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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Breeders

Caucasian shepherd dog breeders - I want a Caucasian Shepherd, do I need to know


Withers: at least 65 cm
Weight: about 50 kg
Layer: gray, gold, white, chalky or reddish
Skills: guardian of flocks and property

The Caucasian Shepherd is one of the dogs with more power pressure bite.


It is likely that comes from Caucasian Shepherd Dogo. For a long time, this dog was bred exclusively by the shepherds of the Caucasian mountains (from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea). It was used to guide cattle and defend him from wolves and other predators, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. Throughout the centuries the pastors selected able to withstand the low temperatures in the area more rustic, powerful and robust dogs.


Dog Caucasus is obedient and faithful to its owner, balanced and very suspicious of strangers. Has an excellent memory, is dominant, quiet, quite independent and shown affectionate when he fancy. It is very territorial and used to growl or bark at any noise or suspicious presence, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. Its deterrent power is ideal to use it in the guard house.


The Caucasian Shepherd is a large, robust and muscular wide back straight dog. He has the compact head, broad forehead and short snout. The ears, set high, will hang on the sides of the head and tail, also implanted high, it reaches to the hock. Her hair is smooth, rough and along its length, there are three varieties within the breed: long hair, short hair and intermediate type, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. This layer used to be gray with lighter varying colors (straw, white, red and brindle brown).

EspecíficosPastor care Caucasus

Being a dominant dog (used to guard livestock, people and property) should educate the Caucasian Shepherd with a firm hand (ie not use force), love and patience, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. From the beginning the owner has to make clear that he is the boss.

There is an indoor dog, either by its size and by the need for running and enjoy their independence, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. On the rides must be taken well tied, as it used to close with other dogs and people if you think that invade their territory.

It is often advisable to brush your hair to keep it healthy and looking good.


Dog Caucasus is a strong dog that enjoys good health, a fact that does not mean that is exempt from the typical diseases of large breeds such as hip dysplasia, elbow and stomach torsion.

Tips for buying a Caucasian Shepherd
Find a puppy Internet carries risks, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. To clear the professionalism of the kennel with whom you contactéis, we recommend that ...

Aseguréis ye that answers your questions, who knows the race (who attends dog shows) is discovered, and offered to track the puppy after sale, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. Does it mean, or simply set a price?
Ye shall see if recommended by other breeders, or have references from satisfied customers.

Aseguréis ye that have cattery, their dogs are registered in the LOE and have pedigree in order. Note that process the pedigree of a puppy is not expensive, Distrust phrases "if I give pedigreed will leave much more expensive." More information on prices for a puppy

We give guarantees in relation to health problems, physical, hereditary ... Delivery puppy with veterinary card, chip, vaccinations, deworming and veterinary service history?

You ask me show you let your facility and see Are these copies are free from disease?

And finally, remember that puppies need a minimum of two months with her mother before delivery. Distrust anyone who wants to speed up the process, caucasian shepherd dog breeders.
In addition, always keep in mind the care that requires your future pet. Take note:

In the case of the Caucasian Shepherd is demanding aesthetic maintenance compared to other races, so we should not neglect it.
Daily brushing or two or three times a week.
It should bathe every six to eight weeks, and you have to take care of your nails.
Cut by a groomer.
We must protect your eyes, ears and teeth.

Call your veterinarian as often as required, and have their shots up to date.

On the other hand, the Caucasian Shepherd breed requires a lot of exercise. so should not be neglected his daily walks and play with them, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. No dogs are suitable for life in an apartment.

The character of the Caucasus. Education and training:

The first thing we have to bear in mind that we are facing a very strong physically and very dominant dog, although very attached to the owner much less independent than other mountain breeds.

The first recommendation would be to acquire the puppy dog, between 45 days and three months would be ideal. Slow to mature and could also buy a young dog, a year or year and a half, but according to this exemplary and would not recommend it to everyone, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. Buying an adult Caucasus especially if is a male character, only recommend it to people very bregada in dogs. They are dominant dogs and unless you have a lot of experience with dogs, you'll be difficult to make and also the always remember his first owner.

