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Kangal Dog Size Information

Kangal dog size - meet the Turkish dog Kangal, the essential data of the Turkish dog Kangal are:

Height: more than 80 cm.
Weight: 45 – 100 kg.
Life expectancy: 12 – 14 years.
Ideal for: Sports, grazing, surveillance.
But let's start at the beginning! What else should you know about the "Kangal" dog race? Discover everything!

Turkish dog Kangal

Origin of the Turkish dog breeds Kangal
The Kangal dog comes from the province of Sivas, Turkey, specifically in the district that gave it its name. It is part of a group of breeds of sheepdogs called Cuban Kopek, kangal dog size. The place of origin is almost the only thing that is known with certainty of the Kangal race, there is little history documented on these dogs. A generally accepted theory is that the Kangal Turkish dogs already existed at the time of the Roman Empire and that the soldiers used these Colossians as company in their marches.

On the other hand, it is believed that the Kangal race is the result of the crossing of 3 dogs: The Colossians of Assyria, of type Mastiff; The Roman Colossians who came from Greece; and the English mastiffs, kangal dog size. It is believed that the Romans crossed these dogs in search of the perfect race to protect their flocks. It was later, in theory, when the Kangal dog was exported to Turkey and began to develop the race.

Characteristics of the Turkish dog Kangal

The Kangal breed dog is very muscular, strong and powerful, imposing appearance. It has a certain resemblance to the mastiffs, although it is not considered such, kangal dog size.

The head of the Kangal dog is large, wide and long, which gives it great strength and power in the jaw, kangal dog size. It has small eyes; quite separated from each other it has a great field of vision! And dark brown. Their ears hang on the sides of the head, median and triangular rounded end.

The tail of the Turkish dog Kangal is long and strong; it’s been screwed over the body in moments of activity.

There is a race very similar to the Kangal, the Anatolian Shepherd; it is considered that the only relevant difference between the two is the hair. The Kangal dog has it short and dense, with a very thick layer of under hair, kangal dog size. The colors accepted in the Kangal breed vary between brown and grey, but only solid colors are allowed. Besides, they have a black mask on their face. Sometimes they have a small white mark on their chest.

Character of the Kangal breed dog

Kangal dogs have a reserved and suspicious character; they can be aggressive with strangers and also with other dogs, especially those of the same sex, kangal dog size. To prevent this from happening, early socialization is essential.

However, with his family and acquaintances, the thing changes! It is a very friendly and protective instinct dog, kangal dog size. She gets along well with children and other pets, as long as she has grown up with them. Putting an adult Kangal dog into a house to live with other animals is no longer such a good idea. Do not forget that it is a shepherd and vigilant dog... defends its space constantly.

If you're thinking of adopting a kanga dog as a pet, it may not be ideal. His aggressive and suspicious temperament can be a disadvantage, kangal dog size. However, these features make it perfect for you if you're looking for a watchdog or pastor.

The dogs of race Kangal usually present two problems typical of behavior, but that are avoidable with a good education of the Kangal puppy, kangal dog size. These are the excessive barking and the tendency to destroy things.

Care needed by the dogs of the Kangal Turkish race

As for hair care, the Kangal does not demand much attention, just a couple of weekly brushings in normal times, kangal dog size. In mounting time, if you can it is better to do it daily so that it does not release hairs at home. However, being short hair and not producing knots, the hairstyle is pretty straightforward.

As is logical, the Turkish Kangal dog is not suitable for living in apartments, needs a garden or any other outdoor space in which to play safely. They feel especially comfortable in rural areas, kangal dog size. If you have a kanga, remember to fence that space with a sufficiently high wire, it is a dog that circumvents obstacles very easily.

Kangal Dog training is easy when using positive reinforcement-based methods.

The Kangal race does not usually show hereditary diseases, but because of their size they can suffer hip dysplasia if the exercise is too intense, and obesity, if the opposite occurs, kangal dog size.

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