Beauceron Dog Breed Info

Beauceron dog breed - this small great giant comes from the French meadows, where he practiced as herd keeper until when the war came they turned him into a soldier. After the war years, he has remained one of the best guard and defense dogs, given his character, strength and size. The Beauceron is not a dog to have flat, needs a large space where you can spend all your energy and move to your free will.

The physical aspect of the adult Beauceron really imposes has a cross of 65 to 70 centimeters, short and thick hair, usually black and dark brown or fire, beauceron dog breed. Tail drop to hocks, round eyes and always dark, athletic and strong comprehension, is a sturdy dog. Its weight is usually around between 40 and 50 kg, it is a very muscular dog.

Main features of Beauceron dog breed
The Beauceron or pastor of Beauce, was not born in Beauce but comes from France, where his ancestors were used as sheepdogs. It is said of them, that they were able to eliminate the wolves without contemplation, something that cannot be affirmed of all the sheepdogs, it is more, only a few specimens of sheepdogs can kill a wolf in a direct confrontation.

As we have indicated, it is very strong and daring dog, you have to educate/train it very well so that you do not confuse with the bad guy and scare us a fright and a huge scare to his victim. This breed of dog is not recommended for young owners, undecided adults or with little determination. The Beauceron is of a dominant nature and likes to impose itself, since puppy will show dominant aptitudes, beauceron dog breed. He needs a rigorous and strict training throughout his life; his owner must never give in to him. Although a prior may seem a dog dangerous or not recommended, the truth is with a good owner, able to know how to master and educate him correctly, will become one of the best companions possible.

Qualities of the Beauceron
The Beauceron is a courageous, intelligent, frank and loyal dog, very loyal to its owner. Self-confident and of his power, autonomous and with a very keen sense of propriety. All these qualities make him a great watchdog, which needs discipline and firmness in his owner, beauceron dog breed. As a negative point, it is a dog that has a late maturity, from the two years old is when you could say it begins to ripen. It's kind of impulsive so it can be dangerous.

This race requires a lot of daily exercise, arguably a hyperactive dog. He likes to run and has enough background, his great musculature attests to it, beauceron dog breed. As we have indicated, it is not a dog to have on a floor or balcony, it needs a large terrain to vent and be happy.

With children can be cautious or worship them, in either case, will always defend fiercely given their instinct to protect the flock, and do not forget that it is a grazing dog, beauceron dog breed. However, it is recommended that you never leave it alone with children, as recommended with most dog breeds.

It is a great food eater, not only because of its large size, but it has one of the largest existing canine appetites, beauceron dog breed. It is a fact to keep in mind since its maintenance supposes a monthly expense in food higher than the rest of races. It's a real gulp, so you'll also need to spend all that energy with long rides and races.

Helpful Hints:

Do not start your training until you are at least six months old, but that does not mean that you do not make it clear that you are superior to him, never let him dominate you, beauceron dog breed. Repaneled and teach him who the owner (“Alpha Male”) is.

It has a double spur on the posterior limbs; make sure that it does not hurt by playing or jumping between shrubs. Check regularly to verify that they have not been damaged, beauceron dog breed.
It is a dog of both guard and grazing, in France is still used as a police dog also.

Clean you regularly ears and eyes cut nails and will be a happy dog. Usually it does not require many washes a year but if brushed to remove dead hair, beauceron dog breed.

You can get fat easily, keep an eye on exercising and don't eat more than your account.