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Mini Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel

Mini golden retriever cocker spaniel - Thoroughbred golden-haired pets are a symbol of well-being. They are usually depicted on the porch of a well-kept house, surrounded by a happy family. Indeed, the Golden Retriever is truly a family dog. This is an animal from which emanates universal kindness and extraordinary calmness. In addition, the Golden Retriever has a rich history and a wide array of individual abilities.

History of the origin of the breed
The name of the breed is deciphered as follows: "retriever" - "bring, save", and golden - denotes the color of a luxurious coat, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. The breed was bred as a hunting dog, but today the dog is more of a companion and is practically not used for hunting.

The breed received its development in the UK, but the origins of the dogs belong to the territory of Scotland. In the 19th century, there was no question of an independent breed, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. Then there was only a group of dogs that took part in the hunt.

At that time, the need arose for dogs capable of finding shot game and even getting it out of water bodies. The Scottish Lord Tweedmos I set the goal of breeding a suitable breed. He selected only the best representatives of hunting dog breeds and for more than half a century in his own nursery was engaged in selection work, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. Due to the fact that the lord documented his activities, it was possible to find out that the breeder took Labradors, Setters, Water Spaniels and Retrievers to breed the Golden.

As a result, the early golden retrievers emerged, which immediately created competition for smooth-coated retrievers. However, at that time, it was far from the final formation of the breed. Then there were more popular breeds, and many breeders woke up excitement in breeding their own breeds, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. But all the ineptly bred breeds crashed in the course of the competition of the gun dogs in England, but the Goldens proved their superiority. From that moment on, the breeding of golden retrievers began with great enthusiasm.

The work was carried out under the vigilant supervision of experienced breeders; mandatory tests were carried out to identify working qualities. All representatives of the breed that did not fit by any criteria were screened out. Real champions of their breed began to appear, who were able to achieve great success in various exhibitions, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. Many admirers of these golden beauties appeared, the breed gained popularity.

Since 1911, the representatives of the breed began to be registered with a separate name - "golden retriever", which distinguished the breed from their ancestors - "golden". In 1930, the breed gained its recognition in the United States, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. On the territory of Russia, breeding of the golden retriever began in 1989.

Description of the breed Golden Retriever
Representatives of the breed are real handsome men with a noble appearance, but many breeders are sure that the "gold" in the name of the breed is not a shade of wool, but a description of character.

Even the first Goldens had certain requirements, which are also met by representatives of the modern breed:

Dogs of medium size should have a strong build.
Strong limbs with thick skin on the pads (the latter protected from the sharp reed leaves).
A hardy, efficient animal.
The dog is able to swim and has a waterproof undercoat.
The dog is distinguished by perfect obedience.
The body weight of representatives of the breed varies between 25-41.5 kg. The growth of males at the withers is, as a rule, 56-61 cm, and bitches - approximately 51-56 cm. The appearance of a pet has its own specific features and characteristics:

The head of Golden Retrievers is moderately broad, wedge-shaped, with distinct skull lines. The nose is straight and ends with a classic black lobe. The mouth is deep, with developed teeth and a scissor bite, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel.

The eyes are of medium size with a dark brown iris and dense pigmented eyelids, set wide apart. Golden eyes are friendly, often interested. The auricles are small, drooping, with rounded ends.
The body is harmonious, rectangular in shape, with well-fitting skin without sagging. Dogs have well-developed muscles and strong bones, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. The neck is medium, oval, with moderately pronounced withers. The back is straight, with a wide loin.
The rib cage is wide, the ribs are rounded.

The limbs are proportional; the joints are strong with developed muscles. The brushes are rounded, on the paw pads there is thick, black pigmented skin.

The tail is straight, lowered, during work it rises to the level of the back.

The pigmentation of the coat in Golden Retrievers is their identification mark; it is light golden with a slight pinkish tint. Cream shades are allowed as standard, as well as a small amount of white hairs in the chest area. The guard hair is soft, elastic, close to the undercoat, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. The coat can be smooth, wavy, but not curly. Dogs have a dense undercoat that can protect the animal from water and frost.

The personality of the Golden Retriever
Golden Coated Retrievers are flexible and can adapt to different rhythms of owners. Both stay-at-home and active owners can be comfortable with them.

