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Beauceron Temperament Dog

Beauceron temperament

Area of Origin: France

Date of origin: 1500

Original function: Shepherd, Guard,

Today's feature: Pastor guard,

Height at the cross: from 65 to 70 cm in males and from 61 to 68 cm in females

Weight: between 40 and 50 kg males and between 30 and 40 kg females

Other Name: Berger de Beauce, Bas-Rouge, Pastor of Beauce

History of the Beauceron

The Beauceron is a breed of dog totally French, which goes back to the end of 1500. It originated in the area of the plains surrounding Paris, known as the Beauce, beauceron temperament. It is the largest of the French shepherd Dogs; it was used as a farm dog of various uses, of driving and protection of the sheep and, sometimes, the cattle, and the protection of his family.

In 1863, two types of plains, shepherds and guard dogs were differentiated: the long-haired Berger de Brie (Briar) and the short hair Berger de Beauce (Beauceron). The Central Canine Society registered the first Berger of Beauce in 1893, and the first club of the breed was formed in 1922, beauceron temperament.

Well known as the preferred dog of grazing in France, the race remained practically unknown outside of France. The French army employs as messengers these sheepdogs of Beauce in the front during the two world Wars, beauceron temperament. It had an extraordinary ability to follow directions, find, follow trails and detect mines. Nowadays it is still a respected police dog and also of protection.

In the decade of 1960, an effort was made to preserve the qualities of the native French races, and from that moment, the Beauceron has grown in popularity both in France and in many others payees, beauceron temperament. In 1980, the Club Beauceron was formed.

Beauceron temperament

The Beaucerons are incredibly intelligent and skillful in any task involving learning, memory and reasoning. They are brave and calm, and they are highly reliable guardians.

It is an extremely loyal breed who is willing to please his family, however, if they are not properly educated, the Beauceron may have behavioral problems for his strong personality. Beaucerons are patients with children, but they are not excessively playful, beauceron temperament. They can get along with other family dogs and pets.

Maintenance of the Beauceron

It is a dog with active mind and athletic body, and needs mental and physical exercise every day. Without the right stimulus, Beauceron can become dull and destructive, beauceron temperament. Do not purchase a Beauceron unless you commit to taking time to train and exercise regularly.

It is a family dog, although you should spend time outdoors every day. The care of the hair coat is minimal, which consists of brushing once a week, beauceron temperament.

Health of the Beauceron

• Main problems: None

• Less worry: Coronary artery disease, gastric torsion

• Suggested Tests: Hip

• Life expectancy: 10 – 12 Years

Form and function of the Beauceron

The Beauceron is a solid and balanced dog, as it belongs to a real versatile dog, willing to make work a long day. His body is powerful and agile, his jaws strong, his walking is fluid and effortless, beauceron temperament. Its outer layer is straight, thick and medium-length, which combined with a high density, offers weather-resistant protection.

An unusual trait is the presence of double spurs in the posterior limbs, which seems to be a typical breed of French grazing dog and herd dogs.

Beau Sheepdog: Character, herds and price

The Sheepdog of Beau: A dog and many qualities

Arthur Schopenhauer said of this race: "They possess beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, beauceron temperament. All the virtues of man without his vices. “While the great writer Colette called him the country gentleman, for his pride and nobility with which he supervises the flock or his house.

In France It is now also widespread as a police dog. Like all shepherd dogs it needs to make much movement and a purpose, beauceron temperament. Training and sporting activity reinforces its character and balance.

It is a dog that certainly is not suitable for everyone. If well trained is very loyal, protective, affectionate (especially with the children he adores) but is a dog with very strong temperament and hierarchical. It needs a master with kind character but decided that it knows how to give it stability and know how to make him understand who commands, beauceron temperament. Strong manners with him are useless. Also because if you treat him badly he will repay you with the same coin.

The pastor of Beau obeys for love and not by compulsion. He is a strong and self-confident dog, very independent and not inclined to obey orders, beauceron temperament. But once you succeed in conquering it, all the commitment and patience you have put on it will be rewarded by a love that knows no bounds.

This is a special dog, that puts his master to the test always, but that also gives infinity of satisfactions if you want to put in the game and let this canine you conquer with its countless qualities, beauceron temperament.

The pastor of Beau, also called Beauceron or Berger de Beau, is a canine breed of French origin recognized by the FCI with the standard n ° 44.

With regard to its origins, it seems that, like other large sheepdogs, it descends from the Canes familiars Pastries, whose fossil finds, were found in the swamp of the French Jura, beauceron temperament. From the middle Ages there comes news of a big dark-mantled dog and lupine appearance, used by French peasants as guardian of property and livestock.

The pastor of Beau comes from the ancient province of Beau which included the plain of Chanters, bordered by the Seine and the Loire in the south of Paris, beauceron temperament. Initially they were born in the same litter subject to long hair and other semi-long or almost short hair.

