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Mini English Golden Retriever

Mini english golden retriever  - Golden dogs: advantages and disadvantages of golden dogs. Golden Retriever dogs are one of the most well-known breeds in America famous for being friendly dogs, and for their tolerant behavior that makes them suitable for domestic pets, and they are characterized by a high ability of intelligence that enables them to succeed in some of the tasks of dogs, and excels in many things such as returning hunting meat For hunters, chasing, and detection of prohibited goods, and in rescue and obedience, and works as auxiliary dogs, and succeed in many dog ​​exercises such as agility games, and competitive obedience exercises.

Reviews of Golden Retriever

One of the 10 most famous dogs in the United States of America is smart, social, beautiful and sincere.

She is energetic, does not reach maturity quickly, and retains her naive personality for a long time.
From 3 to 4 years of age is a lot of fun, mini english golden retriever.
This may be both fun and annoying, and some dogs retain this trait even when they reach old age.
You need to do exercises daily like walking in the yard, and you can learn how to train small dogs for the first time.

It can also be run on the beach or lake, as Golden Dogs love water.
One possible drawback of this breed is that it does not work as guard dogs as it may bark when narrating strangers, but it will not confront.

Its fur is plentiful, especially in the spring and autumn seasons.

Thus, you will notice a lot of it on your clothes, and you will need to brush it daily.
You can clean your clothes, and the house is completely from falling fur, but in the event that you breed golden dogs at home you will need to get used to the continuous fall of the fur.
Golden dogs are domestic dogs, so they need to stay inside with people.
Do not leave her alone for long hours of the day in the yard.

They are extra active, and you need to devote 40 to 60 minutes a day for strenuous exercises, mini english golden retriever.

You succeed in obedience, agility, and many different dog exercises, and your eagerness to apply these exercises is the best way to train your dog physically and mentally.

Although they are nice dogs, and do not cause harm to children, golden big dogs may accidentally collide with a small child.

Golden dogs love to eat, so they may gain weight quickly when eating too much.
Weigh your dog daily, reduce meals and regulate it, and do not leave him food all the time.
The Golden Retriever's dogs' popularity and overabundance has made many people keen to breed them just to make money.

 In order to obtain a healthy dog, we advise you not to buy or adopt a dog from an irresponsible breeder or pet store.

I am looking for a breeder who checks his dogs from time to time to make sure his behavior is good and that he does not have any genetic diseases.

History of golden dogs
 Golden retriever dogs

Several years ago some myths claimed that Golden Retriever dogs were inherited from the breed of the Russian Shepherd dog.

And that it was purchased from the circus, mini english golden retriever.

But the truth is to the contrary, this strain was developed in the Royal Highlands of Scotland by Sir Dudley Margorybanks, who was recently known as Lord Twee math.

Twee math has raised many types of dogs in an attempt to understand the characteristics of different breeds.

Some records showed that twee math was working from 1835 to 1890 with the goal of adding many talents to the Golden Retriever dog breed.

Twee math was passionate about hunting wild birds, mini english golden retriever.
Focus more on taking golden dogs on hunting trips unlike other dogs that have been trained in recovery games.

Twee math was also interested in the breed of Coker Spaniel dogs or "Spanish Coker dogs" which are no longer present after their extinction.

Coker Spaniel dogs were distinguished in retrieval games, especially in the field of hunting, and they were characterized by calmness and belonging to the home, and these characteristics are clearly present today in Golden Retriever dogs.

England's Kennel Club officially recognized the Golden Retriever breed.

After identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the Golden Retriever, it was classified as a distinct breed in 1911, and at the same time it was classified as yellow or golden retriever dogs.
In 1920 the name of the dynasty was officially changed to Golden Retriever, mini english golden retriever.

The American Kennel Club also recognized the breed in 1932, and today the Golden Retriever dog has become the second most popular breed in the United States of America.
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The size of golden dogs
The length of the male is from 58 to 60 cm, and their weight ranges from 29.5 kg to 34 kg.
The length of female golden dogs ranges from 54 cm to 57 cm, and weight from 25 to 29.5 kg.

Golden Retriever character
The calm beauty and nature are what distinguish this strain.

Golden dogs do not differ from other types of breeds, they need to be well trained and trained to make the most of them with an interest in socializing, human interaction with new people, seeing scenic views, hearing voices, and gaining experiences this golden dogs need especially at an early age, mini english golden retriever.

Golden bone diseases that affect golden dogs

Golden Dog Diseases
Golden dogs probably do not have any diseases except that all dog breeds may develop temporary or rare medical conditions.

