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Mini Golden Retriever Deutschland

Mini golden retriever Deutschland - The Golden Retrievers are great comrades and great educators. They do not possess protective qualities at all.

A perfect nanny, sick and kind, forgiving of all jokes and random crimes - that's the golden color. Dogs of this breed are very carefully treated children with care. But this statement applies only to adult dogs that are completely mentally formed, mini golden retriever deutschland. The teenager or the golden retriever puppy, like all young dogs, behaves with great and unexpected activity.

It is important! The young dog of this breed needs the most attention during the growing period. Teenagers get more active every month; so many experienced people get confused when a real hoax arises from a bumpkin puppy, mini golden retriever deutschland.

The puppy needs to be social, the teen needs to walk, play and practice a lot. Otherwise, the dog begins to entertain himself on his own, showing amazing innovation.

The ten-month golden retriever, which has left for it, can take things out of the locked cabinets, crush the room, and gnaw all things at hand, within a few hours.

Young adults, unlike adults, are very energetic, constantly finding what to do, love to play and run.

The adult retriever who has gone through the hardships of the transition period satisfies all family members calmly, cheerfully, and with a desire to please, mini golden retriever deutschland. It's easy to handle on a picnic, it behaves well when visiting and traveling, but this is only provided that it is a favorite pet.

The soft and lovely dog ​​of this breed becomes very attached to the owner and becomes dark and harmful if he notices that he is starting to attract little attention, mini golden retriever deutschland. Gold makes you happy with daily full contact with people, workouts or regular classes.

Precise gold drills
Golden Retriever can master many teams, if the learning process gives it fun. Some stubbornness, high activity, and independence for small dogs impede the learning process, so it is a good idea to start training a puppy as early as four months, mini golden retriever deutschland.

Warning. Teams from a general training track will help deal with growing pets, and will pave the way for more interesting disciplines. You can teach the dog to walk nearby or serve the paw.

The golden retriever can be a guide dog or guard, and if training for the first major is used with the help of a horse, the search for a person in the blood of dogs of this breed will be. You can even find hidden objects or a hidden person at home, mini golden retriever deutschland. By arranging fun games. But then, in the "look!” The dog will be able to find the lost keys or find the child in the snow-covered patio.

Golden Retrievers and Canistherapy Therapy
Patient and moderate behavior of golden retrievers are often used for medicinal purposes. The term "zoo therapy" or "Canistherapy" means treating a person by communicating with animals, mini golden retriever deutschland. Dogs help children and adults reduce stress, relax in times of crisis, and improve their socialization process.

Golden retriever dogs are often used in Canistherapy. They are happy to communicate with people and not to show aggression.

Patients, who communicate with the dog, feel safe; have the opportunity to obtain a full range of tactile sensations, which is especially important for the blind, mini golden retriever deutschland. It protects the animal from loneliness, and stimulates people with communication problems to easily and easily communicate.

It is especially important that the golden retriever, like other similar strains, is a subject of human impulses. Doctors recommend getting a dog for parents of children with autism, children with problems with mental development, and introverted, mini golden retriever deutschland. Walking with a dog helps bypassing the limited world, stimulates movement, and communicates with the outside world.

Golden Retriever for Health
The Golden Retriever lives, on average, for twelve years, and is often healthy dogs. Puppies often have various intestinal disorders, such as colitis, in adult dogs - stomach transformation. These selected nutritional problems are properly solved, mini golden retriever deutschland.

However, like any artificially created strain, Goldens have hereditary diseases:

Hip joints dysplasia. Most of the time it is hereditary, but it can be obtained. In rare cases, treatment is not subject to surgical treatment.
Epilepsy. It is diagnosed at any age; dogs with a history of the disease are not allowed to breed.
Hemorrhagic disorder or von will brand disease, mini golden retriever deutschland. Symptoms are increased bleeding gums, nose bleeding. Treatment consists of blood transfusion, after which the disease recedes.
Retinal dysplasia. This disease is associated with a congenital violation of turbine synthesis, difficult to diagnose and treat; the dog can be completely blind.
Atopic dermatitis. It often appears as a reaction to external factors: food or vaccination. Symptoms - eczema, skin lesions.

Advantages and disadvantages of the breed
The golden retriever has so many advantages that the dog appears to be woven with some positive traits.

Here are the most important ones:

Friendly personality, kindness and reliability in communicating with children.
Very beautiful, amazing appearance.
High level of intelligence and learning ability.
No tendency to control.
Defects can be considered:

Abundant tasting, regular and time consuming grooming.
Gluttony, tendency to pick up food on the street.
Lack of security features.

How to choose a puppy and what to look for
The young golden retriever can move to a new family at the age of two months. In 45 days, puppies who have documents do act, and then children are ready to sell, mini golden retriever deutschland. Before you go to a pet, you should carefully study all the features of the breed, and get acquainted not only with the breeder, but also trying to phone or personally see the owner of the dog. This is necessary to protect themselves from getting half of a breed or puppy that has nothing to do with the golden retriever.

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