost half the height to the cross, and the skull and snout measure roughly the same.

Head: Well molded, long, has harmonious lines and slightly rounded skull, has a slightly pronounced stop. Profile views, the skull and nasal cane lines are parallel, beauceron characteristics.

Skull: Flat or slightly rounded, has half-pronounced furrow and apparent occipital crest on the highest part of the skull.

Snout: It is neither narrow, nor pointed, and has firm lips and well pigmented, beauceron characteristics. The upper lip covers the inferior without sagging and the corners form a slight start of pocket that remains closed.

Truffle: In proportion with snout, is well developed, never split and is black.

Eyes: implanted horizontally, are somewhat oval and dark brown. However, in the Harlequin variety there may be specimens with different eyes, beauceron characteristics. The iris is dark brown or dark hazel.

AmazonOrejas dogs: They are high, flat and rather short. The dog is semi erect or hanging, beauceron characteristics. They are not usually crushed against the cheeks, they are flat, rather short, and measure about half the length of the head.

Nano-frontal depression (stop): little pronounced.

Jaws: The jaws are strong and developed, with teeth well embedded in the dental arch, beauceron characteristics. The teeth are healthy and complete with scissor bite.

Neck: It is very muscular and long, and is joined with harmony to the shoulders, without forming jowl.

Body: It is a harmoniously constituted dog; the length of the body from the shoulder to the tip of the ANCA is higher than the height to the cross, beauceron characteristics.

Back: It is straight, with the loin short, wide and very muscular. The rump is slightly inclined and has a well-marked cross.

Chest: Descends to the tip of the elbow; It's wide, tall and long.

Previous members: They are well-plumbed, seen in front and in profile, beauceron characteristics. The shoulders are oblique and moderately long. Forearms and arms are muscular.

Later members: Also very plumb, seen in front and profile. In his legs the thighs are strong, muscular and appear almost vertical, beauceron characteristics. The hocks are strong and do not descend very close to the ground.

Feet: They are strong and round, they are compact feet. The posterior ones have double spurs, which they traditionally preserve, which form well separated fingers, beauceron characteristics, with fingernails perfectly attached to the foot.

Physicist of the Shepherd of Beauce

The Beauceron has two spurs on his feet

Tail: Low insertion descends straight at least to the tip of the hock and forms a light J-shaped hook. When the dog is in motion, the tail can climb up to the top of the rump, beauceron characteristics. Traditionally it is not cut.

Skin: Is loosely adjusted, without forming pleats.

Hair: The fur in the head is very short, and on the body is strong, short, thick, dense and smooth, with a length of about 3 or 4 cm. and double layer. On the other hand, the buttocks and the bottom of the tail are provided with some fringes, beauceron characteristics. The inner layer of fur is thin, thick and velvety, almost always grey. The hairs are so close together that you don't see through the hair of the top layer.

Color: specimens may present different colors:

Black and Fire (black with tawny marks): The extremities are of a very intense red and the marks fire color are distributed on the eyes (round marks), on both sides of the snout, on the cheeks, without ever reaching the lower part of the ear, on the banister (two spots), in the throat, beauceron characteristics, at the bottom of the tail and on the limbs, gradually losing as they go up.

Beauceron colors

Beauceron Black Color

Harlequin (blue Blackbird marked in tawny color): gray, Black and fire. The fur is black and fire equal parts, because the spots are well spread, although sometimes there is more black than gray, beauceron characteristics. Fire color spots occupy the same place as in the variety of black and fire. Beauceron coat Color

Beauceron Harlequin

Movement: The advance is elastic and loose. The dog walks with the members well aligned and is characterized by a long trot, with great amplitude.

Beauce Shepherd Character

What is the character of the pastor of Beauce? Well, the most appropriate word to talk about the character of Beauceron is versatility, beauceron characteristics. From the beginning, the most habitual use of this dog has been that of the guard and grazing of herds, especially of sheep, but also of cows.

How is the character of the Beauceron?

The race has a natural ability to learn and fulfill a wide variety of orders without hesitation for an instant, with courage and determination, which made it very used by the French army during both World Wars

However, the adaptability of the beauceron and the combination of strength and intelligence that characterize it have made that, over time, beauceron characteristics, has been gaining adepts as a dog guard and protection, while as a perfect companion of the family.

