Bluetick Coonhound Beagle Mix

Bluetick coonhound beagle mix - the Coonhound, also called "Raccoon Hunter", is a dog tracker, medium sized and a strong instinct hunter, being usually predatory of small prey. Strong, agile and fast, it has an extraordinary sense of smell and is very resistant to different climatic conditions. We tell you more about this breed.

Its origin is in the United States and includes different varieties: the Black and Tan Coonhound, the American English coonhound, the Blue tick coonhound, the Redbone coonhound and the treeing Walker Coonhound. The vast majority of specimens descend from the English foxhound, being the result of several crosses, bluetick coonhound beagle mix. It is one of the oldest races in the country, dating back to the 16th century.

Its fur can be black, chestnut, fire or bronze, being able to be even tricolor, and its average weight oscillates between 25 and 36 kg, bluetick coonhound beagle mix. It is also characterized by a great musculature, drooping ears and large eyes. As for their character, they tend to be quiet and quiet, although they need good doses of physical activity because of their powerful instinct hunter.

They are usually good and affectionate with their own, although they must be socialized from puppies. In addition, it is advisable to follow a firm and strict training, always based on positive reinforcement, in order to balance its overflowing energy, bluetick coonhound beagle mix. It is important that you learn the obedience orders well and that you are clear on your limits, both for your owners and for other animals.

On the other hand, the Coonhound usually enjoys good health, bluetick coonhound beagle mix. Your average life is estimated at 11 years, and you may be prone to ear infections and hip dysplasia. It does not require too special care, in addition to frequent veterinary revisions, as with any race. However, it is important that we brush it regularly with a rubber brush to eliminate the dead fur, as well as the long walks.