In 1863 Pierre Megrim, sinology, worked a distinction between long-haired and short-haired subjects, thus defining two well-differentiated breeds: The shepherd of long-haired Brie and the shepherd of short-haired beau, beauceron temperament. The short-haired variety began to be selected from 1867, which with the definition of the standard acquired what is today its physical appearance, more refined than in the past.

Born as a defender and host of livestock today this dog is highly valued as watchdog and as a defensive. In the course of World War I, the pastor of Beau was employed, thanks to his courage, as a search dog for the finding of wounded, as a tow dog and as a Sentinel, beauceron temperament. Once discovered its many capacities in France becomes the dog of utility par excellence.

Beau’s sheepdog is widespread throughout France, so much so as to be considered the second French national race. Today it is also used as a police dog. The first club of the race, called Club Amis Du Beauceron, was born in 1911, beauceron temperament. The breed was gradually spread in Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. In Italy, until a few decades ago it was almost unknown but to this day it is spreading also from us.

The Shepherd of Beau is a dog of large size, solid, rustic, powerful, well-built and muscular but without being heavy. It's a dog. The length of the body should be slightly higher than the height. The head is 2/5 long with the height of the withers is well chiseled with harmonious lines and must be proportionate to the body, beauceron temperament. Skull and nasal reed are of equal length. The skull is flat or slightly rounded. The stop is poorly pronounced.  The truffle is always black and is well developed in relation to the muzzle that is neither narrow nor pointed.

The eyes of the shepherd of Beau are horizontal, slightly oval in shape. They are always dark brown or at most light hazel. The ears are attached high. If cut are worn straight, otherwise they are flat and short. They reach a maximum of half the length of the head. The neck is muscular and the back straight with the rump slightly inclined, beauceron temperament. The tail is low. It is long and forms a slight hook towards the end. In motion can be brought higher than the dorsal line.

The pastor of Beau has an agile and loose gait with well-aligned limbs. He has an elongated trot with good amplitude of motion, beauceron temperament. As far as the size is concerned, the height is around 65-70 cm for the male and 61-68 cm for the female.

The hair is short, thick and adherent to the body. The undercoat is short, fine, dense and fluffy. It is usually dark gray and is not seen through the fur of the mantle, beauceron temperament.  The colors allowed by the standard are two. The Black tan and Harlequin.

The black Tan is also called Bas Rouge. It has the decided black color and the squirrel red color. The seals must be around the eyes, on the lower part of the muzzle, under the throat, under the tail, on the feet. Harlequin is grey and black with a tan, beauceron temperament.

Beau's Sheepdog

Beau Sheepdog: Character

The standard defines it as a dog of many qualities. The pastor of Beau is intelligent, tireless in work, of great temper and sensibility, devout and sincere, beauceron temperament, proud and courageous but without being impulsive, balanced and of great adaptability.

All true but... Well yes there is a MA! Because this definition is really too reductive to describe it. With him loyalty, affection, beauceron temperament, trust and obedience are not at all discounted must be conquered. Always, continually. But if you succeed, then you can only love this wonderful dog.

The pastor of Beau always looks serious even when he takes you for the bottoms, which he does with extreme regularity. This is a dog with a tough character and very hierarchical and always puts you to the test, as a puppy as an adult, beauceron temperament.  If you think of trying to educate him in a hard way, well know that he doesn't work with him.

In fact, he's capable to make you pan for tat while having fun doing it.  Strong manners with him are to be excluded, beauceron temperament. This dog needs someone to respect, a guide that is reliable, coherent and capable of transmitting serenity. Only then will you be able to know this dog in all its beautiful qualities.

Pastor of Beau: relationship with children

When she decides to indulge her confidence she gives herself totally, without saving herself and becomes willing to do everything to make her family happy. With children is very sweet, when he is with a child puts aside all his superiority and becomes extremely affectionate, beauceron temperament. Even with the other pets of his household is quiet, something that cannot be said as much for the animals that are strangers.

The Shepherd of Beau is a dog with a strong and solid temperament. He is practical, independent and not inclined to mawkishness, but when he decides that the mawkishness he likes then he has impulses of affection that make you beat the heart very strong, beauceron temperament. Besides, he can't stand being overlooked. You have to arm yourself with an infinite patience because obeying orders is not very much. The French say that with this dog breed it is necessary to have an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Shepherd of Beau: Breeding and price

If you decide to take a pastor of Beau know right away that this is not an apartment dog and that if you also have a garden, unless it is really big, this dog will need to do a lot of exercise. He's a working dog and he has to do something, always. Walks must be long and frequent, beauceron temperament. He can't stand the short exits. He loves rides on foot or by bike beside his master and him loves hiking in the mountains.

It is a dog that needs to let off steam and if you do not have the chance you can take it out on your own, home or be sad, beauceron temperament. This dog is an athlete is loves all sports or almost. It proves perfect for the dog Agility.

In Italy there are now several breed breeds, with a price starting from 500 euros up.

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