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Caucasian Shepherd Dog vs Wolf Documentary

Caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf documentary and the Guardian Pastor Caucasian (Charka). Dog Breed Caucasian Shepherd is also known as Charka is a livestock guardian breed in the regions of Georgia, Armenia and Turkey. It has also been used as a versatile breed dog in the Russian military.


This is a large breed, males can measure up to 65 centimeters and weigh more than 45 kilograms. Of course the females are slightly smaller. The head is wedge-shaped, the eyes are dark and ears can be trimmed. Its coat is composed of two layers, the inner and outer densest slightly longer. The most common color is gray, but may have other colors like rust, straw, earth, spotted, dappled and brindle. Some image of caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf documentary :


Charka layer usually tends to shed hair all the time, but brushing two to three times a week can control and keep the environment clean, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf documentary. Consider that when you start mounting, it is necessary to brush the dog daily.

This is a race of little power. He will be very happy with a walk in the morning or at night and sleep during the heat of the day, but if an intruder dares to enter the house or yard, he immediately protects your territory, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf documentary.

These breed puppies are more playful and restless than adults, so it is advisable to start training them and educate them from an early age. Because in this way the link between the owner as pack leader and the dog as a respected member of the herd is established. What do you think about caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf documentary ?

As are watchdogs, early socialization helps the dogs of this breed to adapt to the society in which they live.


This breed of dog is not suitable for everyone. They require time, attention, frequent training and a lot of investment in time.

Without proper training, they can be very aggressive with both people and other dogs.

Like most watchdogs, they are barking too much, which can disturb the neighbors.

The race can be good with children in the family, but not necessarily with friends of their children, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf documentary.

Regarding health issues, it is clear that this is a healthy breed, although it can have some not so serious illnesses.

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