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Characteristics of the Rottweiler

Characteristics of the Rottweiler - we explain how the Rottweiler, what temperament is and personality presents this breed of dog, and what are its main features.

The Rottweiler is a breed of dog that originated in Germany. Many say that it descends from the Boots vibrato although others maintain that it comes from the Colossians in Germany during the Roman invasions, characteristics of the rottweiler. In the Middle Ages and in the town of Rottweiler in the South of Germany, this dog was characterized by its strength and courage. For this reason it was used as career of herds.

The Rottweiler has a robust and compact appearance. It possesses great strength, agility and has a harmonious proportion. Although this dog participated in race clubs from the year 1907, the recognition of the breed came recently in 1966. But it was only in 1970 that it became known around the world, characteristics of the rottweiler.

The historic nickname of "dog butcher" is a major organization of people whose profession was that of butchers, adopted it as his favorite dog. From there earned that nickname.

Characteristics of the Rottweiler


1. Physical texture
2 personalities
3. Health problems
4 temperament and education
5 tips
6 coat
7 heights
8. Body weight
9 head, eyes, and ears
10 recommendations for ageing

Physical texture
It has a highly developed banister and his body, in general, is very muscular appearance.

Loyalty: He shows towards his master a great devotion. Despite the fact that many hold otherwise, the characteristics of the breed show, in General, are very patient with children especially if they are within the close family circle, characteristics of the rottweiler.

Training: It is considered that it is the breed more intelligent and easy to train, characteristics of the rottweiler. To achieve that you have an unalterable obedience, it is essential to give a young education, showing firmness in his actions but without aggression or brutality since they understand very well the orders without resorting to shock.

Silent: He is rather quiet and very observant. They are extremely guardians and it can become aggressive with strangers.

Health problems
Generally this breed tends to have hip dysplasia problems. Also some dogs often have narrowing of the eyelids, characteristics of the rottweiler.

Also like to eat more than necessary. This creates overweight easily often causing snoring.

Temperament and education
It is a rugged and robust breed, characteristics of the rottweiler. Serene, balanced, calm, brave and independent even though it has a strong and dominant temperament. Mostly this feature is more seen in males.

It has black nails and feet arched and round. Usually shuts they tail leaving only the 2 first vertebrae. Anyway this is still an aesthetic detail and you can choose to not cut off his tail.

It has a short, hard and thick hair, characteristics of the rottweiler. Smooth, generous appearance and black majority. Although in certain areas (such as the cheeks, neck or feet) it has fur that varies to Brown clear or reddish brown.

The male measures between 61 to 68 cm. While the female is slightly smaller measuring between 56 to 67 cm.

Body weight
In the male the average weight is 50 kg. And in the female it is 42 kg.

Head, eyes, and ears
His head is very sturdy and strong. Hallmark has a powerful jaw. Its slightly convex skull. Their eyes are medium sized almond and dark brown color. Their ears are harmonic, with an inclination forward, pendants, characteristics of the rottweiler.

Recommendations for ageing
You need lots of space and a daily training. You don't like to be tied or locked up. It is better to make walks or trots on a daily basis, characteristics of the rottweiler. As special feature suffer much heat and love to find things (objects) lost.

The life expectancy of the Rottweiler is between 11 and 12 years old, on average, characteristics of the rottweiler.

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