But buying puppy dog ​​should not have any problem as long as guidelines, which nobody panic, finally after all is not a tiger or lion, is simply a dog followed.

From the outset, you have to command and dominate over the puppy, the must quickly realize that the leader of the family clan is you and not the owner has to be the highest authority within its hierarchy.

Therefore there are situations to be tackled from the outset, as never allow the puppy growls when you approach you or put your hand on your food, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. This is common for puppies do many but not all Caucasus and is very common among dominant dogs of various breeds. Not to reírle grace and never afford. To do this, or given a slap, or better it still catches the neck and he sifts which is what they normally do females with cubs or her grave face up in submissive posture and squeezes in throat . These things have to be done puppy and not for later, with a puppy you'll be able to very easily and quickly learn the lesson, if you wait a few months will already be a large and powerful animal and will be very difficult to achieve this.

But it was clear that we must get your own food can touch or catch your plate and the dog or rechiste. The truth is that this should be done with all the people living in the house, and it is perfectly possible to achieve, but the Caucasus normally only accepts a person as the highest authority of his pack or clan, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. Therefore, avoid risky situations as a child disturb the dog when it is eating, but with a little patience also could get the dog did not make any bad gesture in this situation.

if you want to put the puppy in the kennel and does not also have to catch collar hard and firm voice and get him unceremoniously, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. I repeat that these things have to be done puppy, because if not used to it and a year dog teeth you out wanting to get him into the kennel, you'll hardly be able to make and you will have a very serious problem.

The Caucasus is a generally dominant dog and during growth will try. Sometimes some of their games are like every puppy in the world for fun, but in other attempts to establish a dominance over you, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. I repeat that at all times you must give the puppy understand that it is beneath you in the hierarchical ladder, the leader of the extended family, of his herd, it's you and not him.

Living with a Caucasus presents no problem following some basic rules, truly I tell you, are not tigers, are dogs

It is certainly easy to live with Caucasus, if during this period of growth and self-assertion dog hard, he is clear that you're in charge, caucasian shepherd dog breeders, there will be no problem because it will also help her tremendously loving character with his, his attachment to owner and family and only slightly independent.

When you do something wrong, break something or do their needs outside of your site, you have to rebuke him when he does, caucasian shepherd dog breeders, no later since not relate the fact with punishment and this would not be for nothing. Sometimes if you have to give them a slap or blow to the muzzle and order them dry and hard voice, but nothing must be given beatings or anything. That besides being against animal abuse, you could make an insecure and fearful animals to humans. It is also a very sensitive and proud dog, and feel hurt and humiliated if assaulting. So a blow to the nose or cheek and some cry if it will take some time, but there is nothing seriously attack him. Try to be with sweet and affectionate dog but both firm.

In living with the children of the house does not have to be any problem following the recommendations I make in Article 2.16. If it is appropriate to give a basic obedience, it can be done from about 4 months, at least the dog meets the command "sit", "cast" and above to go to the call. In any education manual and dog training, caucasian shepherd dog breeders, you can find the rules to teach this basic obedience. The Caucasus learn without problem, it seems a smart dog and more active and lively than others molosos mountain.

It is a moderately active dog, not so vague and lymphatic other molosos. For his guard instinct will run immediately where people hear noises or approaching their territory. I say that is much more active than others molosos, caucasian shepherd dog breeders, he loves to run and play, sometimes seem an eternal and giant puppies.

To walk him some, especially young and puppies, are very impulsive and throw much and must be stopped for a while a necklace of punishment to get them used to walk without pulling, but passes the typical situation that is the dog that walks the master and not the other way around, caucasian shepherd dog breeders.

With Caucasians adults and characterful, take precautions to take them, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. They are very reactive and any sudden movement or fuss of a passerby can be taken by the dog as a dog aggression logically repel. It is therefore appropriate to bring these dogs muzzled in areas where many people spend.

Also some specimens are so marked territoriality, they believed that the usual way ride is your territory and attack which crosses this path they consider their own. These dogs usually take them to an exhibition or a street or unusual way, and behave perfectly, but its strong territoriality, considered his usual walk way and attack the passer as if he were a stranger entering his farm, and it is that for, that path is an extension on his farm, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. Therefore caution such as territorial dogs, never carry loose, always bound and well-controlled and muzzled.

