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Mini Golden Retriever Chicago

Mini golden retriever Chicago - The Golden Retriever is one of the most intelligent and quick-witted dogs. Retrievers love to tinker with children and are calm about other animals. Natural instincts are well developed, with the right training; you can get a first-class hunter. They are very good-natured and trusting, so they cannot become full-fledged guards of their home.

In America, there is a saying: the right American family consists of children, parents and a golden retriever.

The intelligence and character of the golden retriever.
The unique intelligence of this dog has been noted in the course of research by Stanley Koren. The professor compared the intelligence level of 133 breeds and singled out the golden retriever in the top four, mini golden retriever chicago. The mental abilities of these dogs are manifested throughout life; they easily remember commands and are distinguished by special ingenuity, understanding the owner at a glance.

The Golden Retriever is a very active and kind dog breed. They find a common language with any living creature, even with cats. Aggressive behavior manifests itself only in emergency situations when there is a direct threat to life and health, mini golden retriever chicago.

A dog of this breed will fit into any family where they will feel warmth and love from their owners. They love children very much and are always ready to participate in all kinds of games. The Golden Retriever has a stable psyche, so it will never harm a child.

Friendliness can be the only negative character, mini golden retriever chicago. These dogs will not always be able to protect your home, because they are supportive of all people and are able to confide in a completely stranger.

Breed standard and basic characteristics.
There are official standards for Golden Retrievers that are required to define quality breeding.

Dog weight norm: from 27 to 40 kg.

Height at the withers: males 56-61 cm, females 51-56 cm.

Head: Harmonious ratio of head to body size, muzzle broad and deep, clear expression of the transition from forehead to muzzle. Strong jaws, scissor bite, mini golden retriever chicago. The teeth are straight. Salivation is minimal.

Eyes: medium size, color - dark brown, deep and kind look.

Ears: Medium size, hanging down. Located at eye level.

Body type: strong, perfectly proportioned. Strong ribcage, arched ribs. The back is straight, the croup and tail are a continuation. In American breed standards, a slight slope of the croup is possible.

Forelegs: Straight and well-muscled, shoulder blades equal to shoulder length. Elbows are close to the body.

Hindquarters: Strong, with a well-defined knee joint. The tail is straight, down.

Coat: straight, slightly wavy. The undercoat is dense and waterproof. The head and neck are covered with long hair, mini golden retriever chicago. The Golden Retriever sheds heavily and therefore needs daily grooming. A healthy and well-groomed dog has a slight dog smell.

Color: golden beige or cream. The American breed standard includes dogs of bright golden color. In the English standard, lighter colors are possible.

S considered a local breed. After that, there were other crosses, for example, with a Bloodhound, which contributed to the improvement of the sense of smell and the formation of a powerful body of the Golden Retriever.

The first representative of this breed appeared in Russia in 1989.

Today, the Golden Retriever is used as a disabled person's helper or companion. Also, they can be found as a service dog at customs.

Training and education.
Golden Retrievers are great learners. They quickly memorize commands and do their job well. It is necessary to bring up a dog at an early age, from 2-3 months. First you need to show the puppy his resting and feeding places, mini golden retriever chicago. Starting from 6 months, you can master full-fledged teams. The best solution would be to study in a special school for retrievers.

Is it mandatory to attend training courses? Rather yes, as raising a Golden Retriever can be challenging for those who have not experienced it before. Self-training is possible only if you have experience with large dogs. Puppies of this breed are overly active and curious; therefore they are often distracted and ignore the execution of commands, mini golden retriever chicago. Experienced instructors will be able to properly educate the dog, preserving its psyche and personality.

During the period of socialization, namely 3-4 months, it is necessary to create all conditions for good development. During this period, you need to pay maximum attention to the pet and not limit its space, mini golden retriever chicago. You cannot forbid him to get acquainted with other people and animals, since at this age his attitude to the world around him is formed.

