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Mini Golden Retriever Colorado

Mini golden retriever Colorado - Golden retriever dog, The history of golden retrievers is closely related to the British Lord Twee mouth. He has long dreamed of getting a hunting dog and acquired an unusual golden-colored puppy - the only black retriever in the litter.

Breed name : Golden retriever, golden retriever
Country of origin : Great Britain
Time of birth of the breed : XIX century, the breed received official recognition in 1913
A type : hunting dog breed
Weight : 27-41 kg (male), 25-37 kg (female)
Height (height at withers), 56-60 cm (male), 50-56 cm (female)
Life span : 10-12 years old
Price of puppies: 25,000 - 60,000 rubles
Most popular nicknames : Ram, Indigo, Ray, Buddy, Milo, Ru, Marshmallow, Borey, Flora, Jeta, Waldi

Origin story
Lord Twee mouth decided to continue to breed dogs with unusual coat colors and mated his retriever with a tea tweed water spaniel, mini golden retriever colorado. The mating was successful, and soon three puppies with a rare yellow color were born. Encouraged by the success, Twee mouth continued his breeding experiments, selecting only suitable individuals with a pure gold color for further mating.

When twee mouth died, his work was continued by his friends, to whom the Lord gave puppies. Two of them have even opened their own golden retriever kennels. To improve the characteristics of the breed, the retrievers were crossed with Labradors, Bloodhounds and Irish Setters, mini golden retriever colorado. By 1885 the Goldens were considered the kings of sporting hunting dogs.

The breed of golden retrievers received its official recognition in 1913. Now Goldens are among the four most popular dog breeds in the world, mini golden retriever colorado. In Russia, these dogs are also very popular, and there are kennels in almost every city.

Description of the breed
Cytologists distinguish three types of golden retrievers: American (they are large in size and bright in color), European (color is light, almost white, the dog itself has a massive muscular constitution) and Canadian (combines the features of the previous types), mini golden retriever colorado.

The Golden Retriever is a large breed of dog with a massive, muscular, but proportional build. Paws are medium in size, round with thick pads. Their muzzles are straight and long, the nose ends with a large black lobe with open nostrils, mini golden retriever colorado. Golden bears are pendant, with rounded ends and close to the cheeks. The fluffy long tail is always down.

Separately, it should be said about the luxurious coat of the golden retriever. Long, dense, silky, with a dense, waterproof undercoat - it can be either perfectly straight or wavy, mini golden retriever colorado. The color of the dog depends directly on the type of golden retriever and can range from white to any shade of gold and cream.

Initially, Golden Retrievers were bred for hunting, but now they have become family dogs, guide dogs and companions. By purchasing them, adults make themselves a true loyal friend, and children - a caring and affectionate nanny. It is golden retrievers that are sometimes used in rehabilitation centers to communicate with "sunny" children, to relieve stress or tame the aggression of patients. Dogs always have a calming effect on crying people and cheer them up, mini golden retriever colorado. There have been documented cases when Goldens, on their own initiative and without special training, pulled people out of burning houses or rescued drowning people.

Golden Retrievers are very good-natured and loyal dogs who cannot imagine life without their owner. If you are constantly on the road and work a lot, this dog will not suit you, because it will get bored and whine loudly, mini golden retriever colorado. With golden you can go anywhere: to the sea, and to the mountains, and for a walk along Red Square.

Golden Retrievers are especially fond of small children and will be very happy to add to your family, mini golden retriever colorado. The dog will become the most devoted and attentive nanny for the baby, will play with him for hours and even endure all the pulling by the tail or pulling the ears.

Care and maintenance
Golden Retrievers are well suited for an apartment and for country houses. They tolerate cold well, but it is strictly forbidden to put a dog on a chain, because it needs constant movement and contact with the owner.

Keeping golden is not difficult at all - the main thing is to care for its coat and monitor its diet. Keep in mind that retrievers often shed, so the dog needs to be combed out every day, and show dogs should also be trimmed regularly. The nails should be trimmed regularly, about once every two weeks. Regrown claws interfere with jumping and cause pain when walking on asphalt, mini golden retriever colorado. It is recommended to bathe your dog only as needed. Goldens love to get dirty, swim in a puddle - it is better to wash off these pollution with water without shampoo. It is recommended to use the funds only in extreme cases.

You should regularly clean your eyes and ears by wiping them with a cotton pad soaked in warm water, mini golden retriever colorado. Without care, a yellow plaque or stone forms on the teeth, so train your dog at an early age to regularly brush his teeth with a special brush and paste.

As for the Golden Nutrition ration, you can feed it both with professional dry food of super-premium class for large breeds, and natural. The latter includes meat, offal, eggs, dairy products and vegetables with fruits. Of cereals, it is advisable to give the retriever only buckwheat. Pork and chicken bones are contraindicated in a dog. The diet should contain only raw beef bones with the exception of tubular bones and ribs. There should always be clean water near the food bowl.
Education and training
From an early age, you need to take the puppy for walks in the parks, allow you to communicate with other dogs, and teach to ride in an elevator, by car.

Retrievers are very trainable. Dogs of this breed serve in the police, and at airports they are used to search for prohibited items. Retrievers also work in the Ministry of Emergencies - looking for victims under the rubble. They are very smart and grasp everything on the fly, so you need to start training as early as two months, mini golden retriever colorado. You need to start with simple exercises - "Sit", "Lie down", "Give a paw", "Voice", "To me". The dog should not be allowed to pick up something from the ground, this should be stopped immediately.

Any success of the dog should be rewarded - with tidbits or praise. Subsequently, the pet will strive to please the owner.

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