The Beauceron has proven its worth at the highest level as a sheepdog, but it is also perfectly comfortable performing activities as diverse as the dog therapy, thanks to its temperance and safety (is, in addition, very tolerant of children and Elderly, beauceron characteristics, with whom it is shown to the loving and protective time).

How is the temperament of the Beauceron?

Dog of guard and defense, because his physical strength is joined by an undeniable courage that, in the days of his ancestors, allowed him to confront wolves and other predators in defense of the flocks.

In sports work, such as agility and shooting, where it is not less excellent, beauceron characteristics, since it is not only a brave dog, but also strong and fast and shows an extraordinary ability to learn.

Finally, he excels among his fellows in tracing and detection of drugs and explosives, thanks to his great memory and powerful sense of smell, beauceron characteristics. Perhaps because of his magnificent behavior as a "member" of the French Army, he now has the favor of the Gendarmerie and other specialized units of civil protection and catastrophe rescue.

Outside of France its use as a working dog is much more limited; although they say the connoisseurs of the race that where enters a Beauceron no more makes another dog, beauceron characteristics.

Buy Puppy Beauceron

Since puppy the Beauceron is already energetic

Another word that is constantly linked to the race is "rustic". As such it is understood that it is a natural dog, Frank and Noble, which shows no recesses in his temperament or special complications, beauceron characteristics.

It never behaves with bending or in a cryptic way, but it always goes on its face and shows its presence without images, which makes it very useful as a deterrent dog, beauceron characteristics, but somewhat less as a vigilante, because it does not usually act by surprise.

Power: High level. It is a very active dog that needs regular exercise

Temperament: They have a sensible and daring behavior; it is accessible and courageous, of Frank expression, never aggressive, fearful or restless. Accessible, frank, daring, courageous and lacking in aggression, beauceron characteristics.

Amazon Adaptabilidad dogs: Very high. Very fit for life in the city.

Sociability: Very high. He's a good companion dog. Obey a single master if he guides you with a firm hand, but you need constant contact with the members of the family you live with is good with children and affectionate with the elderly, beauceron characteristics.

Health: Good. It is not likely to suffer from hereditary diseases.

Longevity: Low. You can live between 8 and 10 years in good condition. You can see our article how much the dogs live.

Usefulness: very versatile, beauceron characteristics. Due to its adaptable character, it is a useful animal in many activities: Sheepdog, company, tracking, explosives detection, assistance to the disabled, dog therapy, dog guard and defense, rescue in catastrophes, shooting or agility.

Use: Grazing and guarding

Other names: Beauceron/Berger de Beauce

How Beauceron behaves have a pride and a natural appeal that attracts attention when it enters the scene in any place, beauceron characteristics. Large, strong and traditionally with the ears cut and erect, is the vivid stamp of value and seems to understand that the same admiration that awakens in the people who contemplate it becomes fear in their enemies or the enemies of the encourage or property that he p Protégé.

This natural essence of the race and its temperament comes even to the modern and more sophisticated stage of the dog shows, where the Beauceron is shown in a relaxed way, with the strap loose and without forcing any type of pose, beauceron characteristics.

In this sense they also call the attention of the fans the long sessions of movement at trot that the judges demand of the specimens of the race that compete. The "Trot of the Beauceron" is a very characteristic movement in which a hyperextension of the extremities is given, coupling the body to a comfortable displacement when lowering the dorsal line a little, so that it can move to the greater speed, but without submitting to the Gallop tensions, beauceron characteristics.

Beauce Shepherd Puppies

From puppy the shepherd of Beauce is tender and affable

The reason for this need to perform the movement intensively is very simple. The Beauceron worked with cattle on huge tracts of land, unlike other sheepdogs, who do their work in confined spaces, and should be able to travel on a daily basis at great distances, with conducts that on many occasions They covered over 50 miles, beauceron characteristics. This need to combine strength and mobility, potency and resistance, are the fundamental reasons for the morphological evolution of the Beauce Shepherd.

Despite being defined, even in its original name, as a sheepdog, it must be clear that it is not an animal that is dedicated to moving the herd, help to stab or direct and keep it at all times under control.

The Beauceron feels a natural affinity with other animals, especially livestock, beauceron characteristics, which accompanies at all times in a tireless way and which, rather than grazing, protects against any possible external aggression.