Some of the Golden dogs do not get any diseases completely, or at least some of them.

But it is imperative that you understand what diseases you may have if you want to buy or adopt Golden dogs, mini english golden retriever.

If you are planning to buy a golden puppy, be sure to choose a good breeder who explains to you the health condition of the puppy and parents to ensure that the dog does not suffer from any of the following conditions: -

Hip dysplasia: Also known as deformity of the thigh joint, it is a genetic disease in which the thigh bone does not communicate with the hip joint.

Some dogs with the disease may experience pain, limping in one or both legs from the back, and the breeder may not notice the symptoms at all.

With neglect of the disease it may develop into joint inflammation, and for this an x-ray examination must be carried out on the hip joint, mini english golden retriever.

If you decide to buy a golden puppy, ask the breeder for a health certificate proving that the parents did not get sick.

Elbow dysplasia: It is the second genetic condition that may appear on golden dogs, especially the huge size breed, and it is believed to occur due to a heterogeneous growth in the bone that forms the dog's elbow, which causes the joint to loosen. Surgery.

Chondrosis: This condition is caused by a spurt in the growth of cartilage in the joints of the foot, and sometimes it occurs in the elbows.

It causes joint cramps so that Golden Dogs afflicted with it cannot bend their elbow.
Aortic stenosis can be detected as early as 4 to 9 months.

It may result from excessive feeding on golden gray, especially foods rich in protein.
Eye diseases that affect golden dogs

Cataract or cataracts: It is a human disease, but it also affects golden dogs, and leads to the appearance of cloudiness on the lens of the eye, and the disease develops rapidly and is one of the diseases that affects dogs at any age, but it often does not lead to poor vision, mini english golden retriever , but it causes loss Humans are totally infected in some infected cases.

An examination of the affected dogs should be done by an accredited veterinary ophthalmologist to ensure that the Golden Dogs do not have any genetic diseases in the eye before they are adopted.
Cataracts improve well with surgery.

Progressive retinal atrophy: (PRA) is a group of eye diseases that cause the progressive deterioration of the retina.

At the beginning of the disease, the Golden Dogs get night blindness, and as the disease progresses, vision is lost during the day as well, mini english golden retriever.

Many affected Golden Dogs adjust to partial or total blindness as long as they remain in their surroundings as they are.

The most famous diseases of Golden Retriever
One of the most common diseases of dogs is aortic stenosis: Also known as aortic stenosis, it is one of the heart problems that occur due to poor interconnection between the left ventricle and the aorta.
This condition leads to fainting or even sudden death.

A veterinarian can easily detect dog infection and prescribe appropriate treatment.
Allergy: Golden Dogs may be allergic to a variety of substances such as food and pollen.

If your dog licks his feet or rubs his face repeatedly, ask your veterinarian to examine your dog.
Von Will brand disease: It is a genetic disorder that occurs in the blood, causing the blood cells to stop clotting.

One of the main symptoms of the disease is excessive bleeding after an injury or surgery.
Symptoms of golden dogs infected with the disease follow from bleeding in the nose or gums and intestinal bleeding.

Unfortunately, this disease has not unified treatment so far and the only way to save the lives of affected dogs is to transfer blood from healthy dogs to infected dogs

Most Golden dogs with this disease live their lives normally, and the veterinarian can confirm the infection immediately, but we do not recommend raising dogs with this disease, mini english golden retriever.

Dog ticks cause serious illnesses for dogs and you can find a definitive treatment for ticks
Epilepsy: It is a brain disorder that causes severe episodes of convulsions on a regular basis, and the veterinarian must ensure that these episodes are correct, and how often they occur to determine appropriate treatment, mini english golden retriever.

Hypothyroidism: It is a disorder that occurs in the thyroid gland of Golden dogs, and is believed to lead to epilepsy, hair loss, obesity, lethargy, dark spots on the skin, and other skin conditions. It can be treated with some medications and a diet, mini english golden retriever.

Vascular sarcoma: or blood sarcoma is a serious type of cancer that arises in the lining of blood vessels and the spleen, and affects a greater number of middle-aged golden dogs, and also affects older dogs, mini english golden retriever.

Bone sarcoma: a malignant cancer that affects bone and spreads widely among large and large strains of golden dogs.

Diarrhea is a common symptom of dog diseases and you can learn how to treat diarrhea in dogs
In order to keep your dog from many diseases, he must be fully vaccinated.

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