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Mini Golden Retriever Danmark

Mini golden retriever danmark - Pets with golden hair bred are a symbol of luxury. They are usually depicted on the balcony of a well-cared for home, in the circle of a happy family. Indeed, the "golden" (meaning golden) retriever is really a family dog. This animal brings universal kindness and extraordinary calm. In addition, Golden Retriever has a rich history and a large number of individual abilities.

The origin of the breed
The name of the breed is decoded as follows: "retriever" - "fetch, rescue", and golden - means a stylish coat color, mini golden retriever danmark. The breed was breaded as hunting, but today the dog is more than a companion and is almost used for hunting.

The breed received its development in the United Kingdom, but dog origins originated from the lands of Scotland. In the nineteenth century, there was no talk of an independent dynasty. Then there were only a group of dogs that participated in the hunt, mini golden retriever danmark.

At the time, dogs were required to be able to find a game, shoot and even get it from the water bodies. The goal of breeding a suitable breed was set by Scottish Lord Times I. He chose only the best representatives of breed hounds and more than half a century in his nursery engaged in breeding work, mini golden retriever danmark. Due to the fact that the Lord documented his activities, he enables us to know that the breeder took Labradors, settlers, water spaniels and retrievers to raise the "Golden".

As a result, golden retrievers appeared early on, which immediately created competition for smooth hair recoveries. However, at that time, the final design of the generation was far away. Then there were more popular breeds, and even many breeders woke up in raising their own breeds, mini golden retriever danmark. But all breeds incorrectly bred suffered a collapse in the process of competing dogs in England, but those golden breeds proved superior. From now, golden retriever breeding has begun with special enthusiasm.

The work was carried out under the constant supervision of experienced educators, and mandatory tests were performed to determine the job characteristics. All strain members were screened that did not meet any criteria. Their true heroes, who managed to achieve great success in various exhibitions, began to appear, mini golden retriever danmark. There were many fans of this golden beauty, which gained a popular strain.

Since 1911, representatives of the dynasty began to register a separate name - "Golden Retriever", which distinguished the breed from their ancestors - "Golden". In 1930, the dynasty received recognition in the United States, mini golden retriever danmark. In Russia, the reproduction of the golden retriever began in 1989.

Description of the Golden Retriever strain
Representatives of the breed are real handsome men with a noble appearance, but many breeders are certain that the name "golden" in the breed is not a shade of wool, but a description of the character.

There were certain requirements for the first gold, which were also met by representatives of the modern breed:

Medium dogs must be strong. Body structure.
Strong tip with thick leather on clutch pads (the latter are protected from sharp reed leaves).
Hardy and practical animal.
The dog is able to swim, and is equipped with a waterproof cover.
The dog has complete obedience.
Body weight representatives of the strain range from 25-41.5 kg, mini golden retriever danmark. Growth the males are usually at arms 56-61 cm long, the branch length is approximately 51-56 cm, and the appearance of pets is distinguished by its own characteristics and characteristics:

Head in golden retrievers, moderately broad, wedge shaped, with clear lines of skull. The nose is smooth, ending with a classic black property, mini golden retriever danmark. The mouth is deep, with developed teeth and a bite in scissors.

Eyes have medium size with a dark brown iris and thick pigmented eyelids, widely spaced. Golden looks friendly, and is often interested. The oracles are small, hanging, with round ends.
Trunk harmonious and rectangular shape, with well-proportioned skin without sagging. Dogs developed strong muscles and bones. The neck is medium, oval, with a moderate contrast. The back is straight, with a wide field.

The rib cage is wide, round ribs.
The limbs are proportional, and the joints are strong with advanced muscles. Brushes are rotated in shape, on thick claw pads, and pigmented black skin.
Flat tail, lowered, while at work rises to the back.
Pigmentation of wool in golden retrievers is a sign of recognition; it is light golden with a slight pinkish tint. Standard allowed cream shades, as well as a small amount of white hair in the chest. The outer hair is soft, elastic and firm to the lower cap, mini golden retriever danmark. Wool can be soft, wavy, but not curly. The bottom layer of dogs is dense; it can protect the animal from water and frost.

Golden Retriever icon
Golden retriever pets have a flexible personality and can adapt to the different tunes of owners. With them it can be comfortable and homebody, and active owners.

Guldens have unique mental abilities, which can be understood without words, so even a beginner who doesn't understand anything about this can train them. If the dog is engaged, practically every wisdom of training and education can master 12 months, mini golden retriever danmark. However, after completing the basic course, you will need lessons with your pet in order not to lose its physical form.

