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French Shepherd Dog Beauceron

French shepherd dog beauceron - not to be deceived by its name, the pastor of Beauce also called Beauceron is not originating in this French region, the same happens with the pastor of Brie. In both cases these were selected Dominations in the late nineteenth century to differentiate two dogs from the same group. The pastor of Brie was already linked to the long-haired, so that day 11 was related to the short hair. The abbot Rosier was first to mention, in its course of agriculture, in 1809, the existence of two varieties of sheepdog that were used for different purposes. But the description of his time is far from resembling the kind we know today.

Pastor of Beauce Beauceron 1

In 1892 the Sinology Paul Real noted the presence of sheepdogs in the exhibitions and the following year was written inscribed in the first spokesman in the Book of French origins, french shepherd dog beauceron. Up to 1896 the characteristics of both varieties were not really established. It should be mentioned that there is a variety of Beauceron called Harlequin, which is, in a way, the poor relative of the breed. It owes its survival some breeders passionate for this variety, which is distinguished by the meticulous distribution of colors: neither too grey nor a grey too clear.


He's a loyal, courageous, patient and resilient dog. It is not of the dogs that protest the work and will do everything possible to please his master, even in the toughest and most delicate missions. His character made him a valuable ally during the war, french shepherd dog beauceron.

He's a great athlete, able to travel dozens of miles in one day. But I also like the warmth of the fireplace and loves to lie down near her and her masters. Life on a floor is not a problem, as long as it can go out regularly, french shepherd dog beauceron, although this effective guardian would better have a garden. It is easy to understand why the writer Colette called the "rural Gentleman".

Training and Education:

With the education of this dog everything is a matter of dosage. You don't have to let him get away with it, because he sometimes flaunts a surprising stubbornness. We will have to balance affection and firmness, reward and demand. She loves to play with the kids; she can show herself calm, sweet and patient with them, french shepherd dog beauceron. Now that he no longer holds herds, a task in which he was excellent, he has overturned all protection and affection in his little family, which will make his owners happy.

Care and Health:

Since 1977, the French club of La Raze has set in motion a rigorous policy in regard to dysplasia, french shepherd dog beauceron. Although it is not the most affected race, it is advisable to demand the document issued by the club after the radiological examination. It is a precaution that is worth taking and no serious breeder will be offended by it. From the point of view of the toilet, it will suffice with a regular brushing to eliminate the dead hairs, that yes, it is necessary to increase the periodicity during the mounting time.

The question of size and color:

The question of size has long been the subject of debate, in the first standard was between 60 and 70 cm, male and female. In 1955, the minimum step at 63 cm the male and 61 cm for the female, french shepherd dog beauceron. Ten years later, in 1965 a new criterion was established: 65-70 cm for the male and 63-68 cm for the female. In 1979 the size of the females was lowered again: minimum 61 cm.

There is also a controversy surrounding the color of the eyes of the harlequin. Relying on the opinion of the Zoo technical commission of the Central Canine Society of France, french shepherd dog beauceron, the French club has determined in admission of any color.

Key data:

Group: I

Size: From 65 to 70 cm in male, 60 and one to 68 cm female.

Weight: Not specified in standard.

Color: Black Fire Red (bicolor), bottom of red legs, in black is very intense. With other reddish-brown eyes. Harlequin: Grey, Black and Fire (tricolor). The Harlequin accepts any of the eyes.

Hair: Strong, dark, thick, compact and smooth layer, french shepherd dog beauceron.

Ears: straight if cut, not diverging or converging, pointing slightly forward. Uncut, not adhered, flat and rather short.

Tail: Long, pendant, which arrives at least to the tip of the hock, without deviations, forming a light "J"-shaped hook.

Other names: Berger de Beauce, Beauceron, and Bas-Rouge (for the color of the "socks") french shepherd dog beauceron.

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