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Little Siberian Husky Cute

Little Siberian husky - Siberian husky features. Today we discover the Siberian husky, a lacuna beauty of the snows. Although they adapt to live with us in the cities, the Huskies are a breed of very special working Nordic dogs, bred to withstand temperatures below freezing and make great efforts traveling long distances, whether working as shepherds or sled shooters.

The Siberian husky belongs to a medium-sized dog breed. It is a working dog, suitable for sleigh by its strength and endurance (but it is not suitable for guard because it is not very territorial or barking and makes friends with anyone!) little siberian husky. The Husky is a sociable and active dog, it will need ample spaces to run and burn the tons of energy that it possesses.

Siberian husky is the ideal dog for:

It is a beautiful dog, affectionate and ultra-vital, who loves sport and running, above all things. If you don't have a big garden for him, and the time and the desire to give you great walks and races with your husky every day, we can only recommend that you do not have a husky, little siberian husky. This is no nonsense; I adore the husky race but let's face it.

Kennels always receive abandoned husky, because despite being a wonderful breed dog, not everyone is able to handle them, little siberian husky.

They are extremely energetic dogs and somewhat nervous, they are not as obedient as other dogs, and of course, they are not stuffed with snow but great athletes!

The best advice we can give you, thinking about the husky, is that unless you are a sports freak, the mountain or long walks do not have one, little Siberian husky.  Unfortunately you hear too often husky abandonment because the owner says "I do not know what to do with him, or" I do not race with him. “People who could ideally take good care of him are singles, families with older children, sportsmen, walkers and hikers. In short, people active physically and better even if they live in cold regions, because the husky suffer very bad heat.

Siberian husky Origin:

Siberian husky has its origin in Chukka, Russia. He was raised by the Chukchi tribe who used them as a companion dog, to pull the sleds and graze deer, little siberian husky. The extraordinary strength and strength of these animals is because this tribe, having to survive in extreme cold and harsh conditions, only allowed the strongest and fittest puppies to live.

Once considered apt, these dogs were adopted, fed and used to do hard work in the snow, but also to take care of the family and to give warmth to the children. (See this video as proof of this, in which a husky plays with a baby with extreme softness) little siberian husky. Therefore, the Huskies were almost revered and treated with much respect for the Churches, who understood that without the husky dogs, their survival was not assured.

Recent DNA studies have shown that this is one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world, and it would be a pure breed, i.e. bred by selection over the centuries, little siberian husky, not obtained by crossing pre-existing races.

In 1905 and later years, during the Gold Rush, Siberian Huskies were taken to Alaska, United States. It is famous a story occurred in January 1925 in Nome, Alaska, when temperatures were reached -30 ยบ C leaving the region incommunicado, little siberian husky. There was an epidemic of diphtheria that threatened the life of the population of the place, especially children.

The necessary medicines were in the city of Anchorage, 1,500 km from Distance, little siberian husky, but the inhabitants had been left incommunicado since not even the planes were able to take off to collect the medicines.

Does the name of the BALTO dog ring a bell? It is the dog that appears in this black and white photograph on the left, little siberian husky. Ballot was a very famous husky who have made films and is related to the history of the people of Nome.

Siberian husky Race

Ballot and the other members of the Husky convoy

And it is that the tragedy of Nome, in Alaska, could only be avoided with the help of Ballot and other 100 Siberian husky dogs that crossed the Bering Strait heroically, little siberian husky, traveling more than a thousand kilometers ice-cold sled with the antitoxin necessary for patients.

That same year, 1925, a statue in honor of Ballot was inaugurated in Central Park, New York. He was accompanied by this excited inscription:

Dedicated to the indomitable spirit of sled dogs who brought the antitoxin over 600 miles of icy soil, rioting waters, Arctic blizzards to help the afflicted Nome in the winter of 1925. Resistance. Fidelity. Intelligence, little siberian husky.

Siberian husky behavior and character:

They are friendly, sweet and friendly, and they love exercise. One of his obsessions is: Run, run, and run.  They are herd dogs that love to be in family or with other dogs. They can live in flats, but they need to run regularly, little siberian husky. Running is his obsession, as it is. It is not good to leave them alone for a long time because they can become destructive (they dig, bite things) or escape.

Siberian husky features and appearance:

Huskies are classified among the medium-sized dog breeds:

Siberian husky Height: in males is 53.5 to 60 cm, and females 50.5 to 56 cm.

Siberian husky Weight: males 20.5 to 28 kilos. Females 15.5 to 23 kilos.

Large or medium size, depending on the specimens, the husky is a compact dog, muscular, balanced and fast, little siberian husky. It is an animal of great beauty, which still keeps quite similar in its structure and frame with the wolf. It has a medium head with erect ears and an elongated and fine snout.

The Huskies are well covered with a dense hair that comes in double layer. An outer layer that protects them from water and another interior that keeps the heat of their bodies. Its tail is very bushy, brush-type, and is threaded on its back. His gait is soft and light. They have a combination of colors, usually white with black, reddish, brown, blond or gray and it is common to find specimens with eye-catching blue eyes and even specimens with an eyeball of each color, usually blue and brown, little Siberian husky.

If you do not like to collect hairs from your house, you better forget about this breed since this is one of the breeds of dog that we have in the ranking of dogs that more hair release! little siberian husky.

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