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Mini Golden Retriever Elado

Mini golden retriever elado - Also take into account the owners' lifestyle, the presence of children and other pets. It is recommended that the dog not stay alone for long. If the owner has a few free hours in the evening - it is better to refuse to buy a puppy. Otherwise, the animal will develop behavioral problems.

Small child not compatible with small dogs - can paralyze a pet. Also, most of the popular dogs (dachshunds, pit bulls, and dogs) were originally bred for hunting, mini golden retriever elado. Therefore, they can follow the owner, cats, birds, and other rodents.

Given the general rules for choosing a puppy, you can choose the most suitable breeds to live in an apartment.

Yorkshire terrier
In recent years, Porkies have become more popular than other "home" breeds - Bikinis. Almost dwarf does not shed, eats little, it does not need hiking, mini golden retriever elado.

The dog's coat is similar in structure to human hair. Therefore, it often gives birth to allergies.

A flexible, obedient Yorkshire terrier easily recognizes the authority of the owner and familiar people. There are no problems with training, mini golden retriever elado. Since New York dogs are companion dogs, it suffices to remember some key teams.

Starting in New York with a young child is not worth it. The dog is small, crisp; the child can inadvertently harm him. Pets are ideal for children from 7 to 10 years.

Like all small dogs, York suffers from "Napoleon Complex". It can pounce on a bird, cat, or dog, even if it's several times larger, mini golden retriever elado.

Care for a Yorkshire crawfish is very complicated. It is necessary:

Daily combing
Take a shower every few weeks
Do grooming
Pruning claws
Clean your ears and rub your eyes every day
Wear and wear in cold weather.
Feeding dry food will not cause problems. The main thing is to choose a special line from a good manufacturer, mini golden retriever elado. But natural nutrition must be carefully considered: even any small deviation from the diet will immediately affect the dog's health and health.

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever is a large, beautiful and wonderful dog. She is the ideal nanny who can be left with children of any age.

Golden Retriever is an intelligent, obedient dog, mini golden retriever elado. Education problems rarely occur. However, one should not expect an immediate reaction from the animal. Before doing the order, he needs to think about everything carefully.

Retriever gets along with other pets. But he is still a hunter. Outsiders can be considered prey.

The golden retriever is quiet, needs moderate intensity physical activity. It is enough to walk twice daily for an hour. On weekends, it is advisable to go out into nature so that the dog releases energy, mini golden retriever elado.

The golden retriever is simple. Caring for him is the norm. Only long hair with a thick layer requires increased attention.

Basenji is a cat in the dog's body. It's clean, weird, loves to climb on high surfaces and doesn't like water.

Because of the average size (40 - 43 cm, and weight up to 12 kg) dogs feel great even in a small apartment. They also get along with children, mini golden retriever elado. Not bad with pets, but only if they grew up with them.

Caring for basenji is not difficult. They themselves monitor their cleanliness, avoiding ponds and dirt. Short hair also does not cause problems. It is enough to comb the animal once a week and bathe every month.

However, a number of features must be considered:

You need a large number of physical activities, preferably sports,
The amount of food is carefully regulated; otherwise the dog will gain excess weight quickly,
Basenji is thermophiles, so in autumn and winter they buy clothes, mini golden retriever elado.
Beginners are not recommended to start dogs of this breed - they have a stubborn rude personality, who tends to make decisions on their own.

Because of the structure of the throat, Basenji does not know how to bark. Generally. But this does not mean that she will be silent, mini golden retriever elado. The dog is "gossip": it constantly howls, screams, and "grunts" and publishes a whole series of gossip-like sounds or fullness.

Beagle is a modest, healthy and medium-sized breed. To care for them is simple. It is sufficient to comb once a week and shower every 1-2 months.

Dogs along well in the apartment. However, the need to walk actively continuously.

Often there are problems with education, mini golden retriever elado. This is a stubborn and freedom-loving dog. Plus, she is very curious, so it's hard for her to pay attention to it for a long time.

