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Cute Rottweiler Puppy Dog

Cute rottweiler puppy - rottweiler dogs are Colossians, large dogs of German origin, but whose age goes back many centuries ago. The Rottweiler dog has an extraordinary strength and power, but also nobility and obedience. The Rottweiler is extremely intelligent, friendly, loyal, and affectionate.

Seems fire, right? So to break myths we tell to you that in the most recent studies on canine aggression even appear in the Top 10 of the most aggressive breeds. (Maybe the authorities that classify them as "dangerous breed" should carry muzzle before the Rottweiler’s.) In short, this port safe and stately, well trained dog will delight any owner, cute rottweiler puppy. All a Mr. Dog!

The Rottweiler is the ideal dog for:
-Active people, lover of sport and outdoor outlets.
-People with experience with dogs, who know how to be strong and calm in their education.
-Active families who enjoy the rides and the exits to the field, especially with older children, cute rottweiler puppy.

Rottweiler dogs

A Rottweiler dog needs exercise, walk and walk, but also be able to run. To have a Rottweiler tied all day or locked up in a flat without leaving almost, it is best to not have it, cute rottweiler puppy. A Rottweiler dog can live in an apartment with a committed owner with gives you daily activity, but if not, it is best that they have a parcel of land where to run and have their space.

History of the Rottweiler dogs:
The history of the Rottweiler dog is lost in time, since it is an ancient breed that we don't have many written documents, cute rottweiler puppy. Despite this, it is quite clear that the Rottweiler is descendants of ancient Mastiff type dogs brought to the learned regions by the Roman Empire.

This statue so muscled that we found in the British Museum in London is one of those Colossians of Greco-Roman antiquity, ancestors of the Rottweiler.

History of the origin Rottweiler dog

Roman ambition by the conquest of new territories has much to do with the expansion of their dogs by Europe, cute rottweiler puppy. To feed the numerous army of Rome, they were necessary supplies such as wheat or meat.

Transporting the wheat for the troops was easy, but in an era in which there were no refrigerators or freezers, how they transported the meat? Alive and in flocks.

Dogs Rottweiler

What did the Roman army was to travel through Europe and the Middle East with large herds of sheep and goats, cute rottweiler puppy. And there is where their big dogs that were worth so much to guard were fundamental to guard and guide the flocks up.

When the Roman Empire collapsed, these dogs remained in many villages of Europe. For example, in the region German of Rottweiler, cute rottweiler puppy, famous for the livestock, these dogs interbred with the native dogs and little by little the Rottweiler breed originated.

The Rottweiler were originally dogs of grazing cattle and other livestock, defense against attackers and wolves, and serving also as pulling carts to transport wild animals to the city, where they were sold, cute rottweiler puppy. Therefore also referred to as the "butchers of Rottweiler dog".

Due to the appearance of the train, a method of loading and transport more efficient and cheaper than the dogs, this breed was redundant and the Rottweiler came almost to extinction, cute rottweiler puppy. Without livestock to transport to the city for what have one of these parasols at home?

But luckily for them, the Rottweiler was declared a police dog in 1910 due to his intelligence and easy training, cute rottweiler puppy. Thus its popularity and breeding returned to pick up, until the Second World War.

During this period, as many other races, war combats almost wrecking the Rottweiler. Fortunately after a program of breeding and recovery of Rottweiler’s, nowadays this is one of the most loved and appreciated, cute rottweiler puppy, both for work and for company dogs.

Dogs Rottweiler behavior:
The character of the Rottweiler is loyal, quiet, sure of itself, intelligent, brave and obedient, cute rottweiler puppy. He is very devoted to his owner and love working and stay active and busy that. Therefore they are large dog’s police, rescue and excellent guard dogs.

The Rottweiler always is alert to noise or the presence of strangers to protect its owner or his family, but normally react so calm and attentive, to see if it is a real "threat" or not. The Rottweiler is confident dogs, cute rottweiler puppy, so its nature is reasonably quiet, despite its fierce appearance. Having a large well-educated Rottweiler at home is a delight, and make you feel almost as if you had a human guardian and looking after you! (♥‿♥)

Dogs Rottweiler features

The incredible strength of this dog, coupled with lack of education by an irresponsible or too unconscious owner, however, is a risk factor that has brought fame of dangerous dogs Rottweiler, cute rottweiler puppy.

Why are indispensable attention, and a proper training and socialization from the start? In short, there are no dangerous breeds, cute rottweiler puppy, only irresponsible owners who allow and even encourage a dog aggressive or uncontrolled.

Indeed, as we noted earlier, in the most recent studies on canine aggression the Rottweiler they even appear in the Top 10 of aggressive dogs.

It is a breed of working, of medium size, compact, robust and powerful appearance, but at the same time provided and agile. The Rottweiler is classified within the large dog breeds, cute rottweiler puppy, and weigh between 40 and 50 kg, and measuring about 65 to 68 cm at the withers.

Dogs Rottweiler as so in

They have ears falls of medium size, wide truffle and always black with relatively large nostrils and lips should be black.

Rottweiler dogs possess a formidable, very strong jaw and closing scissor.

That is color a Rottweiler? The mantle of Rottweiler dogs is also shiny black with reddish markings on the muzzle, legs and chest, cute rottweiler puppy. It is noteworthy that there are two main lines of breeding, the European and the American, being in the latter the taller and more stylized copies.

Dogs Rottweiler common health problems:
Surely the common health problem most of the Rottweiler, which are large breed, is hip dysplasia. Put simply, it is a genetic disease that consists of that dog hip bone and the femur (the bone of the back leg) do not coincide, cute rottweiler puppy. -If you have a Rottweiler puppy is important to catch it early. When in doubt, I recommend to read (post and video) 6 symptoms hip dysplasia.

The Rottweiler and the force of its jaws:
As we noted, did you know that the Rottweiler dog is considered one of the races with of the planet's most powerful bite?

So it is, the force of a dog bite is normally measured by the BFQ (or bite force coefficient for its acronym in English) cute rottweiler puppy. It is a coefficient that analyzes the pressure that is capable of performing a dog with the mouth in relation to their body mass.

If you want to expand the ranking and know what dogs with bite stronger in the world, click the link and don't miss our post!

Videos of Rottweiler’s:
The Rottweiler is noble and strong dogs, but can also be emotional and fun with the proper training. If you don't believe it, look at these videos!

Rottweiler Weeps for her dead brother emotional Video.
Dodge cat rolling on the carpet with their Rottweiler’s, cute rottweiler puppy.

The Rottweiler is considered dangerous breed in many countries:
Unfortunately the authorities of many countries confuse force with endangerment and the Rottweiler as a "pop", i.e. a potentially dangerous dog is considered, cute rottweiler puppy.

This is a populist and unfair to this noble breed of working dog, cute rottweiler puppy, measure to start because it is already assumed "guilty" of a crime they have not committed.

In many countries, this implies that own a Rottweiler, you have to get a special license of "dangerous dogs", pay insurance civil liability, etc.

All the info on the subject in-> dangerous dogs:

It is a potentially dangerous dog
That license needs to coexist with a pop, cute rottweiler puppy.
License to fines you post if you don't have pop.

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