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Blue Lacy Dog Breeders

Blue lacy dog breeders

Name: blue lacy dog

Origin: North America

Average size: 63cm (25in)

Average weight: 23kg (50 lbs.)

Average lifespan: 16 years

Group: Herd

Color: Blue, grey, white, brown, cream, tan, Fawn

Average litter Size: 5

Temperament: Intelligent, active and alert

Training: They must be trained from an early age as they may become dominant.

Blue Lacy Dog Location map of America Norte Blue Lacy Doge Dog Blue Lacy is a breed of working dog that originated in Texas in the mid-nineteenth century, and is the only breed of dog that has originated in that state, blue lacy dog breeders.

Lacy are smart, intense, active and always alert.

Developed to be hunting and grazing dogs, they show incredible motivation and determination to work.

Daring and hard with a tremendous heart, they have enough courage to stop the big game and control the hard cattle

Location of the Blue lacy dog breeders

Lacy also dedicate themselves to their family, they are naturally protective and can distrust strangers.

Young dogs can have too much energy and momentum for young children

Being extremely intelligent, they are easy to train, learning new skills quickly

The Blue Lacy is a working breed and most people need a job

Blue Lace Dog Breeders

The work in which they excel includes cattle grazing; trap management and wild pig hunting.

Modern activities such as agility that emphasize intelligence, passion, speed and agility can be appropriate substitutes for traditional work, blue lacy dog breeders.

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