Care, maintenance and nutrition.
You can keep a golden retriever both in an apartment and in private houses. It is best to set aside a specific area for the dog to avoid appearing in your bed. Golden Retrievers are constantly in need of attention, so a chain or aviary is contraindicated for this breed, mini golden retriever chicago. It is necessary to form the correct daily routine from childhood and to accustom to hygienic procedures.

The rules for caring for such a dog are quite standard, but like all breeds, there are some peculiarities. The first thing to pay attention to regularly is your eyes. They need to be thoroughly rinsed and buried if necessary. In case of strong discharge, you should contact the vet. Clinic to exclude the development of serious diseases.

Also, you should take care of your ears, mini golden retriever chicago. The inner part of the ear should be regularly wiped with a damp cloth, and the ears themselves should be rinsed with a mild peroxide solution, about once a week.

The dense coat of the Golden Retriever requires special care. You need to wash your dog only when necessary, it is best to limit yourself to daily combing with an iron comb. The skin should be examined every 3-4 days to avoid the presence of mites and other parasites.

Another feature is the activity of this breed. With the dog, you need to walk on special grounds so that you can lower it off the leash, mini golden retriever chicago. You need to spend at least 3-4 hours a day outside, regardless of the weather.

You can feed the Golden Retriever with both prepared foods and natural foods. The natural diet should contain meat, herbs, vegetables, dairy products and a separate complex of vitamins and minerals. Also, it is imperative to give bones (except for ribs and long bones) and hard treats. There should always be clean water near food.

Health and disease.
Golden Retrievers have excellent health and strong immunity, which allows them to live a full life for 12-13 years, mini golden retriever chicago. However, in order to maintain health, you must constantly take care of your pet and pay attention to any deviations from the norm.

The most common diseases of this breed are: retinal degeneration, hip dysplasia, von Willebrand disease, hypothyroidism and atopic dermatitis. Some of them are hereditary, mini golden retriever chicago.

After the puppies are weaned, they must undergo a mandatory vaccination course. The first vaccinations are carried out at the age of 2 months; they are repeated after a month. Before vaccination, about 4-5 days, it is necessary to carry out prophylaxis against worms.

Choosing a golden retriever puppy.
Before you make a four-legged friend, you need to understand what a dog is for? There are several options for the appointment of a golden retriever: for hunting, for helping as a guide, or for companionship, mini golden retriever chicago.

It is necessary to buy a golden retriever in specialized kennels, where it is possible to examine the dog and study all the documentation. When choosing a puppy of this breed, it is important to pay attention to the appearance of the pet, mini golden retriever chicago. The puppy should be active and friendly, the coat should be clean and noble. The nursery room must be free of foreign odors and dirt.

The breeder's responsibilities include drawing up a pedigree and veterinary passport, preventing worms and affixing vaccinations before selling, mini golden retriever chicago. Also, the breeder is obliged to provide information on the date of the prophylaxis of worms and vaccinations, indicate the drugs and set the next date for repeating the procedures. In addition, the breeder should provide initial nutritional and grooming instructions.

The optimal age for purchasing a pet is 3 months. It is better to decide in advance on the sex of the puppy, as males may be disobedient during puberty. The average cost of a quality specimen of the breed is 25 thousand rubles.

Pros and cons.
The Golden Retriever has many positive qualities, such as:

+ calm character;
+ Development of intelligence;
+ Friendliness and love for all living things;
+ Lack of aggressive behavior;
+ ease of training and education.

However, there are a number of disadvantages of this breed:

- The coat is a strong allergen;
- Excessive gullibility;
- Large financial costs for the purchase, maintenance and food.

Who is the Golden Retriever for?
The Golden Retriever will be the best friend for any person, capable of creating all the necessary conditions for maintenance and care, mini golden retriever chicago. A dog of this breed requires a lot of attention, so the future owner should have a large amount of free time and financial resources in stock.

It is important to immediately determine for what purpose the Golden Retriever is being acquired in order to form the necessary skills in the learning process. Having passed special training courses, it will be the calmest and educated dog, which will remain a faithful friend throughout its life, mini golden retriever chicago.

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