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Mini Golden Retriever Dallas

Mini golden retriever dallas - Golden Retriever representatives can be maintained in almost all types of buildings, including apartments and private families. Caring for such a dog is not complicated at all, but it is extremely important to train your pet as soon as possible in observing daily routines and hygiene.

It is also necessary to remember that Goldens belong to a category of dogs very active and mobile, and therefore, regardless of weather conditions, such dogs should be walking at least twice a day.

Care and hygiene
The obedient coat and an excellent dog personality of this breed greatly facilitate the care of mini golden retriever dallas :
Combing the dog is necessary in the direction from head to paws, combing all areas carefully, with special attention to areas with thick or tangled wool,
Wool cuttings not subject to high-quality dismantling or combing should be removed with scissors,
Every excess coat, around the eyes, in the ears and between the fingers, is required to be cut systematically,
Wash your eyes and clean your ears with a cotton swab with mineral oil or special health compounds,
Frequently growing dogs are shortened with special claws,
Care for a golden retriever coat involves the use of a dry shampoo, which is rubbed for half an hour, then combed,
It is necessary to bathe the retriever in warm water using shampoo, soap and a full body pet, and then carefully washes foam and wipes dry wool with a towel, mini golden retriever dallas.
It should be remembered that combing golden hair comb brushes with strong and strong bristles is best suited. It is recommended to comb the dog with a special pukherka, which easily removes falling wool.

This is interesting! In the spring and summer seasons, it is very important to provide pets with adequate protection against external parasites with the help of a special repellent or anti-flea collar.

Diet Retriever
The rules of diet and golden nutrition require strict adherence at any age for such a pet. Puppies up to two months old need to feed about six times a day, and pets from two to four months old are given food four times a day, mini golden retriever dallas. From the age of ten months, the dog can be moved to a diet twice. The feeding time is set depending on the owner's daily routine, but it should be noted carefully.

This is interesting! Experts recommend giving meat products to the golden retriever in the evening and in the morning to give preference to dairy products and vegetable mixers.

When using a natural feeding method, in addition to meat ingredients, the dog's portion should include vegetable and dairy crops, as well as various mineral mixtures. Meat components can be represented by the tendons, heart, lungs, kidneys and liver, as well as the stomach. Among fish products, preference should be given to cod and soma, mini golden retriever dallas. For the dog's body are very important vegetables in the form of cabbage, turnip, pumpkin and carrots. Perfectly suitable for semolina, rice, millet, oats and rye, as well as buckwheat porridge.

Diseases and faults of the breed
The main diseases of the Golden Retriever are, as a rule, inherited by nature and can be represented:

Retinal degeneration of the eye,
Atopic dermatitis,
Von Will brand disease
Dysplasia of the hip joints,
Obesity gained as a result of a sedentary lifestyle.

It will also be interesting:

The most common strain defects
Turn back
Tight back
The presence of direct or acute oblique diphtheria,
Barrel type chest,
Narrowing the chest
Small breasts
The presence of intense larvae,
Celebration of stay
Made a sharp club,
Not familiar with the cow's breed,
The presence of straight joints
The edges of Saber,
A very long or soft coat with an open shirt,
The presence of black or any other color except gold.
Disadvantages of excluding the breed include deviations from the normal height when hitting more than 25 mm, plus a snack or dog that is not present, mini golden retriever dallas. At FCI, standards less than ten years ago, excessive and aggressive shyness was added as ineligible errors. .

Upbringing and training
There are several basic principles that facilitate the training and upbringing of the retriever, as well as making them as effective as possible:

Never allow pets to be forbidden
You can never cancel a specific order for a dog
All procedures must be understood by pets.
The training should be consistent, from simple commands to more sophisticated skills,
Classes must be regular, and skills acquired are enhanced by affection and sensitivity.

Systematic monitoring of all pets' capabilities is very important, but it is still better to underestimate the skills the dog has acquired than overrated.

Buy golden retriever
It is not so difficult to purchase authentic gold - many private breeders and well-established homes actively participate in breeding dogs of this breed of different classes:

Show - show animals class,
Breeding dogs,
Pets are pets.
Experts recommend for beginners to get dogs in kennel clubs.