Dog breed golden retriever picture

Golden retrievers need attention, so if you don't have time for your pet, you can find spoiled things. Dogs do this to attract attention, not in any way hurt.

If the owner is very active in life, the dog will be happy to accompany the owner in any case, mini golden retriever danmark. For them, running close to a bike, playing with a ball, long shifts, and relaxing by water bodies are perfectly appropriate.

Goldens perfectly learns agility and free spins and shows good results in competitions. But training to protect and protect this breed is inappropriate, because dogs lack the required attributes for this activity. Retrievers can bite, but only if necessary, mini golden retriever danmark. It is possible for a child to have a dog of this breed as a pet, as a teenager between 10-12 years old can handle training the smartest of these animals.

Today, representatives of this breed are practically not used for hunting, as more suitable and less quiet dogs have been bred. But this does not detract from the Golden Hunting traits:

They have a very balanced mood,
The excitement of hunting, which is expressed in circles, is not present in goldens, so even during the process it is well controlled,
Dogs love water
They can work without speech commands, and respond to whistles and gestures.
If a retriever is obtained for hunting, you should take a puppy exclusively from working dogs, with breeding documents and results of labor tests, mini golden retriever danmark.

The breed has some disadvantages, which sometimes do not allow getting a dog in a residential environment - a strong smell. However, this phenomenon is subject to correction, but not cosmetic procedures, mini golden retriever danmark. Of course, grooming is required, but nutrition plays a big role in the pet's "scent", as the odor is caused by disturbed metabolic processes.

In addition, purebred pets are susceptible to allergic manifestations, which again emphasize that it is necessary to carefully choose food for a golden pet. If we are talking about ready food rations, they should be classified as premium, high premium, or comprehensive, mini golden retriever danmark. The latter is true if pets have food allergies. Pet size, age, coat type and activity should be guided.

With natural nutrition you should have a diet full of meat, offal, vegetables, dairy products, grains and vegetable oils. Also on the menu, you can include eggs and fruits. In this case, additional sources of vitamins and trace elements will be required, mini golden retriever danmark. Through trial and error, you should choose products that are inappropriate to feed your pets, and exclude them from the dog list.

The Golden Retriever logo allows their street content; however, the luxurious coat will lose its splendor and will get dirty constantly.

Dogs are very active, dogs change both the guard hair and the bottom cover. Therefore, it is necessary to comb the gold every day and knot several times a day, mini golden retriever danmark. This is not only a tribute to beauty, but also the maintenance of healthy skin, as hair removal cannot cause skin inflammation.

In addition to wool, the eyes should take care, as dogs have a tendency to uveitis - choroid inflammation of the eyeball. They should be inspected regularly, washed or wiped with a boiled decoction or a special tool.

It is also recommended to use the ears for examination and cleaning using a cotton swab with boiled vegetables or baby oil, mini golden retriever danmark. Claws are clipped as they grow. The oral cavity is examined, and if the tooth is found, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

The dog needs regular vaccination, as well as protection and protection from external and internal parasites, mini golden retriever danmark. With good nutrition and care, the dog lives up to 15-16 years, although the average age of representatives of the breed is between 10-12 years.

How much is a golden retriever puppy?
You can buy a pet puppy from the nursery for an average of 25,000 rubles; a child of the highest bid category costs about 58000-65000 rubles. You can buy from a private breeder of purebred puppy for 25000-35000 rubles; the price should be alert more low.

Pets that do not have proportions, you can buy for 12000-14000, of course, that in this case there is no guarantee that there are no defects and confirm the purity of the breed.

Buying a golden retriever, it is worth considering that the dog needs special care and care. Only if the requirements are met, the dog will receive a golden retriever to satisfy its owners, and to admire the looks of passers-by, mini golden retriever danmark.

History of the breed
The birth of a dynasty is covered with legends that were invented by the creator and educator to give his brainchild’s an aura of mystery, mini golden retriever danmark. Lord Twee mouth, the owner of luxury property in New England, in 1958, allegedly acquired a dozen surprisingly yellow dogs, which he called "the Russian Shepherd Dog" in the circus. He loved dogs so much that he would have organized a full expedition to the Caucasus that would get new pets.

