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Mini Golden Retriever Cost

Mini golden retriever cost - Dogs of the Golden Retriever breed (Golden Retriever) are called sunny for a reason: these four-legged dogs are surprisingly positive, sociable and are considered one of the friendliest breeds.

History of the breed
The breed of dogs Golden Retriever originates from a pair of "Russian shepherds" who lived in Scotland, on the shores of Loch Ness, mini golden retriever cost. Golden Retrievers got their love for water and swimming from a Labrador retriever, a yellow straight-haired retriever from the island of Newfoundland and a Scottish Setter, and a subtle flair from a Bloodhound.

The exact description of the Golden Retriever breed (breed standard) dates back to 1913.

Golden Retrievers have a strong, harmonious physique with muscular, rounded legs. These are rather large dogs, reaching at the withers up to 60 centimeters and up to 40 kg in weight, mini golden retriever cost. A thick, water-repellent coat with a good undercoat allows them to swim in water bodies without problems at any time of the year. The coat can be either straight or wavy.

Color - all shades of gold and cream. As a rule, puppies of this breed are much lighter than adults, and in order to determine the future color, it is necessary to pay attention to the coat in the region of the baby's neck.

The nature and characteristics of training
Despite the fact that originally Golden Retrievers were bred as a gun dog, today this breed is practically not used by hunters.

Goldens have evolved into companion dogs, water rescuers, attentive guides, caring nannies, customs officers and police officers, mini golden retriever cost. And all because this breed is distinguished by a kind disposition, docility and obedience, incredible endurance and hard work, as well as high intelligence. Golden Retrievers are not used as guard and guard dogs, since they are absolutely not aggressive.

Golden retrievers are everyone's favorites: both in the family and in the service, they definitely know their job. They are very easy to train - they fulfill commands with great pleasure, and more than other breeds strive to please a person.

These dogs have highly developed intelligence and excellent memory. Therefore, if one day they got away with some prank, they will definitely repeat it again, according to the principle “what is not prohibited is allowed”. And you will no longer be able to wean from this pet. Therefore, it is necessary to teach the baby to order and to accurately perform tasks as early as possible, mini golden retriever cost. From the first months the puppy is taught to perform elementary commands: "Sit", "Lie down", "Stand", "To me". They need to be pronounced strictly and clearly so that the kid understands that this is not a fun game, but serious work. The execution of the command must be followed by an encouragement in the form of a ready-made delicacy.

Special training begins, as a rule, after a year, when the dog learns to perfectly follow simple commands. If you predict an exhibition career for your pet, it is important to teach him to use a collar and leash, to jogging together in the ring and to perform an exterior stand, mini golden retriever cost. Dogs of this breed can be excellent guides for the blind and canine therapists for children with serious illnesses (cerebral palsy, hyperactivity, and autism, mental and physical retardation). Such dogs are trained jointly by zoo psychologists and dog handlers.

Features of care and maintenance
Small puppies are fed with special balanced food 4-5 times a day, and walk with them 5-6 times a day for 20 minutes.

As you grow, the number of walks is reduced, and their duration is increased. An adult Golden needs two walks: a short one - about an hour, a long one - 2.5-3 hours.

Dogs of this breed are renowned for their good health, as evidenced by their elastic, shiny coat. Comb them out daily to prevent the formation of tangles, mini golden retriever cost. They bathe - once a month, as well as after each walk, during which the dog frolicked in the water.

Golden Retrievers are prone to overeating, as they love to chew. Therefore, the amount of food consumed and the intensity of physical activity must be strictly monitored. Do not overfeed your pet during training: a small treat is enough to consolidate a positive conditioned reflex, mini golden retriever cost. And the older the dog becomes, the more willingly he will follow commands and without additional tasty encouragement. After all, love, attention and respect of the owner are no less strong motivation for Golden to be obedient.

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