Mini Golden Retriever Arizona

Mini golden retriever Arizona - It is a harmonious, proportionate, active, powerful dog with combined movements; well-built and with a kind expression. He is docile, intelligent, and has an innate ability to work.

TRANSLATION: Lic. Oscar Valverde Calvo, (Costa Rica), reviewed by the Argentine Cynological Federation and Jorge Nallem.

ORIGIN: Great Britain.


USE: Collection dog for hunting and shooting.

FCI CLASSIFICATION: Group 8 Hunting Collection Dogs, Hunting Lifting Dogs. Water dogs. Section 1 Hunting collecting dogs. With proof of work.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Harmonious, proportionate, active, powerful, with united movements; well-built and with a kind expression.

TEMPERAMENT / BEHAVIOR, mini golden retriever arizona: Docile, intelligent, and possessed of an innate ability to work. Kind, friendly and confident.

HEAD: Proportional and well molded.


Skull: Broad without being rough, well inserted in the neck.

Naso-frontal depression (Stop): Well defined.


Truffle: Preferably black.

Muzzle: Powerful, wide and deep. The length of the muzzle should be approximately equal to the distance between the stop and the occipital bone.

Jaws / Teeth: Strong jaws, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, that is, the internal face of the upper incisors is in contact with the external face of the lower incisors, the teeth being placed at right angles to the jaws, mini golden retriever arizona.

Eyes: Dark brown, well separated; the eye rims must be dark.

Ears: Medium in size, implanted approximately at eye level.

NECK: Of good length, net and muscular.

BODY: Balanced.

Back: Top horizontal line.

Loin: Strong and muscular, short.

Chest: Well descended in the sternal region. Deep, well-arched ribs.

TAIL: Implanted and carried at the level of the back, reaching the hock; without twisting at the tip.


PREVIOUS MEMBERS: Straight and with good bones.

Shoulders: Well oblique, with long scapulae.

Arms: The same length as the scapulae, which makes the front limbs fit well under the body.

Elbow: Close to the body. Previous feet: Cat's feet, round.

LATER MEMBERS: Strong and muscular.

Knee: Femoro-tibio-patellar joint well angulated.

Leg: Good length.

Hocks: Well let down; viewed from behind they should appear parallel, not turned inward or outward. Cow hocks are very undesirable.

Hind feet: Cat's feet, round.

MOVEMENT: Powerful, with a lot of push. The fore and hind limbs move in planes parallel to the axis of the body. Long and free pass, without any tendency to lift the previous ones.


Hair: Smooth or wavy, with good fringes and a dense and waterproof undercoat.

Color: Any shade of gold or cream, neither red nor mahogany. Only the presence of some white hairs on the sill is allowed.


Height at withers: Males between 56 and 61 cm (22-24 inches), females between 51 and 56 cm (20-22 inches).

FAULTS: Any deviation from the aforementioned criteria is considered a fault and the severity of it is considered to the degree of deviation from the standard and its consequences on the health and well-being of the dog, and the dog's ability to carry out your traditional job. About mini golden retriever arizona.