Mini Golden Retriever Dog

Mini golden retriever dog - Labrador vs. Labrador retriever. Labrador is one breed of dogs. In fact, a short name for Labrador retriever. Some refer to this breed as a laboratory and talk about dogs from this breed as laboratories. This is one very popular breed of dog in different parts of the world. This strain is believed to be native to Newfoundland in Canada and brought to England and then the United States. There were differences in English and US recoveries with the English strain being shorter and thicker while the American strain of Labradors is taller and lighter.

Retriever is the word that Labradors got associated with because of its ability to recover the game and thus help its owners. Labrador dogs were born especially for this ability as they brought a game for hunters on the ground as well as from under the water. Basically, there are three colors of Retrievers, but cream or white is the most prominent among the owners of this breed of dog, mini golden retriever dog. This is also called golden retriever with black and chocolate being two other common colors of this breed of dog. The Golden Retriever, however, is usually wrong as a Labrador retriever, while in fact it is a dog born from Scotland that was developed for the same purpose of game retrieval for hunters. It was also called Gundogs because she ran to catch ducks or birds upon hearing a gun.

Returning to Labradors, this breed is very good at swimming (to retrieve nets, fish, even ducks and birds). Another unique feature is her coat. There is a soft inner coat, to keep dogs dry and warm during winter, and the outer coat is designed to repel water. This is a happy breed of dog that is very friendly and full of energy all the time, mini golden retriever dog. They seem playful and have no stance like some other breeds. They are happy to be in the company of their masters and children at home licking hands and feet to show their love. They are retrievers and will bring anything that falls around the house again. They need love and affection too, and cleaning their hair with a brush is a good way to motivate them and keep shedding under control. Labradors are not aggressive but don't get excited about the company from new people. Thus, it needs training from its owners on how to stay in control when new people meet.


The Labrador retriever and the Labrador is the same breed of dogs, and there is no difference between them. People get confused by another golden retriever whose origins in Scotland and her golden coat are born. Labradors have black and white and chocolate coats and are full of energy all the time. They are very affectionate and excited dogs that have been developed to retrieve the game for their owners while hunting, mini golden retriever dog. People, instead of taking the full name of Labrador retriever, call the Labrador dog or labs only with no difference between Labrador and Labrador retriever.