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Mini Golden Retriever Breeders California

Mini golden retriever breeders California - There is a misconception that the Labrador retriever and the Golden Retriever are related - but this is nothing more than a delusion. Sir Dudley Major banks, who later became known as Lord Twee mouth, are, so to speak, the father of the Golden Retriever breed. It is said that the first dog named Nous, which he used as the basis for a breeding program, he acquired from a circus, and it was a Russian shepherd dog.

Sir Dudley kept records and was an avid dog breeder as well as an avid hunter, especially waterfowl, and strove to develop a breed that would ideally match his ideas of hunting dogs. Here's what he wrote: “The dog must have an excellent nose (in the sense, scent - author's note), which would be more attentive to its hunting companion than the setters and spaniels used to raise the bird, mini golden retriever breeders california. The dog must be loyal and balanced. "

To achieve what he wanted, he crossed the already mentioned male named Nous, with a female water tweed spaniel (now these spaniels are extinct). The tweed spaniel was distinguished by an incredibly harmonious character and kindness towards household members, and was also an excellent hunter, mini golden retriever breeders california. The resulting puppies were then crossed with another variety of tweed spaniel, as well as with a ginger setter, with Sir Dudley keeping only ginger and golden ginger puppies for his breeding program, and distributing others to friends and family.

One of the most famous representatives of the breed was Don Gerwin, a direct descendant of one of the same twee mouth dogs - he won the International Gundog League in 1904, mini golden retriever breeders california. The color can be golden, light red, dark red. The Kennel Club of England officially recognized the Golden Retriever as an independent breed in 1911, v. They were then classified as "yellow or golden retrievers." In 1920, the breed's name was officially changed to Golden Retriever.

The Golden Retriever dog has a large build, medium-length limbs. The chest is voluminous, wide, protruding forward. The neck is massive, the muzzle is proportional, and the ears hang down on the sides of the head. The tail is long, fluffy, the coat is long, mini golden retriever breeders california. The color can be golden, light red, dark red

The Golden Retriever is a wonderful companion and loyal friend of a person who is very attached to his owner and family. Despite the fact that a dog can live with one person, and be an assistant for people with disabilities, be a guide dog, nevertheless, this particular type of retriever is focused on family life, mini golden retriever breeders california. Moreover, the size of the family does not matter - small or large; it does not matter for the dog.

She will equally serve each of the family members, giving her affection and love to both adults and children. In relations with relatives, one might say, with this breed, conflict situations are, in principle, impossible, they are so kind and sweet. The Golden Retriever has a fairly high energy level and needs daily walks, exercise, and other activities, mini golden retriever breeders california. The dog loves to play, spend time with children - it is a wonderful nanny and a very patient companion for a child.

It will probably be difficult to find at least one example of a golden retriever being aggressive or seriously injuring a child. On the other hand, you should understand that this is a big dog, and if the child is too small, then the pet can accidentally knock your baby over simply due to the weight of its body, mini golden retriever breeders california. For this reason, children under six years old are not recommended to stay alone with large dogs. Even if it's the kindest dog in the world.

The retriever should not be idle for a long time, otherwise he will become bored. If you don't have a serious business with which to keep your dog busy, then walk and play with it. After all, this breed developed precisely as a working dog that helped in hunting, and was also used for a long time and is still used in various law enforcement agencies, mini golden retriever breeders california.

They look for explosives, drugs, help people with disabilities, and act as rescue dogs in search groups. A high level of intelligence, physical strength, kindness and courage allow these dogs to serve people in a wide variety of areas.

Strangers are perceived neutrally or positively, but they can act as a watchman, and in this case, the attitude towards a stranger who entered your area at night is unlikely to be positive. However, in this regard, a lot depends on the owners - some raise such positive and kind dogs that they have little idea of ​​how you can bite a person and cause him serious damage, mini golden retriever breeders california. It is better to introduce them to cats in childhood. With other dogs, they rarely go into conflict, except perhaps through the wire mesh of your fence, or to protect the owners.

The breed of Golden Retriever lends itself well to education and training, as it has a soft and open character by nature. They can be taught a huge number of commands, but remember that the dog perceives cruel methods of communication and rudeness extremely badly, mini golden retriever breeders california. This breaks her character. Maintain kindness, patience, and consistency in your studies.

The Golden Retriever is a breed that has a fairly abundant coat and sheds 2 times a year. They must be combed out at least 2 times a week, and preferably 3, and bathed at least 1 time a week. The ears are cleaned 3 times a week, the eyes are cleaned daily, mini golden retriever breeders california. The nails are trimmed 3 times a month.

Common diseases
The Golden Retriever breed is prone to several diseases, including:

dysplasia of the hip joint;
dysplasia of the elbow;
progressive retinal atrophy;
subvalvular aortic stenosis;
Von Willebrand disease is a hereditary blood disorder;
Enlarged stomach - volvulus, commonly called bloating or volvulus;
Hemangiosarcoma is a very dangerous form of cancer, most often found in middle-aged and elderly retrievers;

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