In fact, around the same time, the Lord received a yellow retriever from a local shoemaker and crossed it with his twigs. There is evidence that the yellow retriever was obtained from mating in Newfoundland with the local spaniel. In 1968, the man intermarried with a hooker of a water tail, owned by Lord Tvidmut too, and three yellow doses were born in the garbage, mini golden retriever danmark. They became the ancestors of the dynasty. An avid hunter, the Lord handed over golden dogs to his friends, the same hunters who were actively pouring Labradors' blood for their pets.

After the blood from the Bloodhound was added to a new breed, which resulted in a significant improvement in the sense of smell from dogs, as well as the blood racket. The black dog breed was carefully examined, so that no light-colored breeds were born in the litters, mini golden retriever danmark. Already at the beginning of the twentieth century, the breed was introduced to the English Kennel Club, recognized by the American Kennel Club, but the final standard was approved only in 1999.

Standard Breed, Appearance and Pictures
The overall impression is sleek, large dog, very beautiful, with long wavy hair, beautifully folded, with proportions, large head and unusual charm, mini golden retriever danmark. The behavior is confident and friendly, the appearance is very smart and affectionate. Free, balanced, confident movement.

The body is balanced, slightly stretched, with a good neck muscular neck, smoothly turning into wither, without pleats and dewlap, mini golden retriever danmark. Topline is flat, with strong back, short, special muscles and slightly oblique grains. The chest is deep and wide, with well-arched ribs. The tail continues in the back line, even in a calm state, and goes down to manic joints.
The front arms are parallel and straight with strong bones, long shoulder blades and relaxed shoulders. The elbows should fit snugly against the body, mini golden retriever danmark. The hind limbs are parallel, with clearly defined angles of the joints, long legs, and muscular strength and strong.
The head is very beautiful, has a strong face and jaws, a wide but not rough skull and a well visible shift to the muzzle. A strong, deep, wide, unhampered muzzle, with strong jaws, strong teeth. It is a highly desirable full set of teeth, bite scissors. Ears are medium, low, at eye level. The eyes are very dark, dark, outstretched, outlines of the eyelids dark.
The coat is thick, wavy or straight, smooth, with a dense undercoat, water resistant. Color from light cream to gold in any shades, dark red or mahogany is not allowed, mini golden retriever danmark.

What is the difference between a golden retriever and a Labrador?
Labrador retriever or Golden Retriever? Many dog ​​lovers mistake the Golden Retriever as a long-haired version of Labrador, mini golden retriever danmark. Not like that. Labrador is an independent strain, with its external standard and personal characteristics, but since the creation of the used golden Labrador blood, these two have some similarities:

Each of the breeds - hunting, girlfriends, aims to search for a killing or wound game. Therefore, Labradors and golden swim very well, they like to bring in appropriate things and can bring chicken egg in their teeth without crushing it.
All breeds are very friendly to people and dogs, do not show aggression, and avoid conflicts.
Both strains have an excellent sense of smell, which, along with the lack of aggression, makes them excellent lifeguards and search engines.
But Labrador and Golden have far more differences than similarities:

Labrador - a very ancient breed of dog, golden - was the result of crossing several breeds.
Coat length and color are the main visible difference. Golden has a long layer of light shade; a short-haired Labrador can be fawn, chocolate, or black, mini golden retriever danmark.
The tail of Labrador "outdrove", fun raised above the level of the back. In the golden retriever, the tail looks more like a racket tail, resembling "feathers".
The behavior of dogs from these two breeds also varies. Goldens are calmer, aristocratic, they are excellent babysitters even for young children. Labradors have some creativity and ingenuity; they can drop the child in a hurry of feelings or hit a shopping bag from the owner's hand.
Labradors are more automatic in behavior; they are very active, eager to work. The Golden Retriever is more inclined to think about the deed, and he will execute the order from the owner, but in his own way, more rational, mini golden retriever danmark.

Training dogs on a particular breed needs a lot of attention at home. The puppy needs its owner's community, and then happily takes part in all the activities, mini golden retriever danmark. The relationship between the golden retrievers of the family is a direct reflection of the owners' pleasant attitude towards it. If you want to get a guaranteed result, it is best to start dog training from puppyhood and practice every day from the first months of your pet's life.

The golden retriever, who lives in a city, and not in a rural area or suburbs, needs to know at least three basic orders:

The Golden Retriever has large muscle mass and large muscles, which require constant physical exertion and jogging. For them, movement is a private life and garden that will not be enough for such dogs; if you leave them in the yard themselves, they will lie down and lie down. This is easily avoided if another dog appears in the same garden, mini golden retriever danmark. It is worth noting that training for the Golden Retriever is not violence, but an essential vital need. If the owners doubt how to teach stubborn puppies, then it is better to give them training for professional dog trainers.

