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Cockapoo - Origin, Characteristics, Puppy, Colors, Care, Education, Health, You Need To Know About Them

The cockapoo is, like many other hybrid dog breeds, one of the trend crosses in recent years. Its endearing appearance, like that shown by the pomsky or the maltipoo, shows that, increasingly, people are looking for a partner with personality, regardless of their race. Despite this, it is true that this particular cross is highly appreciated, as a result of the result between a standard poodle and a cocker spaniel. Do you want to know how cockapoo arose and what they are like? Find out in Animal Expert!

Origin of the cockapoo
The first recognized cockapoo specimens were born in the 1950s. They did so in the United States, where they became very popular in no time. They were some beautiful and striking puppies, so they did not take long to reach other countries, until they were present throughout the world. The breed is not officially recognized by international cynological organizations, which list it as a hybrid or mixed race. This fact means that there is no official breed standard, so all individuals that result from a cross between an English Cocker Spaniel and a standard poodle can automatically be considered a cockapoo.

Cockapoo characteristics
Cockapoo are medium-sized dogs, because although there is great variability between some specimens and another, the average body weight is between 5 and 10 kilograms, with their usual height being between 25 and 40 centimeters. They are dogs with great longevity, as their average life expectancy ranges from 14 to 18 years.

The appearance of these dogs depends fundamentally on the predominant genetic load in them. In this way, there will be specimens that are almost identical to either a poodle or a cocker spaniel, for example having the square snout of the cocker or the white fur of the poodles. There are also specimens in which the balance between both parent breeds is perfect, having characteristics of one and the other in equal measure.

In general, the most uniform feature shared by all the specimens is that they are medium in size, with long ears and that fall on their cheeks and that their fur is long and wavy. They are also considered one of the ideal dog breeds for people with an allergy to dog hair, as they hardly lose any hair and are considered hypoallergenic.

The cockapoo puppy
Already from puppies it can be easy to distinguish "who has come out" the cockapoo, seeing if it is more like a poodle or a cocker. Without a doubt you can already see that they are active dogs, although not too nervous, playful and very happy. They especially love puppies and they love that we are with them all the time, because they are much attached and follow their owners wherever they go. This may mean that when we have to go out and they stay at home they cry and bark a lot, due to the anxiety that this generates, something to which we will pay more attention in the training section.

Cockapoo colors
In the absence of an official standard for this hybrid breed, all colors of the parent breeds are "accepted". Thus, there are puppies, white, black, gray, liver, blonde, chocolate or tuxedo, in addition to the 50% mixtures between them, with black and white, chocolate, red or blonde mixed with white being frequent, as well as the roan.

Cockapoo character
Cockapoo are usually dogs with a very good character. They are sociable, extremely affectionate, love company and care, smart and active. They are popular as therapy and assistance dogs due to their kindness and balanced character.

These are dogs that establish strong ties with their loved ones, and not only with people, but also with other dogs or pets. This causes them to show behaviors that demonstrate their love for their owners, such as following them throughout the house, sitting on their feet or demanding affection and attention in the most endearing and fun ways.

But, this also makes them not tolerate loneliness, so they are not a good choice if we usually spend a lot of time at work or away from home in general. In these cases cockapoo often develop problems such as anxiety, depression or even show destructive or aggressive behavior.

Cockapoo care
The cockapoo need us to pay them a series of attentions to be in the best conditions. The main and most important to be balanced is without a doubt that we dedicate all the time and affection that is possible, because this way we will have a happy and happy pet. Regarding basic care, it is important that we provide them with a balanced diet adjusted to their energy and nutritional needs. Combined with good hydration and daily exercise.

Its coat needs to be brushed on a daily basis, since its length and that it is wavy can otherwise make knots and tangles that even require that we cut them because they are impossible to undo. Baths can be done from time to time to remove the smell from the hair, as some owners say they can smell otherwise.

Cockapoo education
Cockapoo are extremely intelligent dogs, as well as very attentive, so their training is usually quite bearable. They are good as assistance dogs, something they have been trained for since the breed's inception. The coaches highlight their tenacity, sometimes translated into stubbornness, and a predisposition to learn and work.

One factor that can pose some problems for us is that, being very dependent and loving the company, they can show separation anxiety. This is often accompanied very often by endless barking and crying. So it is important that we know what separation anxiety is, as well as the different techniques that exist to treat it. One of them is the use of kong to treat separation anxiety, a technique that has proven to be very effective if performed accurately.

Cockapoo health
Cockapoo do not stand out for being one of the hybrid breeds with the most health problems, generally having good health. However, they can inherit from both poodles and cockers the tendency to suffer from some congenital diseases.

One of these conditions is the greater tendency to suffer from ear infections such as otitis. This condition is also painful, quite dangerous if not treated early, as it can cause permanent deafness. Therefore, if we notice any symptoms that make us suspect that there is an infection in the ear, such as scratching the area more than normal, showing pain or being restless, we should go to the vet. This can recommend that we do hearing cleaning, using a special product.