Goldens are distinguished by unique mental abilities, they can understand without words, so even a beginner who does not understand anything in this matter can train them. If he is engaged in a dog, then he can master almost all the wisdom of training and education by 12 months, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. But still, after completing the basic course, classes with a pet will be required so that it does not lose its physical shape.

Golden Retrievers need attention, so if you do not devote time to your pet, you can find spoiled things. Dogs do this to attract attention, and in no case out of harm.

If the owner is quite active in life, then the dog will be happy to accompany the owner in any event. For them, running next to a bicycle, playing with a ball, long walks, resting by the water is quite suitable.

Goldens perfectly master agility and freestyle courses and show good results in competitions. But training for protection and protection for this breed is not suitable, since dogs lack the qualities that are required for this activity. Retrievers can bite, but only if absolutely necessary, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. It is possible to get a dog of this breed as a pet for a child, since a teenager 10-12 years old can cope with the training of these smartest animals.

Today, representatives of this breed are practically not used for hunting, since more suitable and less whimsical dogs have been bred. But this does not detract from the hunting qualities of the Goldens:

They have a very balanced temperament;
The hunting passion, which is expressed in the setters, is absent in the golden, therefore, even during work, they are well controlled;
Dogs love water very much;
They can work without verbal commands, responding to whistles and gestures.
If the retriever is purchased for hunting, then the puppy should be taken exclusively from working dogs, with breeding documents and results of working tests.

The breed has a certain drawback that sometimes does not allow getting a dog in an apartment - a pungent smell. However, this phenomenon is subject to correction, but not cosmetic procedures, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. Naturally, grooming is required, but nutrition plays an important role in the "aroma" of the pet, since the smell appears due to disturbed metabolic processes.

In addition, pedigree pets are prone to allergic manifestations, which once again confirm that it is necessary to carefully select food for a golden pet. If we are talking about ready-made rations, then they should belong to the premium, super-premium or holistic class, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. The latter is true if the pet has food allergies. You should focus on the size of the pet, age, coat type and activity.

With natural nutrition, a complete diet should be made from meat, offal, vegetables, dairy products, cereals and vegetable oil. You can also include eggs and fruits on the menu. In this case, additional sources of vitamins and minerals will be required, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. Through trial and error, it is necessary to isolate foods that are not suitable for feeding a pet and exclude them from the dog's menu.

The coat of golden retrievers allows outdoor use; however, the luxurious coat will lose its splendor and be permanently dirty.

Dogs shed very actively, both the guard hair and the undercoat in dogs change. Therefore, it is necessary to comb out Goldens every day, and bitches several times a day, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. This is not only a tribute to beauty, but also the maintenance of healthy skin, as hairs not removed can cause dermatitis.

In addition to wool, you should take care of your eyes, as dogs have a tendency to uveitis, an inflammation of the choroid of the eyeball, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. They should be inspected regularly, and washed or wiped with chamomile tea or a special agent.

It is also recommended to inspect and clean the ears with a cotton swab with boiled vegetable or baby oil. Claws are trimmed as they grow back. The oral cavity is examined and if tartar is found, you should contact a specialist.

The dog needs regular vaccinations, as well as protection and prevention of external and internal parasites. With good nutrition and care, the dog lives up to 15-16 years, although the average life span of the breed is 10-12 years.

How much does a golden retriever puppy cost?
You can buy a pet-class puppy from a kennel for an average of 25,000 rubles; a kid of a higher show-class costs around 58,000-65,000 rubles. You can buy a purebred puppy from private breeders for 25,000-35,000 rubles, but a lower price tag should alert you, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. Private breeders of a thoroughbred puppy can be bought for 25,000-35,000 rubles, but a lower price tag should alert you.

A pet that does not have a pedigree can be bought for 12,000-14,000; of course, there are no guarantees of the absence of defects and confirmation of the purity of the breed in this case.

When purchasing a Golden Retriever, it should be borne in mind that the dog needs attention and special care, mini golden retriever cocker spaniel. Only if the requirements are met, the Golden Retriever dog will delight its owners and cause admiring glances from passers-by.

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