What are you looking for?
The acquired puppy should be active and active, without any signs of breed deterioration, with a decent, warm-layered appearance, mini golden retriever dallas. It is necessary to pay special attention to the conditions of the puppy and its parents, as well as the availability of all accompanying documents, including a genealogy book and a veterinary book with signs of de-worming and vaccination.

Puppy retriever price
Puppies of the golden retriever breed belonging to the pet category in kennel will cost at least 25 thousand rubles, and the dog of the exhibition category - 60 thousand rubles. Mostly in demand is pet dogs, and on the pages of Avito, it is quite possible to find these pets with an average cost of 30-50 thousand rubles, mini golden retriever dallas.

Owner reviews
The legendary Golden Retriever is an incredibly smart and well-descended breed with aristocratic habits isolated from birth, mini golden retriever dallas. According to the owners of goldfish, such pets, in addition to their special activity and endurance, have a very good memory and development of natural taste.

The size is large enough and the dog's muscle muscles require constant physical exertion and jogging. A puppy of this breed needs a community of its owner and tries with great pleasure participating in any kind of activity, but such a dog must be trained from the era of the puppy, and practice the educational process on a daily basis, mini golden retriever dallas. Dogs of this breed can be kept in apartment conditions, ensuring regular and long walks with adequate physical activity.

This is interesting! Today's incredibly popular hunting breed is ideal for anyone who appreciates poise and lace in pets, stress resistance and smart ethics.

Golden Retriever is born positively with friendliness, friendliness, social, vigor, determination and curiosity, as well as natural creativity, and therefore these highly social dogs are often cultivated by young and active, as well as families with teenage children, mini golden retriever dallas.

The story of the golden dog
Golden Retrievers - reared by the British in the early nineteenth century, their first puppy was first recorded in 1868, mini golden retriever dallas. In Great Britain, Lord Majorness Twee mouth bought, to your amazement, a dog from a man who traveled the world at circus performances (by the way, was performing a band Russian circus). This shepherd himself became the predecessor and golden retriever.

Golden Retriever Dog Breed - for a long time he could not boast credible facts about the origin, but in 1952, she somehow managed miraculously to restore its original roots, mini golden retriever dallas. So, the yellow recoveries, tweed spanels, Irish dogs, Blandhound dog, Russian shepherd dog are all unknown actors related to the golden dog.

The work was in full swing for a long time, external indicators improved, black dogs were flatly rejected, trying to achieve pure color, mini golden retriever dallas. The result was a stunning and gentle dog, who, according to statistics, occupies a leading position in popularity among owners in all countries of Europe and the Russian Federation, the former CIS.

Basic standards
Golden retrievers are beautiful animals with a golden color, have a beautiful appearance, beautiful structure, as breeders claim, golden color, not only the word that describes the color, but also the true description of the character, the dog - "pure gold" mini golden retriever dallas.

The description of the Golden Retriever and the connection has changed slightly since the first acceptable standard:
Girls height and weight: at the arms - 45 - 50 cm, weight 45 - 35 kg,
Males 55 - 60 cm, weigh 35 - 45 kg.
Average life expectancy with appropriate care on average 12-14 years, there are long competencies for 15-17 years.
External data, which greatly distinguishes it from the rest of the mass of dogs, it is beautiful, harmonious and proportionately folded, the movements are not restricted, light. Look - confident and straightforward.

Golden Retriever - owner proportional to the body - his head. The muzzle is of a wider type, but of medium size, without any special sharpening. The transition from skull to face, perfectly clear, can be seen without much difficulty, mini golden retriever dallas.
According to the standard, it is important for the eye to meet certain requirements: they are medium in size, necessarily brown in color, and eyelids should be drawn at midnight. Rather broad, look - pleasant and cheerful, mini golden retriever dallas.
Ears: medium in size, closer to small. Cartilage does not have strong stiffness, ears - hanging. In the form of a triangle, cats have rounded, mini golden retriever dallas. Beautifully fall, parallel to the face. Visually located on a clear line of the eye level.
Jaw: Strong, more powerful type, right bite, scissor-free without bias. Strong teeth, white, fangs - large. Make sure you complete the set, not the curves.
Chest: strong type, ribs with good divorce. Deep, arched ribs. The back is necessarily flat, slightly wide, with well-developed muscles, mini golden retriever dallas. The throttle is not tilted; the transition line to the tail is smooth. There is a slight slope, but the American standard allows a slight deviation.
Limbs, feet: straight, strong, parallel. The shoulder blade is the same length as the shoulder, the shoulder is not short, and the dog's elbows are warm. Those backgrounds are stronger with hugely developed muscles, wide hip.
Body: strong bones, rectangular-shaped, narrow skin on the entire body. Abdomen with good muscles, folded. Your does not recover, it is wide enough. He declares, but not much, mini golden retriever dallas.

