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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Temperament

Caucasian shepherd dog temperament and behavior. The Caucasian Shepherd is a dog that shows great vigor, strong, balanced and calm. Defense reactions that occur in active form are well developed. The aggressiveness and distrust towards strangers are characteristic.

Its inclusion in the second group of the classification of the International Kennel Club shows that the Caucasian is a shepherd dog, but above all is a mountain dog. It is clearly more powerful animal that most of their counterparts who’s most important function is to keep livestock, people and property from them. Therefore, it has little to do with any companion dog as is commonly understood that these are, not because it unnecessarily aggressive with their owners but simply because it tends to dominate those around you. Hence his education requires a firm hand with kid gloves. Some image of caucasian shepherd dog temperament :

When it is very small, the Caucasian is a lovely hairball awkward gait. The aspect that has more than is what grace does to people, caucasian shepherd dog temperament. But in any case should take care. Those who want to have the animal for its pleasant aspect would be exposed to more than one disappointment after; this dog of about fifty kilos is not willing at all to become a playmate of children - with everything else could play a protective role - or stay quietly lying on the living room carpet. Nothing indoor dog; on the one hand, because it’s imposing size prevents it, and, moreover, because it needs large spaces to move at ease. That is less civilized than the Pyrenees or the St. Bernard that were converted long ago.

However in its functional aspect, we have a dog of imposing physique, he will not try to impose its hierarchy on any household member, accepting orders "all" their own children included, caucasian shepherd dog temperament.

As proof of their low level of dominance is enough to mention that even playing to bite with their owners, who will defend immediately in case of aggression.

Recall that in the Caucasus protects goats from attack by wolves, bears and jaguars, caucasian shepherd dog temperament. What makes it a specialized guard that we should not instruct for this task?

Instead, the Caucasian will you ring finger to people looking for a loyal, capable of protecting animals in any situation. Impressive goalkeeper saved a fierce way the property of its owner, showing viscerally suspicious of strangers. The official standard penalizes any specimen that shows too many obvious signs of sociability, caucasian shepherd dog temperament. So care should be taken when you have a dog like that before; a gesture that must be avoided is to hold out his hand mechanically unless instructed by your owner. Anyway, we underline the remarkable balance showing this mountain dog when the owner is at home and not think of anything abnormal. It has a robust health so you just have to pay it any special care. It will not cost anything and enough sleep out regularly brush your abundant coat to have a good look.

In short if the choice leans toward a dog of great size, excellent guardian, rustic regarding care and feeding and 100% reliable with family members, caucasian shepherd dog temperament. The Caucasian meets these requirements and returns their affection with love and fidelity as a huge size.

A new fact is occurring frequently in the international world, it is the presentation of copies of this race among the participants of the most important dog shows, caucasian shepherd dog temperament. This has the consequence that the popularity of the breed has increased and desired to know more about these animals and especially to know how your character is

Is the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Save

The pastor of the Caucasus belongs to Group I, since the function was covering custody cattle and even still does. It is a naturally predisposed for this task race, it is estimated that a man can keep up to 2000 sheep, 800 pigs or 400 shots heads, caucasian shepherd dog temperament. Man has expanded the role of herd custody to the custody of goods, so also in Group II.

Dog fight

The pastor of the Caucasus has been fighting with bears, wolves and other dogs from the remotest antiquity. A fairly common confrontation in the Caucasus region is the clash with Wolves, so this breed of dog has developed, through generations, caucasian shepherd dog temperament, an innate ability to fight. Its privileged physical and neurological system that does not make you feels pain makes this race undisputed leader fights.

Dog for hunting big game

The pastor Caucasus not knowing fear, copes with all the wild animals that you can happen to one, bears, pumas, wild boars and even tigers, caucasian shepherd dog temperament. Training to fulfill this role of assistant in hunting, it is fast and easy to learn by these dogs.

Personal bodyguard

They are always on guard and vigilant when crossing their territories and sleep do in a state of permanent vigilance, so the slightest sound the alert will immediately. Even those who always guarded around the person, who intend to enter unusual hours, caucasian shepherd dog temperament, it can only do if the owner of the house allows them, otherwise the dog act.

Military and police dog

In countries that are within the old Soviet orbit, they are given military training. By the police they are trained for riot control groups, caucasian shepherd dog temperament. They are also used for surveillance at the border, the guards accompanying moving in inhospitable areas and large distances to travel.

Pastor character Caucasus

This animal has developed self-preservation and territoriality. With his temperatenthas learned to economize forces, as the food is almost always in short supply or not found regularly in their original habitat, caucasian shepherd dog temperament. This conservation is important when analyzing the temperament of these animals since the specialization of their work is present as a deep imprint on his character.

As shepherds herd consists Caucasus

It is estimated that the leaders that are generated are: dominant dog, which has priority in food · Dog leader, who organizes the pack and the other members follow their behavior · sexual dominant dog, which dominates in competition for mating · Dog frontier guards, who watches over territorial boundaries and involved with the consent of the leader in border conflict. What do you think about caucasian shepherd dog temperament ?

Education puppy

To enjoy a good shepherd Caucasus and can live with our family, it is essential to educate very young. Every educational process will be to go in the puppy creating confidence in their own, establishing a relationship based on trust that will allow the puppy not act based on the principle of self-defense, caucasian shepherd dog temperament. The ideal place to start this process with age is when the animal is at least 45 days. It is convenient to separate from his mother because they are doing the "imprinting".

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