Other conditions that can present are patellar dislocation, which they inherit from the cocker spanks and affects the health of their knees, or eye problems such as progressive retinal atrophy, which is common in poodles. For all these reasons, we advise to make veterinary visits every 6 or 12 months that help us to follow an adequate preventive medicine, also carrying out a strict follow-up of the vaccination schedule and carrying out periodic deworming, both internal and external.

Adopt a cockapoo
Surely after meeting the cockapoo you have wanted to have one in your home. But what do you have to do to adopt a cockapoo? This may be a headache for many, as some did not even know that the race existed, but here we will try to guide you in its adoption.

Above all it is recommended to go to associations, shelters and kennels. Well, this way we can save a puppy from the street and give it a second or third chance, since many of them have already gone through several homes and consequent abandonments. These dogs are usually very grateful, it is certainly a good idea to adopt a stray dog, because they have infinite love to give.

Although it seems to us that we will not be able to find a cockapoo in a refuge, surely we will find various crosses, among them who knows, perhaps some cockapoo. The key is not to despair and to search several places, we can also ask to be notified if someone comes in to respond to our demands.

If we are going to adopt a cockapoo, whether it is a puppy or an adult, it is vital to take into account its care and requirements. In this way we must be aware that we are dealing with a very dependent dog that cannot spend many hours in solitude. Adopting helps to stop animal abandonment and give another chance to the most disadvantaged, always resorting to a responsible and consistent adoption.

Cockapoos: 8 things you need to know about them
If there ever was a mixed breed that stole our hearts, it's definitely the cockapoo (sometimes called a cockapoodle). Although it is not the first doodle breed that existed (that position is taken by the labradoodle), the mix of cocker spaniel and poodle is one of the most popular and with good reason: they are absolutely fascinating pets.

Here you can discover some characteristics about cockapoo that you may not know. Although if you are a fan of the breed, you are probably already aware ...

1. Cockapoo is one of the friendliest dog breeds
It's hard to know exactly where some traits come from in dogs but for some reason, this mix tends to be one of the friendliest on the planet - and it also has one of the cutest smiles! This is a dog that will happily greet you when you enter your home or apartment, will follow you everywhere, and will snuggle up sweetly next to you on the couch or directly on your lap. No matter where you go, the cockapoo will follow you.

These little ones are excellent therapy dogs, due to their friendliness, sociability and personality. In addition, their small size (their maximum weight is 11 kg) makes them ideal for anyone who feels nervous near a dog or for patients who have trouble moving from their bed, for example.

2. They are extremely smart
They can learn many more commands than the classic "sit", "down" and "still" commands. These doggies are capable of following more complicated routines, as you can see in this video where Sushi, the cockapoo, can do 20 tricks in less than three minutes. Cockapoos have shown us that they know how to dance and that they love interactive toys.

3. They are energetic hair balls
Although they don't need too much daily exercise, cockapoos are very energetic. You will see them running in circles on a regular basis. Do you want to play ball with them? You're in luck because cockapoos will always want to play, whether in the living room or in the park. Some people say they never lose that "puppy" personality. Don't be surprised if their enthusiasm rubs off on you, it's hard to see their happy faces and not feel that the world is a little better place.

4. Your ears need special cleaning
While the droopy ears of the cockapoo are really pretty, they can also cause ear infections if not properly maintained as they don't get as much fresh air. Check with your vet about the best way to clean those furry ears. Another way to control the cleanliness of your little one's ears and ears is by making sure that his hairdresser cuts excess hair in that area regularly.

5. If you want to receive kisses with good breath, be sure to brush your teeth
According to the American Kennel Club, small dogs tend to have tartar buildup and other dental problems that lead to tooth loss more often than larger dogs. Cockapoo is no exception. Maintaining that beautiful healthy smile implies dedication, that is, you will have to brush your teeth daily and carry out checks at the vet regularly to avoid any dental problem. The reward is a happy and healthy pet that will give you lots of sweet kisses, without having bad breath!

6. Cockapoos don't lose much hair
Like poodles, their coat tends to be wavy and their hair does not shed easily. As much as we can not assure that it is ideal for an allergic person, having a cockapoo can be convenient, since normally her hair does not float in the air at any time.

7. They come in many colors
You may be more familiar with a white or cream colored cockapoo, but these adorable puppies have different colored coats, from white to black and many colors in between. It's hard to foresee what color a cockapoo puppy will be until it is born, but the good news is that no matter what color they are on the outside, they are all sweet on the inside.

8. Prepare to lose your determination
Maybe it is because they are very sweet and energetic 95% of the time, or maybe because we are too weak internally, but it is impossible to say no to this dog. Look at that face ... wouldn't you do whatever it takes to make this little boy happy again?

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