His work is, therefore, that of the guard and defense of the flock, in the same way that they act most of the breeds of mastiff existing in the world, but with the difference that they maintain a calm attitude and watch from an elevated position the intrusion of predator It is, beauceron characteristics, while the Beauceron performs its work in a much more dynamic way, controlling the terrain and the herd in an active way.

History and origin of the pastor Beauceron

At the end of the nineteenth century the Old French shepherd dogs of the plain were known with the names of Shepherd of Beauce, Beauceron and "Bas Rouge", since they presented marks of color fire especially in the extremities of the four legs, beauceron characteristics. The original type of all of them was an ancient race of rough hair and much more aggressive that it acts.

Origin breed of dog Beauceron

Its existence has been recorded since the beginning of the 16th century and was one of the races participating in the Canine exhibition, held in Paris in 1863, beauceron characteristics. It is also noteworthy that he was employed by the French army in both world wars.

His main military use was as a messenger dog, as he advanced between the lines without fear of explosions or enemy fire; However, it was also destined to the tracing, to the detection of mines and to the "Office" of Auxiliary of light units of combat, serving of animal of transport and load able to move quickly and fluently in the most inhospitable terrains, tasks that fulfilled with excellence, beauceron characteristics.

The consideration of the race as national Treasury made that the French Ministry of Agriculture required of the Central Canine Society of the Gallic country the creation, in the decade of 1960, beauceron characteristics, of a program of confirmation of the race, in order to preserve its values like dog of Cattle and avoid their disappearance.

Education and training of the Beauceron

The intelligence of the pastor of Beauce is manifested in the quick understanding and learning of the desires of his guide or master, as well as for his excellent memory and his ancestral instinct to keep the people, animals and properties of his family, beauceron characteristics.

How to Educate Beauceron

The Beauceron is a good dog for agility

Their main qualities are obedience, vigilance, calmness, courage, hardness and patience. It is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent dog breeds and both their expression and temperament are a demonstration of these attributes.

It possesses an extraordinary character and its value is only surpassed by its loyalty and the desire to please its owner to the extreme, beauceron characteristics. But even in the case of a rustic dog, brave and hard, it is also sensitive and needs a firm and delicate conductive hand at the same time, strong but fair.

The temperament of the pastor of Beauce has an immediate and absolute reflection in its morphology. It is a big and strong dog, but that never gives appearance of heaviness, on the contrary, the sensations transmitted are those of power combined with agility and courage, and of fierceness united with nobility and kindness. Because, despite its somewhat fierce appearance, beauceron characteristics, the Beauceron is a naturally tolerant dog that unfolds perfectly in the bosom of the family.

He can be totally trusted as a companion dog to the children, and treats with extreme sensitivity to the weakest people with whom it relates, as if he understood who only needs his company and who also requires his guardianship and protection, beauceron characteristics.

However, since it is a large and powerful animal, its contact with children must always be supervised by an adult, in anticipation, essentially, beauceron characteristics, of the treatment that the children can dispense to the beauceron and that can become a source of conflicts.

Despite its nobility, this is not a dog for any master. You need a disciplined and committed owner with your education, which has enough time to work and get to know in depth such precious animal.

It is not the best choice for a novice owner, as his intelligence can make him become a dominant dog if he sees the slightest loophole by which to impose his criterion, beauceron characteristics. The best way to educate a beauceron is with iron fist in silk glove, but always acting with knowledge of cause and coherence.

As with many breeds of work, one of the fundamental aspects in the education and the development of the Beauceron are to submit it from an early age to an intense process of socialization.

Beauceron Puppy Education

It is important to educate the beauceron from a very young age to make him understand that all members of the family are above him on the scale of family hierarchy, for, if not, he will only obey his direct master and try to impose himself on others, beauceron characteristics.

It is not a noisy race, beauceron characteristics, but a very strong animal with an intimidating presence, so it is advisable to Habitual to all kinds of situations, noises, presence of other people and animals, car traffic, etc. If acquired from puppy, these habits will help to minimize the possible emergence of a stress that could lead to hostile attitudes that are not desirable in the race.

The Beauceron tolerates very well the presence of strangers whenever it is in the company of its owner, but it is suspicious with them and maintains the distances, beauceron characteristics. This breed accepts without problems to other animals, even to other dogs, and does not give symptoms of excessive territoriality, like other breeds of grazing.

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