Types of retrievers
The main color of dog coat color is gold, and can also be peach, cream, rich gold, almost white, mini golden retriever dallas. The color depth depends on the specific shade, but all fit the description - gold. Monotony sometimes weakened with slight spots, usually in the area - chest, and a small amount of white hair.

Sometimes retrievers are confused with a setter, but between them there is nothing in common except for color similarity, they are different strains.

There are a large number of mestizos, which is issued for separate species, but it is not. Black dogs are originally considered a marriage, the presence of red spots or others, and are also considered a tribal marriage.

By type, there are differences between:

European dogs
Canadian actors.
They are all represented by the same strain, but with some (secondary) external differences. Even golden dogs from Canada and Americans are wider and stronger, - more saturated color with pink.

What is the difference between gold - redeemers from a representative of Labrador?
Golden Retriever and Labrador have similarities with them, but at first they are representatives of different breeds, mini golden retriever dallas. In Labrador, the wool type is much shorter than the retriever type; it is more dense and wider.

The difference in color is in the shadows, so Labrador has many zeros, with a more pronounced substrate, mini golden retriever dallas. Despite this, the golden color is closer to white, but as we described previously with some tides of peaches and delicate cream, without red and yellow.

Also, they both have specific personality traits that are distinct to each, differences in size, spine behavior and structure.

One of the main advantages is the character, the real miracle, always cheerful and friendly, absolutely not aggressive and very sweet.

Golden Retrievers - a real treasure, none of the famous dog is born, does not boast of such a set of positive traits.

The Golden Retriever character is good looking, open, flexible, sweet, moderately active, and ideal for family preservation, mini golden retriever dallas. By the way, Golden representatives are actively working at borders, customs, at airports, where they work as sleds of prohibited materials and materials. They make beautiful - rescuers and guides.

They focus entirely on relationships with someone, respect, obedience, and try to give pleasure and joy.
This is a great friend for many years, companion, companion, that you can take with you for fishing, hunting, and simple jogging, and in the evening let her go to the sofa at your feet, where she will be happy. Not just a dog, but a real family member, mini golden retriever dallas.

The golden dog is recovered, whose personality does not appear in practice, that is, it does not tend to dominate, it is in relations with the owner, does not appear stubborn, resentful, does not keep in his memory memories of a negative nature, mini golden retriever dallas. It is fully open.

He treats the person with the utmost caution, holds every word and gesture, and the owner of it is the whole world, mini golden retriever dallas. It is not advisable to treat him blatantly and more to use physical force. The dog is so lovable and prone to stiffness that he can miss and even get ill from abuse.

Attitude towards children
Golden retrievers will never show aggression towards a child. Patients can withstand their patience and restraint for a long time, and if the density is still overflowing, they are simply hiding from the child. They totally won the nickname "Nanny" mini golden retriever dallas.

It will protect, govern and protect the child, it is important for him that the child be safe. These are very smart dogs with high levels of intelligence, mini golden retriever dallas. They fully feel the emotional state, and respond to crying - trying to find out what happened and keeping the child from danger.

They love to play and love to tinker with their children. Mentally and emotionally stable, predictable and not dangerous.

Care features
In order to know how to properly care for a dog with a retriever dog, you need to understand one thing: "The most careful and regular care is the simplest."

Caring for a golden pet retriever is not so difficult; the main thing is not to forget about the need for healthy measures, the importance of nutrition and physical exercise, mini golden retriever dallas. To start with, you need to understand the basics along the way.