The golden retriever is, in general, a healthy and strong breed of dog, but sometimes diseases such as:

Aortic stenosis,
Gut twisting
Hip diseases
Raw eczema,
You repent,
Granular granulomas
Dermatitis between the fingers,
Food allergy,
Laryngeal paralysis
Skin cancer,
As well as eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma.

In addition, representatives of this breed are highly susceptible to dysplasia of the elbow, osteochondrosis and dwarfism.

What to feed
When feeding a dog with natural products, not storing feed, it is very important to note the correct regimen and calculate the most favorable ration of fats, protein and carbohydrates, mini golden retriever danmark. Almost half of the diet should be raw meat (chicken, turkey and beef), fish and low-fat cheese.

Another quarter of the diet should be grains like buckwheat, brown rice, and everything else - vegetables:

Meat should not be fat, and the bird should be removed from the skin. From fish it is worth choosing lean, best of all the sea, mini golden retriever danmark. The vegetables should be chopped on a grater and given raw or dried and given with a tablespoon of sunflower oil. Required in a diet for pets and dairy products.

It should be noted that a dog that lives outside the city and practices a lot of time will need more food than a dog that lives in an apartment and moves less.

Golden Retriever's Description
The golden retrievers are dogs with symmetrical structure, muscular and strong, as well as rounded claws, mini golden retriever danmark. The average height of an adult male does not exceed 56-61 cm, and the height of a female of this breed does not exceed 51-56 cm, with a weight of 26-41.5 kg and 25-37 kg, respectively.

Strain standards
The criteria for the Golden Retriever strain were described in 1913 and adopted by all countries that joined the Federal Semogicuit International:

Homogeneous and dynamic dog, strong enough with balanced movements, strong, with a friendly look,
Skull and head are well-molded and proportional sizes, with a wide skull and absolutely unattractive. Beauty is a beautiful combination on a muscular neck and strong,
The muzzle is rather deep and wide, approximately the size of the skull, with a clear transmission and a black nose,
Dark brown eyes, with wide arrangement and dark eyelids,
The ears are medium in size, roughly visible with the eyes,
Teeth are vertical and excellent appearance with scissors bite and uniform, as well as upper incisors without cavity facing lower teeth,
Neck area of ​​good length, dry and muscular type,
Straight forelimbs have good bones, long shoulder blades equal to the size of the shoulder, so the limbs are positioned well under the body part directly, and the elbows fit well,
The proportional body features a short waist and a strong chest with deep, well-arched ribs, as well as a straight line,
Limbs and muscle injections are strong,
The legs have a good length
Knee joints have good angles,
Sudden low joints should not rotate in or out, and the cow is extremely undesirable
Paws are round, like cats,
The tail portion has a medium length, reaching the hook, without a scythe curve on the back.
Dog movements should be strong and slightly graceful, have good push and smooth gaits, only of a straight type, parallel to the back and front edges, and not the candy type. Front ends should have free access to the front and forward. Authentic individuals have straight or slightly wavy hair, with a thick, hydrophobic substrate, mini golden retriever danmark. Standards allowed all shades, including rich golden and cream color, with the exception of setting color and mahogany. A small spot of white color may be present in the chest area.

Dog character
The Golden Retrievers are extremely beautiful and incredibly lively dogs that have a very good memory and sophisticated scent, which allows them to maintain excellent performance on land or in the water, mini golden retriever danmark. Initially, the golden retriever was specially bred for hunting, but today this breed has successfully mastered many other activities, including working in customs, searching for drugs and explosives, and participating in saving people.

This is interesting! Golden Retriever is a highly sensitive and startlingly intelligent dog, completely aggressive and atypical behavior, and his unusual appearance and acumen have made this the favorite category of many directors or sponsored video makers, mini golden retriever danmark.

The golden retriever character is very gentle and calm. These dogs are very smart and passionate, rarely bark and are not used for guard activities. It should be noted that goldens do not wish to dominate, and are also very easy to get along even with children, mini golden retriever danmark. In recent years, in many countries, golden retrievers, after completing a special training course, have been actively used as medicinal dogs that increase the lives of children with mental disorders. Having unique sensitivity, gentleness and optimism in the nature of goldens allows these pets to be good for any other animals.

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