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Mini Golden Retriever Canada

Mini golden retriever canada - GOLDEN (GOLDEN) RETRIEVER

Country of origin: England
Height: 56 - 60 cm (male); 50 - 56 cm (female)
Weight: 27 - 36 kg (male); 25 - 32 (female)
Housekeeping: suitable, but needs sufficient physical activity
Life expectancy: 10 - 12 years
Well suited: for inexperienced owners

Character mini golden retriever canada

The outgoing and very loyal Golden Retriever is a wonderful family pet. He is very patient and gentle with children and gets along well with other pets.

Aggression is not typical for this breed. Very rarely, there are exceptions that appear due to uncontrolled and unscrupulous breeding. In general, these dogs adore people and prefer to spend as much time with them as possible, mini golden retriever canada. Long separated from his family, the Golden Retriever is an unhappy, separated dog.

A golden retriever does not make a good watchman and security guard. Despite the fact that he will usually bark at a stranger, the Golden Retriever would rather befriend a stranger than protect his master and family members from him, mini golden retriever canada.

The Golden Retriever is a very energetic dog. The favorite game of the golden retriever is to bring sticks or other items, mini golden retriever canada. Dogs of this breed are very fond of water, and games on the water for Golden Retrievers are no longer just games, but also the satisfaction of their hunting instincts.

The high level of intelligence of golden retrievers allows them to achieve excellent learning results. So dogs of this breed are often used as guides, therapists and assistants for people with disabilities.


The Golden Retriever is a generally healthy breed of dog. However, the following diseases are most common in dogs of this breed:

Bloating (volvulus)
Dysplasia of the hip joint
Hot spots (raw eczema)
Licked granuloma
Interdigital dermatitis (pododermatitis)
Food allergy
Laryngeal paralysis
Lymph sarcoma (lymphoma)
Mast cell cancer (astrocytoma)
Aortic stenosis
Eye diseases:

Ulceration of the cornea
Progressive retinal atrophy
Entropies (turn of the century)
Ectropion (eversion of the century)
Distichiasis (additional eyelashes)
In addition, golden retrievers are prone to elbow dysplasia, dwarfism, osteochondrosis, and von Willebrand disease.


Many owners of golden retrievers complain that their dogs shed a lot, especially in the spring, mini golden retriever canada. To reduce the amount of hair in the house, as well as to detect tangled areas of hair that can be painful for the dog, you can use daily brushing. Dogs participating in shows need trimming.

Trim your dog's nails regularly. Long claws can get in the way of the dog and even hurt when jumping.

At a high level of activity, the drooping ears of Golden Retrievers are susceptible to yeast and bacterial otitis media, mini golden retriever canada. It's important to check your dog's ears regularly for signs of infection.

You can use dry shampoo to cleanse your golden retriever's coat regularly. It is recommended to bathe your dog only as needed.

The Golden Retriever is an extremely active breed that requires daily exercise. Apart from short walks to the toilet, this breed needs space and time for exercise, mini golden retriever canada. Throw them balls, sticks, flying saucers, give them the opportunity to run and chat with other dogs.

Mental stress is also important for this breed, mini golden retriever canada. Golden Retrievers are eager to please, they love to work hard and receive praise for it. Playing games or doing interesting work stimulates the dog and does not let him get bored.

In addition, the Golden Retriever is a great companion for the owner who goes swimming or jogging.

It should be borne in mind that each dog is different. This description is typical for the breed as a whole and does not always fully coincide with the characteristics of a particular dog of this breed! mini golden retriever canada.

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