But back to the education of the puppies. It is quite easy to teach to do his business during walks or in the right place, caucasian shepherd dog breeders, they are quite clean dogs. Some very distrustful puppies are often reluctant to do their needs outside the garden during their ride and make it to return to this, normally this will correct themselves as they mature and have more security and confidence in mismos.Si want to take much the dog exhibitions, from puppy will be taught to sit and walk and jog on these.

 Puppy also have to teach the puppy to get into the car carrying case or have it in the compartment of the trailer, later it will cost much get him if the dog does not want.

Some are quite barkers. The Caucasus is not a dog barking for no reason, but have so developed guard instinct to bark and growl hear any suspicious noises or if someone approaches their territory.

And on training for guard and defense. First you have to have patience, they are dogs that are slow to mature and can not wait for three months to keep the house. Territoriality and distrust appear highly variable ages, caucasian shepherd dog breeders, there Caucasus than two months are already very distrustful and others who have a year are already some moles and are not discouraged and is affable and sociable with everyone. those dogs that take longer to get character must have patience, often later work better than others early bird, this happens in many cases but not always. The fact is that in two years, a Caucasus must be territorial and distrustful, if at this age it is not, then if we have to worry because that dog and possibly never will be and will be an invalid for the guard dog.

The Caucasus is a dog by nature suspicious of strangers. That in my opinion has to be nurtured, but without reaching excesses. It is not appropriate to be excessively toqueteados by strangers, but we must not isolate them from the world as it could go very distrustful dogs but too insecure. The Caucasus have to see other people and dogs must be socialized naturally and realize that other people and dogs in the world. However, caucasian shepherd dog breeders, to encourage their instinct is better lock him up when there are visits since puppy.

It is convenient to accustom people who will see with some frequency as family home or attending veterinarian. Experience shows however that although let the puppy be fondled from puppyhood, the end takes the distrust because it carries, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. A Onso for novelty, puppy let people touch you enough, of puppies are beautiful balls, wonderful teddy bears and sometimes hard to not let people touch. Distrust took quite a while but eventually sprout inside him as he came out, and after 13 months began to be aggressive and suspicious of strangers and now is a dog with a remarkable distrust.

What I mean is that they are recommended to follow some guidelines as fiddling or let the dog by strangers or isolate excess, but often sends genetics and things follow their natural, caucasian shepherd dog breeders.También channel many people recommend occasionally leave the dog tied to a chain for a few hours on their territory to win territoriality.

What if we must stress again, like all molosos take long to mature and that we can not ask for results very quickly. We must go step by step and have patience, a good Caucasus at the end will work. Why is counterproductive work it or give evidence or defense guard prematurely. Besides a bad experience he could ballasting them forever. Why are not occur when the dog is eight or nine months tell a guy between a suit or a sleeve to test the dog because the dog will not work yet and a bad experience can destroy the character of the dog, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. As far after six months you can say to someone who causes behind the fence to see how they respond to these provocations. Besides the dog it grows behind the fence and those little tests can strengthen their territoriality and distrust. If the dog responds well, encourage him to feel supported by the love and see that it is doing well.

Yes it goes well give chorizos from Snapper puppies or puppy to catch prey. From a year or year and a half according to the copy, you can begin testing them if desired, first giving chorizos and then sleeves, preferably soft for young first and then harder dogs. Anyway, this is a free choice of the owner of a Caucasus, some do not consider it appropriate to give never bite a sleeve or suit. Typically tie the dog to a rope or chain and the trainer will bite the sleeve, caucasian shepherd dog breeders, this is also a good workout as defense dog, the first few times it is good that the dog is accompanied and supported by his master will encourage you if it comes to bite and it is essential to let the dog always comes out as the winner to go taking confidence.

When testing a Caucasus, always keep in mind that this is a moloso mountain, not to a dog RCI We can not assess or test a Caucasus as a Malinois, caucasian shepherd dog breeders, are completely different dogs, there are things a Malinois a Caucasus can not do and vice versa, there are unobtainable things for a Malinois that if you can make a Caucasus.

