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Caucasian Shepherd Dog vs Wolf

Caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf and dogs with the strongest bite, Attention asks; say you'd know what the dogs with the strongest bite? The dog descended from the wolf, a wild animal, intelligent, and physically formidable one. So with such a "grandfather" in his lineage, it is logical that some dog breeds have preserved powerful jaws, right?

Maw Dog

What dog breeds believe they have the most bestial world bite?

Perhaps the first that comes to mind is the Pit-bull, as happens to most people, but let us not get ahead is the winner of the ranking of the most formidable jaws prunes. Watch this ranking of dogs, reveal studies on the subject! Some image of caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf :

How bite force measured ?

Force Merida Wolf with BFQ 136La force of the bite or sting of a dog (and other animals in general) is measured by the pressure exerted by the jaw shut to bite. The meter is the most widely used BFQ.

The BFQ (Bite Force Quotient for short) is a ratio that measures the strength of bite on the weight of the animal, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf.

Among mammals, the palm takes the Tasmanian devil a toddler very fierce and strong. To give you an idea:

The Tasmanian devil has a BFQ 181
A gray wolf 136
A hyena 117
A small domestic cat 58.
Ranking Dogs with the strongest bite:

And what about the dogs, what breeds bite stronger? We know that wild wolves can exert more pressure with his bite than dogs. And generally larger and heavier dogs have a more powerful small jaw, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf.

Although the strength of the jaw varies between different copies of the same race and different circumstances, so they gross jaw dogs (and bite) would be more powerful:

1. The dog with the strongest bite is the Mastiff:

This huge big dog can weigh 90 or 100 kg. No wonder that his jaw is considered by many as the most powerful among dogs, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf. Although keep in mind one thing, say mastiff dog is like saying "family" because in truth there are many different types of dogs and mastiffs mastiff derivatives.

According to some data, the strongest bite that was measured was a mastiff, but also considered that on average, the Rottweiler breed would be the number 1.

 2. Force Rottweiler Bite:

The Rottweiler is a large dog bred in Germany, which was used for the job, since it served as a sheepdog, guard and even to pull carts carrying meat market, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf. (Learn all about the Rottweiler dogs).

Rottweiler dog breed

We have placed the Rottweiler in second place, but according to various studies such as that conducted National Geographic Rottweiler would dispute the first place the mastiff. That is who has the strongest bite or mastiff Rottweiler?

As we are a bit dubious. The powerful head, muscular neck and powerful jaw could do Rottweiler worthy number one ranking.

* Note: In the study of National Geographic to which I refer and link (you can see, is a video in English), shown this ranking, eye, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf, but has only been measured bite to 3 breeds of dogs and did not use the BFQ as meter, so the scores are so high:

The dog with the strongest bite is the Rottweiler with a score of 328
The German shepherd is second bite force with a score of 238
The pit-bull is in third place.

So what is the dog with the strongest bite of the world? between the mastiff and Rottweiler we would hay, depending on the source consulted ... That has an explanation and it is believed that the remote origin of Rottweiler mastiff-type dogs are brought by the Romans in northern Europe.

3. German Shepherd:

Another German can, as the Rottweiler (certainly Germany is the country best represented in the ranking of dogs with the strongest bite). In the tests performed the German shepherd rate only slightly below the Rottweiler, which is surprising when you consider that this is a sheepdog, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf.

German shepherd breed characteristics

What nobody can deny it is that German shepherd is a real all-rounder; sheepdog, police, rescue, pet friendly protective of children ... in short, a real dog sir. (Learn more about the German shepherd breed here).

4. Pit Bull:

The Pit-bull of course it is in the ranking, but is not number one. And the pit-bull exerts less pressure with his jaw that the German Shepherd, but still remains at the top of the standings, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf.

In resume, from existing studies today, these would be the dog breeds with the strongest bite.

However we now have reliable studies on the bite force of a few breeds of dogs, and we will have to wait for the future to complete this ranking with dogs like Bull Terrier, Akita, Doberman, press canary, dog argentine or Siberian Husky.

Other races not included in the study:

There are two other breeds of dog little known, but is gaining popularity lately, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf. And both are strong and formidable jaws, used in Turkey and Armenia to guard herds and out to the wolves.

Unfortunately as I know, there are still no studies measured the strength of his bite, but in the future certainly will be. They are:

Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Mastiff Caucasus or the Caucasus.

The Turkish Kanga

We talk about them in the post which is the world's strongest dog. But no, the Caucasus and kanga shepherd dogs are Mastiff type. So somehow would be reflected in the number one ranking, the mastiff.

Studies jaws of dogs and their bite not take into account the motivation of dog bite:

This is a subject so difficult to measure, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf, because if you see pictures of National Geographic just called the dog to bite the arm protected coach, who knows.

But surely that same dog if it feels threatened or is threatening its owner, your home or your life and is very stressed or angry, it would give a much higher when biting score.

Motivation and emotion at a given time is printed to an action, can multiply its strength and that motivation is difficult to achieve in school.

Force dog bite and danger:

Dogs with the strongest bite. Guard dog training with special suit
Caucasian shepherd dog training with special suit

We must make a clarification on strength and danger. Obviously, be strong, it does not mean being dangerous. In other words, dogs with the strongest bite are not necessarily the most dangerous.

The danger of breeds or dogs usually due to education that the dog is given and how balanced it is. To be balanced, a dog needs exercise, rules, honey, be treated well and not being stressed) caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf.

There are people who train dogs professionally to devote to monitoring or guard duties. A dog can be well trained to guard, but not necessarily be in aggressive mode and altered throughout the day.

But there are also irresponsible owners who raise and educate in order to encourage aggression. Try a dog in their daily lives is altered, aggressive, and fear does not prove that the owner is strong or respectable, but although not apparent, in the background is insecure and need the dog to compensate, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf.

Who is sure of his strength, no need to continually prove it? Take for example, the typical Chihuahua barking and altered, and a German shepherd who is usually quieter. This is simply because the Chihuahua, tiny as it is, in general, is afraid, while the German shepherd is sure of his physique, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf. The saying "barking dog biter bit" going out there. What do you think about caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf ?

If you are a dog owner with high BFQ you should pay more attention to their education and socialization, besides providing limits, rules, walks and enough exercise to lower your energy level.

Any well-educated and cared for dog can become the ideal companion for you and your neighbors. If this topic interests you, we have prepared a post that dogs are pop (potentially dangerous dogs) and what qualifications are required to have one, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf.

However strong jaw has, we know from experience that dogs have bigger heart!

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