For a walk, keep the leash. It was shown as a hunting dog. After she feels an exciting smell, the dog is easily addicted and can escape.

Beagles are well compatible with children of any age and other pets. Occasionally aggression appears, but this is usually the result of improper tests or mental disorders, mini golden retriever elado.

Hangout long haired dog
Pomeranian dog gets on well in the apartment due to its small size and the small need for active loads. It is no more than 22 cm in size and 3.5 kg in weight.

But with this breed there are some difficulties:

Oranges are noisy, bark a lot,
Spitz dogs are prone to domination; there may be obedience problems,
Show aggression against other dogs,

Difficult to withstand heat: in summer, sunstroke often occurs,
Oranges need careful care: without a daily cleaning of the brush, wool is fixed in the tangles, mini golden retriever elado, and it is necessary to perform a regular examination of the skin, wiping eyes, brushing teeth, ears, and cutting claws.

Almost all Spitz breed types are suitable for keeping in an apartment: German, Wolfsitz (Keeshond), Italian. The exception is representatives of the Asia Spitz section: Akita Innu, Shikoku.

Bulldog - a paradise for dog lovers and opponents of outdoor activities. Dogs - live "pillows". They sleep more than cats. To walk you will a wonderful nurse near the owner. Only puppies can have a bit of fun, mini golden retriever elado.

Bulldogs meet well with children, especially teens. They are loyal to cats, but sometimes they play with them very harshly.

The real problem is that the bulldog moves. Physical activity is needed, because dogs are prone to obesity. Weight gain, along with a flat face, often leads to problems with the cardiovascular, digestive, and respiratory systems.

In the apartment you can start any type of Bulldog dynasty: American, English or French.

But it will not be suitable for allergic people: the dog is constantly snoring, allowed to saliva, gas, and heroes.

Big dogs are large dogs that are 50 to 60 cm high, and are intelligent, dedicated animals with a balanced mood, mini golden retriever elado. Puppies are playful, naughty, and often messy. However, adult and calm dogs are restricted.

Cooley has many positive qualities:

Easy to train, remember as a team from the plenary, family (bring a newspaper, slippers),
Never hurt children, so you can start with children of any age,

Obey; do not try to dominate,
I like to take part in all the household chores, and often people imitate everyday life, for example, they can hold a cloth on the floor, carry a trash bag to the tank; take out the dust from the pillows,
They do not show aggression towards strangers and animals, but in case of danger, they defend the owner.

The only problem is a long thick coat with a thick coat. Combing should be done at least once every two days, regardless of whether the animal is at home or in a cage, mini golden retriever elado. You also have to cut mats.

Keeping a collie fur coat clean is easier when the dog lives in a flat.

Sparklers are suitable for servicing the apartment, but only if you have a lot to do with them. The breed is active; you need a lot of attention. We need to walk active for at least 1.5 hours every day.

Dalmatians are elegant and rare patients. However, it is prone to allergy and obesity, so the list is organized.

Although the Dalmatian coast is short, it sheds all year round. Therefore, comb the dog at least every two days.

A dog of this breed does not show aggression toward children, loyal to other pets. Careful realize strangers. Who turned out a good guard?

Dalmatians do not recommend the start of new arrivals. Difficult to train a breed. Education must be stable, strong and without cruelty, mini golden retriever elado. Otherwise, the dog closes in, becomes aggressive.

The main advantages of the breed:

Hypoallergenic wool, no dirt,
Sharp mind and endurance: a dog is trained easily, remembers tricks,
Globalism: Dogs are used to hunt birds, in the search and rescue service, in customs, for protection, as a "circus artist",

Friendly character: the dog easily finds a common language with children and other animals.
One of the smartest dogs is a dog. In his mind, he is only inferior to the Border collie.

Boodle is suitable for active people. The dog requires a lot of attention and strength, mini golden retriever elado. You even need frequent active tours.

Care is simple, except for grooming. Boodle will have to shower every two weeks and cut regularly.

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