It varies according to the copy, but until two years would not make them a real test stores in which a helper from the suit in the territory of a Caucasus to see his reaction. The truth is still a good adult Caucasus without any training I must attack and bite in this situation, even when the truth as I say in Article 2.12, many will not do. Advise for this purpose, use high mordant suits, a suit or R.C.I training it is insufficient for the powerful bite and teeth of a Caucasus, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. Anyway, and even he is saying that a good Caucasus must pass this test without any prior training, advise before giving her ever bite sleeve or suit the dog tied to a chain and supported by its owner, and will attack and bite more security and confidence.

Onso 4 months, if a properly educate the Caucasus will not give any problems, far from it all will be satisfactions.

Nor is it good for a dog used too much to bite suit, because they are much used to it and sometimes if you enter an individual without suit dislodged and not bite him, this usually happens with many dogs of all breeds too used to suit or desacostumbrarles sleeve and then you have to use suits or deconditioning of kevlar sleeves, caucasian shepherd dog breeders.

If your dog bites but does not do well with open mouth, not fixed bite or loose or recoils from a moderate punishment, is best placed in the hands of a professional trainer that will make your dog improves all these points, caucasian shepherd dog breeders, but the fact is that Caucasus for many owners this will not be necessary as it will be enough to deter them with behind the fence and attack the intruder who enters its territory without permission.

Of course and as I said in other articles rejections situations like food or poisoned baits, etc attack several extras needed training.

The Caucasus is a very distrustful dog, but much to tell them, believe me that if strangers will take a good steak is going to eat.

I personally think that if you say that a dog is saved, it must try, because mouth all owners say their dogs saved. Adult must test whether the dog in question is worth or not. This is also true for the Caucasus, although I do not like them much. They carry innately guardian, for his great territoriality and distrust, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. When you have two years I like to try to see if it really worth it or not and how much I might like to give a few sessions to set good bite and little else. I do not think that much more needed unless we need a total guard dog for very dangerous or high-risk areas for which advise train it more widely.

As for living with other dogs. The coexistence of a male Caucasian with another of this race or any dominant or combative race is virtually impossible and that even if they brought them together from puppyhood, sooner or soon will be unleashed hostilities. In my case, Onso and Graf was well along when the latter was a puppy, but when served ten months began to challenge Onso and after two small hooked, separated them forever, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. In the case of two males, two zones must enable kennels and never get them out at once. If the other male is a small, feisty little or dominant race, normally there will be problems because the other dog admitted without discussion discussions Caucasus.

Let a male Caucasian you can usually have one poodle or Chihuahua and respect as he does not touch the nose, but it is impossible to live with another male Caucasian or with Asia, Pit Bull, Napolitano or even males but not as combative medium or large breeds such as German Shepherd, Mostin, great Dane or St. Bernard. In the case of females, coexistence between Caucasian female or female dominant races is more feasible but also difficult. Obviously you can not race with a female fight like Pit Bull or Tosa, but sometimes if I've seen live female Caucasian female Caucasus and other large or dominant races, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. Some engaged by leadership or dominance food will have, but cohabitation is not as impossible as in the case of males, especially if the pups together from gilts and yell or punish them at the slightest attempt at confrontation.

In my case this has not been possible, Tutsis came home with year and a half and when he arrived Mesacha was almost three years. The I tried together at first to see if he could to get along and to bring them together, but after two small skirmishes decided to separate because he saw that sooner or later would come the brawl, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. Three weeks ago, Tutsi got into the kennel Mesacha and had a serious fight clearly won by the Cáucasa that cost me tackle. I mean this, that even the coexistence of females of these races can be difficult if not pup from puppies and atajas the slightest confrontation.

This is my comprehensive article on my experiences and advice on education and training Caucasus. Each has his methods, and many will agree and many others not so much. I speak from my experience with my Caucasus and those of friends or acquaintances, caucasian shepherd dog breeders. The Caucasus is a dog that has its peculiarities, he can not be educated and trained as a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever. But following minimum guidelines, coexistence with is perfect and not going to give any problem. Far from it is a dog that can give many satisfactions to a family, which acquires Caucasus rarely regret their decision and engages the race.

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