Wool: combing the dog is constantly required. At least twice a week with the help of a special brush with medium teeth, during the period of feathering (necessarily) every day in Bashar. Not only combing, but actively moving through all the hard to reach places - the abdomen, legs and groin area, mini golden retriever dallas.
Showers: Only when the dog gets dirty, or before the show. Every day - wash paws and wool flow with a damp cloth. Use dog shampoo, analgesics. Water should be of medium temperature, a soft towel to wipe, mini golden retriever dallas. They love to swim independently in open tanks, and only allow in the summer, after rinsing with running water.
Claws: shave 2 times a month with a nail clipper, for teaching from an early age of 2 months; otherwise it will not be given.
Vaccinations: Regular vaccines help avoid many serious diseases. The treatment of pragmatic wool and ticks is a must. Preventive visits to the veterinarian once every six months. Worms repellent also - give regularly, mini golden retriever dallas.
Ears and eyes: remove excess waste, regular cotton swab or tablets and antiseptic agents (decoctions or solutions), for example, chamomile, will do. For the ear there is a special solution sold in veterinary stores.
Physical activity: very important for the pet, regular walking with activity, the ability to run and play without a leash, and communicate with other animals, mini golden retriever dallas. It is advisable to buy toys in bulk: rope draws, ropes, balls, rings, panels. Walk at least twice a day.

How to make the right diet
These breeds of dogs, like the golden retriever, are well aware of nutrition with dry food. Nowadays, feed production has reached an excellent level; it is truly balanced and precisely calculated for each breed, mini golden retriever dallas. It is chosen by activity, age and animal condition, easy to use and does not require additional extras.

Perfect fit for "Preplan" feed and "GO" font. Adults eat twice a day, infants 4 to 4 times a day in small portions, so it is recommended that the food be soaked for up to 4-5 months (not only with boiling water) mini golden retriever dallas.

When eating natural food, the diet consists of the following products:

Meat (turkey, chicken, beef, veal veal) bone, raw,
Vegetables: carrots, cabbage, beets, pumpkin, turnip, zucchini, vegetables (grated, finely chopped, fresh),
Low-fat dairy products: kefir, cheese, cheese,
Sea fish (peeled and distilled),
Grains and grains
Fruits: lumps, bananas, pears,
A bone meal, sometimes a raw egg,
Interior: tripe, mouth, liver, light, and heart.
Meat should be a large part of the volume: count - 30 grams per 1 kg of animal, everything else - vegetables and grains.

You will need to give mineral complexes, vitamins and vegetable fats. Feed prohibited: sweet, potatoes, pasta, bones, spices, peppers, fried, do not give bread. Exception: crackers in the form of incentives for dog training, mini golden retriever dallas.

These are food lovers, prone to obesity, not over-nutrition; otherwise there will be problems with digestion and weight.

Pros and Cons
Retriever or a gold dog has a block of advantages:

She loves children
Not aggressive
He is clever
Fall on training,
The family.
There is a lot of wool during the feathering,
Sometimes very good,
Enough of expensive puppies.
A family dog ​​is always a responsibility, not only for pets, but also for pets. People often fear their children, but they forget the animal. It also needs to be safe, and children can torture, although they themselves do not always understand this, mini golden retriever dallas. Remember that when you start pets, you should pay attention, that is, and proper care.

Where to buy and how to choose a puppy
The young retriever and all puppies leave for new homes at the age of two months. At the moment they have all the vaccinations, metric puppy, and brand, mini golden retriever dallas. It is important to choose a healthy animal and a good breeder. Know in advance all the information about the parents and their health.

Children should be active, well-educated, friendly and friendly.
All nurseries announce their colleagues on social networking sites and networks; you can book the baby before birth, mini golden retriever dallas. Pet selection is not only based on appearance and personality. It is best to talk to all children and mothers, and then to make a decision.

In order to understand how much a golden retriever puppy costs, it is necessary to take into account all the indications that compose it, namely:

Individual pointers
Future prospects
Participate in education,
Parent rites
Health condition, medical tests,
Boy or girl (dogs are usually more expensive),
The importance of custody.
The golden retriever and its prices start from 40 thousand rubles; the best puppies cost about 1000 euros.

Characteristic reproduction
So, the Golden Retriever is the perfect dog for a family with children, with grandparents, with lots of pets. The fact that a breed belongs to a mate does not prevent these charming dogs from making friends with kittens and carefully handling poultry, mini golden retriever dallas. Their guard attributes are not expressed. But these dogs are not annoying, do not disturb barking.

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