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Kangal Dog Temperament Information

Kangal dog temperament - the Turkish Kangal dog is a giant come directly from the antiquity. The pure-bred kangal is a very rare dog, even in your native land, where it is found most in rural areas as a shepherd. It is also one of the strongest and bravest breeds of dogs. Discover the characteristics of this Turkish dog

Turkish Kangal Dog features and information:

History and Origin of the Turkish Kangal:
The origin of the Kangal dog is in central Turkey, in the province of Sivas, kangal dog temperament. For the Turks this dog is a national treasure, since it is a very old race, which probably exists since the Roman Empire.

We have no written testimonies of his remote history, and that is why there are several theories, kangal dog temperament. The most widespread says that the Turkish Kangal comes from three lines of dogs, which the ancient Roman soldiers crossed to accompany the army in their marches:

The dogs of the Assyrian Empire, who were of mastiff, type (the so-called "Melon of Assyria").
The Roman Colossians brought from Greece (depicted by the statue below), kangal dog temperament. The English Mastiff, a dog that impressed the Romans and Julius Caesar himself for his bravery in the conquest of Britain.

History of the Rottweiler dog origin

The Romans created their new and powerful hybrid and used these dogs as a guard and also took them with the army to conquer new territories, as they needed shepherd dogs to guide and guard the cabanas of sheep and goats that fed the soldiers, kangal dog temperament.

At a time when there were no refrigerators or preservatives.

This is how this dog was born, which later the Romans themselves export to other countries of southern Europe, among them, Turkey, where it finishes forming and developing this race.

What do the Turkish shepherds of the Kangal dog say?
They say something nice about them... They say Kangal dogs eat a lot, and if they don't eat they don't want to work, kangal dog temperament, they refuse and that's it! And it costs a lot of money to keep them for all the food they need every day.

But they also say that this dog saves a lot of livestock deaths, and the money that makes the pastor save is worth much more than the food the dog needs, kangal dog temperament. Besides those who know this dog for thousands of years, say that the peace of mind that gives a well-educated Kangal worth millions!

The Kangal Dog and the Anatolian Shepherd is the same breed?
Not really.

To this day, there are some canine associations such as the AKC or the UK Kennel Club that do recognize K, kangal dog temperament. Turbo as a separate race, while others include it within "Anatolian sheepdog".

However, the Anatolian Shepherd is considered to be a crossroads of Kangal and Albas.

Dog Kangal Behavior:
The Kangal dog has a serene character, safe, courageous, powerful, protective, seems calm even in moments of stress and has a strong instinct to keep, kangal dog temperament. In their native Turkey, these dogs have always been in rural areas but very involved with the life of the family.

They are smart dogs that interact and are used to making life with people, kangal dog temperament. So they need mental and social activity, they are family dogs and can be very reserved with people who do not know.

Kangal Dog Physical Characteristics:
The Kangal is classified among the races of giants, and its appearance is imposing. They are huge dogs, tall and heavy, muscular and with a dense skin and a little loose in the area of the shoulders, kangal dog temperament. They have a characteristic threaded tail on the spine.

The Kangal height is from 65 to 78 centimeters, according to the KFI standard, but varies according to different federations. For example, a kangal dog should measure 74 to 81.5 centimeters males or 71 to 78.5 centimeters females according to other standards like NZKC. -In any case, a huge big dog! kangal dog temperament.

Kangal Weight: There is no standard on the weight. But to be of type Mastiff is agile and not so heavy, which allows him to run and move easily.

Rasa Kangal Dog
Kangal Dog in the snow, Black-Mamba Creative Commons.

It has two layers of hair, the outer waterproof and the other of thin-water to protect it from the cold, kangal dog temperament. The color is not elimination according to the Turkish standard, but usually they are greyish, earthy or sand, with the typical black mask on the face. Sometimes they may have spots or areas of white color.

A kangal dog loses a lot of hair?
They do not require much care of your hair in the day to day, but if they should be brushed in spring and autumn because they will lose a lot of hair during their two large annual mounts, kangal dog temperament.

How long does a Kangal dog live?
His average life expectancy is high, a Turkish kangal lives between 12 and 15 years, and (this is much for a big race!).

What is the health of the Kangal dog?
It is a long-lived breed that tends to enjoy good health and gives few problems of veterinarian, kangal dog temperament. However, some tend to form lymphomas, which are like benign tumors of adipose tissue.

The Kangal is one of the dog breeds with the strongest bite:
Watching videos and diving, you can see that the Turkish Kangal is one of the strongest breeds of dog, powerful and with the most powerful bite there, kangal dog temperament. We can say that mastiffs, Rottweiler’s, Canals and Caucasus are the most formidable dogs in this regard.

However, we still do not have exact figures on the strength of their jaws for this breed. -You can check the ranking of dogs with the strongest bite.

A kangal is not for anyone:
Not everyone can have one of these dogs, of course. For the common of mortals, it is best to be conformed only by admiring them, kangal dog temperament.

On the one hand you need a farm with some fenced terrain (obviously not a flat!), and also time to walk it and exercise it daily, kangal dog temperament. If they do not have activity, they decay, become apathetic and as depressed.

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