Mini Golden Retriever Alabama

Mini golden retriever Alabama - Golden retriever, care, characteristics, skills and behavior. Golden retrievers are dogs known for having a good relationship with children; they are very affectionate and familiar animals. This is a dog with a lot of personality, in history it is believed that its breed developed in the Scottish highlands, in the United Kingdom, in the 19th century around the year 1850.

The golden retriever, also known as the golden retriever, is a dog with tracking and hunting skills, and thanks to its friendly attitude, it has become one of the most popular breeds in the world, mini golden retriever alabama.

In appearance the golden retirever have their variations like the American and British type.

British Golden Retriever
The muzzle of the British Golden Retriever is wider, shorter and square-faced. It has shorter legs, a short tail and a chest with a little more depth, for these characteristics it is a dog a little heavier than the American golden retriever, the eyes tend to be round and dark in color.

Golden retriever fur
One of its main characteristics for which the name is given is its coat in golden, light or dark shades. The golden retriever has a coat that is made up of two different types of hair, one is a sub-coat that is used to keep the dog cool in summer and warm in winter, it also has an external coat of fur that gives it resistance to water, it is good that you take care of your dog's coat and not leave it too long.

Coat care

We must comb them with a stiff bristle brush, paying attention to the layer with the highest density.

It is recommended to apply baths that are with dry shampoo but only when necessary, not too often, mini golden retriever alabama.
The coat of the golden retriever tends not to shed much hair, but combing it at least twice a week greatly improves the color of the coat, so much so that it gives it more shine, as dead hair is removed.
These dogs tend to shed their coat twice a year, so if your golden retriever loses large amounts of hair or is missing hair somewhere specifically, it may be indicative of stress or illness, so it is recommended take it to the vet in case you do not have a healthy coat.

Golden retriever health
As for the health of the golden retriever, you should constantly go to a veterinary clinic to do check-ups and of course keep your vaccinations up to date, mini golden retriever alabama. They have an approximate life expectancy of 12 years.

Diseases to which golden retrievers are most prone
Swimming dog

Dysplasia of the hip or elbow is quite common in the breed. Normally this disease afflicts 20% of the specimens.
Cancer, tends to be a common disease, was once the cause of disease in 61% of American golden retrievers, and the British was 38%.
Obesity and overweight problems
Eye diseases such as cataracts, which tends to be the most common, progressive retinal atrophy, dystichiasis, corneal dystrophy, glaucoma, retinal dysplasia.
They also tend to suffer from heart disease.
Acute dermatitis due to flea allergy or skin diseases, also granuloma, sebaceous adenitis or seborrhea like other skin diseases.
There is also Lyme disease that is usually noticed when the disease has progressed.

Golden retriever care

These activity level dogs should be kept in a large space such as patios or gardens.

They can be kept in apartments, but they must be walked and exercised daily, mini golden retriever alabama. It also depends on their age, most of these dogs look like dogs full of a lot of energy, however they are dogs from quiet places and environments.

It should not be fed after hours because they usually suffer from obesity, a feeding at their times, a good veterinary check-up and a good routine of training and exercise will give a better quality of life to our golden retriever.

It is good that they have an adequate and early socialization.
As they are athlete dogs, they must be taken out constantly, every day so that they are not anxious or restless dogs.

Dog friendly

The golden retriever is a very friendly dog
Golden Retriever Skills

Due to their natural abilities, Golden Retrievers can be dogs of obedience and agility, with advanced training they can have great achievements and stand out among other dog breeds.

They can also be guide dogs or cover assistance dog jobs because they are very sociable dogs with people and can be in harmony with human needs and emotions, they can learn complex tasks, mini golden retriever alabama.

As therapy dogs, these dogs tend to have a good affinity for humans, often doing therapy work in hospitals, nursing homes, and private clinics.

Golden retriever behavior
Golden retrievers are usually very buccal dogs due to their inheritance of collection dogs, since puppies they like to bite things and also carry things with their mouths, so it is good to have something so that they can bite.

You have to take the time to tell him what he can and cannot bite, it is an activity and behavior that is difficult to change and deserves a lot of patience and time, mini golden retriever alabama. Remember that the behavior of our pets depends on the patience and perseverance that we have during the education of these.

Golden retrievers are very obedient dogs, they are friendly and kind to people. They get along very well with children.